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Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 2 Part 2

A sudden prick of sharp pain ran through her chest. A feeling similar to suffocation rising from the inside of the body towards her nipples. Her breasts tightened and pulled at her underwear. Her breasts, pressed against the floor, collapsed, floating in her cleavage, and sweat streaked down her soft skin.

(What’s going on!? No way…… A seizure!? At a time like this!?)

The changes that hit her breast just now were oddly similar to the sensation that Takeru was way too familiar with…… a surge of lust caused by the “Seizure of the Defiled”.

In the past, she was violated by the youmas in a certain incident that occurred while she was on the job. Thanks to Mikoto and the others, she managed to avoid the fate of breaking apart due to being subjected to unspeakable pleasure for a prolonged period of time, but as a result her body has been changed so that it could become incredibly aroused by the most trivial of things.

「Haah…… Ahhhhh…… T-this state…… Not now…… Fuuh, fuuh……!!!」

The tips of her chest felt as if they were being tingled with electricity. A sweet sigh escaped from her mouth as a result.

(N-No, this cannot be……! If I get a seizure in this situation……!!)

Takeru was unable to move her arms, which meant that she would be unable to masturbate to calm herself down. Just thinking about it made her feel anxious and on edge. Lust and pleasure is something that escaped the confines of reason and logic. It was not something that she could manage with just the strength of her will alone.

「Kuuh! Mmmhhh! Haah…… C-Can’t… breathe……!!!」

While desperately biting her lip, she tried to endure the pain, but her body naturally moved and she crawled from the rising sensation. A movement that pressed her breasts against the floor. Combined with the fact that her hands were tied behind his back, she must have looked just like a caterpillar. As her soft flesh was squashed against the floor, a sweet current ran through her body. The stimulation heated up Takeru’s body even more.

「Hahyih!? Hahyih!? Hahyih!?」

Before she knew it, she was actively rubbing her chest against the floor. Her upper body would go up and down alongside her breasts, which were dripping with sweat and all sticky, sending her body into even greater heat. The girl who twisted her whole body while she was only in her underwear. From her side, she must have looked really comical, but she was desperate herself beyond all measure.

Her body felt as if it was burning. Her snow-white skin was tinged with cherry color. Not only her chest, but also her lower abdomen felt incredibly itchy and hot. Takeru unwittingly lifted her hips and quivered like a bitch in search of the male with which she could mate.

(Wha…… B-But! I can’t calm myself down the way I would usually do! I need to endure it now! Endure it!)

Takeru’s body already started to feel as if it was one huge erogenous zone. Her instinct to just reach her hand down towards her crotch and start to violently touch herself down there was torturing her without a moment of break. She impatiently moved her bound arms, but she was unable to shake off the youma that bound her. She felt like she had electricity running through her entire body all the time. By moving her arms frantically like that, the youma wrapped around her arms would caress her back, a sensation which made her want to scream out loud.

While being in such a sorry state, Takeru tried to scold herself and regain her composure no matter what.

If she could only continue to endure, someone would surely notice her disappearance. She was really reluctant to allow anyone to see her like this, but at least she would be freed from this pain. Takeru took that one fact as her only emotional support.

「Please excuse me. Oh, good. I see the esteemed time of your awakening happened to be spot on.」

It was just at that moment that Maki came to the room all of a sudden.

「Ahh! M-Maki-kun!?」

Takeshi’s eyes sparkled for a moment at the arrival of the savior who would relieve her of her suffering, but the moment she saw his face, she remembers what happened before she lost consciousness.

「What is this…… What is the meaning of all of this?」

While trying to hide the state in which her body was currently in, she cursed the boy with hostility in her gaze.

「Wh-whatever do you mean by that, Shiratori-san…… It’s just like I said before.」

Maki answered her while looking all frightened from being glared at so intensely like that.

「I want to create a society where there is no need for humans to fear the youmas. So I want to research the powers of the Exorcists, and then use that power to create some powerful demons of my own. Once we have more than enough power to create the very same thing that we are afraid of, it should be equal to the fact that we have enough power to destroy them altogether, wouldn’t you agree?」

A bright light lit up in his eyes as he was saying this. For some reason, his eyes were directed toward the ceiling, his hands wide open, and he spoke in a truly sonorous tone. The fear he showed earlier disappeared in an instant. With his cheeks flushed and a euphoric expression on his face, he continues to talk about his ideals.

「Honestly, I was a little bit worried. It’s not acceptable to use a human as an experimental subject, that’s a norm that is the cornerstone of the scientific world of us humans. As of yesterday, I was thinking of canceling the experiment altogether, could you believe it? But since you have said that you would gladly support me in my endeavors, then I guess that I need to live up to your expectations.」

From the boy’s words just now, Takeru realized that this had been decided from the very beginning. She was just guessing here, but he might have been the one who set up the youma runaways last night and the fact that the mountain road became impassable could also very well be his doing. The current Maki looked abnormal and twisted to the point that he could do all of that without a single bat of an eye.

Whether knowing what Takeru had been speculating inside of her mind or not, Maki suddenly stopped speaking, and took out something like an egg from inside of his lab coat’s pocket. An ofuda talisman was attached to that strange egg.

「The first research that I want to study is a study of the endurance of the Exorcist’s breast and mind. Right now, I think there is something seriously wrong with your chest. But don’t worry. I’m just going to use some specially formulated medicine for just that ailment. You might feel a little bit of pain and discomfort, or think that the inside of your chest is being horribly squeezed for a moment, but that pain should disappear immediately. But should you feel that you are unable to take it anymore, please let me know right away.」

The purpose of the experiment that the boy explained while playing with the egg that he held in his fingertips, was absurd to say the least. She did not think the endurance of the breasts had anything to do with youma extermination in the slightest. There was generally no connection between breasts and mental strength when it comes to Exorcists. However, Maki seemed completely oblivious to that fact.

(Now way…… Could it be that he has found himself to be under the youma influence?)

That was the best guess that she was able to formulate at the moment, but Takeru did not have the leeway to deepen her thoughts at the current moment. Even while listening to Maki’s story, the swelling in her chest was getting bigger and bigger. Even though she was in front of the boy, she could not stop pushing her breasts against the rough fabric of the floor.

「It looks like you are going through something really painful right about now. Would you like me to perhaps squeeze your breasts so that you can feel better?」

The boy spoke to her with his face blushing strongly. He seemed embarrassed to look at her naked body while doing something like that to her.

「N-No…… It doesn’t…… hurt at…… all……」

She was in so much pain and discomfort right now that she wanted to milk herself with her own hands as soon as her arms would be set free, but there was no way she could admit it so openly. Wriggling her upper body and shaking her hips while saying that was not convincing in the slightest, unfortunