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Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 8 Part 6




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Kuuh, ahh, aaaahhhh!!??]

The dicks inside of her flesh holes kept on rubbing themselves against one another. The hot juices continued to flow, overflowing outside of her body and staining it even further.

(S, so r, rough….. Kuh, uuuggghhh!?)


Mikoto could feel that the tentacle inside of her ass started to open up. What came out of this shell was smaller, but shaped like a matsutake mushroom. Mikoto’s insides felt even more filled and cramped than ever before.

[Noo, ugh, aah, uuuggghhh!!]

The places where the tentacles were rubbing her with their slimy surfaces were feeling good and hot. Even now the pleasure felt so strong that she thought she might faint at any second now. Her thighs were rubbing against her nipples, sending even more pleasure throughout Mikoto’s body.


White threads stain Mikoto’s face and her red hair. There was so many of her love juices accumulated in her pussy that it was overflowing without stopping.

[Your holes are so sloppy, Shiratori-san. Just look at the expression you’re making.]

Masumi laughed, gently touching the tentacles that were penetrating Mikoto’s holes. She then looks at the demon’s monstrous eyes, speaking to it gently.

[My lord, I know that this is really interesting, but you must pace yourself. Otherwise you might break your new toy.]

The demonic monster responded to Masumi’s word by shaking its huge body. The tentacles that held Mikoto’s legs loosened up a bit,

[Fuaah…… Aah!? Nhh!?]

Mikoto’s body was being suddenly turned upside down.

[Kuaah!? Uuh, kuuh!!??]

Mikoto’s arms and legs got twisted around, turning her over. This tight spot only intensified the pleasure she was feeling. With her belly now facing the ground, with her limbs being twisted backwards and held in place.

[Oh my? This time you want to try some sort of a bondage play? Oh, My Lord, you truly are a pervert~.]

Masumi comes closer to Mikoto, laughing and with a wry smile on her lips. Mikoto was really high into the air now. Mikoto’s breasts are being pulled by the gravity towards the ground, looking all flushed and swollen.

[Kuh, uuh, uuh!!! Ugh…… Uhh!!!]

Being supported only by the tentacles that were binding her, Mikoto could feel her back and shoulders itch with pain.


Although her position changed, the tentacle dicks continue their piston-like movements, not stopping for even a moment.

(Noo, uhh, uuuhhh…… I’m, feeling it, so, much……)

Even though it hurt her, somehow the pain of her holes being stretched so much was bringing Mikoto so much pleasure. When the tentacle bumps scrape against the inside of her asshole, Mikoto’s head was turning white from ecstasy.

Not only Mikoto’s privets were bring ing her pleasure. Her skin, moist from the mixture of sweat and the tentacle’s secretions and her own love juices was rubbing against one another, sending pleasant shivers up her spine. And because she was lifted in the air, there was also the fear of being dropped down, which was making her whole body become overly sensitive.


Her breasts bounce against each other, feeling increasingly hot. Faced with a pleasure like that, her nipples become swollen and painfully erect again.

[But still, My Lord? Isn’t that the bondage method used especially for the purpose of torture? Just what to you want to accomplish here?]

As Masumi cocks her cute neck, the demon shakes its tentacles.


[Fuuh, eaah!?]

Her holes being violently pounded, Mikto was pushed towards the ground and the waves of pain started to shake her entire body.

(Aaahhh!? Falling. I’m falling! I’m going to fall!)

The feeling she was experiencing right now was almost similar to the sensation of climaxing.

The tentacle dicks were now going with deep motions, coming back and forth from both of Mikoto’s holes. There were a whole lot of pleasure going on through Mikoto’s holes, and now her breasts were also adding to the sensations.

However, Mikoto had no time at all to adjust to the pain slowly. Her body left hanging all by itself soon reverts back towards the demon.


The tentacle dick pierce her flesh holes again with even more power than before.


There was a tremendous current running through Mikoto’s back now. Her inner walls were being squeezed by the tentacle dick that were rampaging inside of her for a while now.

(T, they are, stirring me up…… Uuuuuggggghhhhhh……!!!!)

The hard pricks were reaching as far as her belly right about now. Their bumps and protrusions were scratching every nook and cranny of her insides. Every time her G spot was being stimulated, Mikoto’s head was turning blank and pure white.

[Oh my, playing swings now, are we? It certainly look interesting, My Lord!]

Seeing as its actions delighted Masumi, the demon continued to rock Mikoto up and down.


With the same momentum as before, Mikoto’s breasts continue to bounce against once another.


Painful sensation continued to reverberate Mikoto’s body as she continued to be played with.


Mikoto’s body was overcome with a mixture of both pain and pleasure.

[Haheeeaaah!? Heaah!? Euugh, uuuuhhhh!?]

Her body swings around like a pendulum, repeating the cycle of pain turning into pleasure.

(Aaahh! Ahh! Haaahhnh!? B, boobs.. My boobs…… They are, ahahn!?)

Yet again, the tentacles began to play with her breasts, wrapping around them and stroking them violently. Every time Mikoto’s body would shake back and forth, the tentacles would squeeze them and the mini glans would look for their way inside of her nipples again.

[Noo, haah, uuh, uuh, uuuhhh! Don’t, please, don’t, don’t, eeehhh!?]

Every time she swings like a pendulum her breast were being squeezed violently, and there was nothing Mikoto could do to prevent that from happening. Stimulate with that violent caress, Mikoto’s nipples began to secrete milk again, moistening her hot skin and the tentacle dicks that were tormenting her. Her breast react strongly to that and slowly become hot again.


The threads of milk that were splurting from inside of her nipples were just as thick as semen. When the liquid rushes through Mikoto’s breasts, the sparks of pleasure keep on assaulting her.


As Mikoto’s breasts get stimulated, her crotch also becomes increasingly wetter with her love honey. The drips of her juices overflow from her pussy and fall onto the floor in huge drops.

[Yah! Hyiiiiii!! Hyaah!? Heaaahhh!?]

It felt as though the tentacles that squeezed her boobs and the ones that were violating her holes were being connected to one another. Every time they intensify their movements Mikoto’s body would be struck with waves of pleasure that she couldn’t fight against. Soon she wasn’t even feeling the pain in her back and shoulders. Everything was being washed away by pleasure.

(Uuugh, don’t…… Anything more and I’ll…… I’ll……)

Her consciousness was slowly being washed away by white waves of something amazing that was overcoming her. Her head was hot from both shame and ecstasy.


Something slimy and hot was being pressed against her lips.

It was something that was similar to the tentacle, but at the same time it was not a tentacle.

[Fuah!? N, nmuhh, puuh!?]

Mikoto tried to turn her head away, but then a pair of hands grabbed her by the hair and affixed her head in place.

(Ta…… Takeru!?)

It was indeed Mikoto’s younger sister. While Mikoto was being violated by the demonic tentacles, she pressed her own dick against Mikoto’s lips in an attempt at violating her mouth as well.

Her eyes were unfocused and clouded. There was no doubt in Mikoto’s mind. This wasn’t Takeru.

This was a girl that was driven mad by lust and could think of nothing else but drowning her own dick in pleasure.

[Suck on it, Mikotooo~! Please, I beg of you, suck on iiittt~~!!]

Then, without even waiting for a reply, Takeru begins to swing her hips in a mad fever, raping Mikoto’s mouth without mercy.

[Noo!? Stoph it…… Nmuuph!?]

Mikoto tried to protest, but her mouth was stuffed full of Takeru’s dick. It was hard as steel and it was relentlessly moving back and forth. Her tongue was being crushed, and tears begin to flow out of her eyes.

(T, Takeru’s, dick, is……!!!)

Takeru’s sticky meat pole was stuffing Mikoto’s mouth full. It was burning Mikoto’s mouth like fire. Takeru’s dick might have been hard as steel, but its skin was so hot and elastic that it was almost impossible.

[Naah! Good, it feels shoo good!]

[Nnh, muooh, nnh, uuuhhh!!]


Mikoto was trying to push Takeru’s dick out of her mouth with her tongue, but she only ended up licking it wildly all over. With each end every consecutive thrust, Takeru was trying to reach deeper and deeper inside of Mikoto’s mouth. Her lips and tongue were used as nothing more but a sex object. And Takeru just continued to crush her elder sister’s tongue and lips further and further,

[Ehh…… Ohh, ooohhh……!]

Takeru continually deepthroats Mikoto.




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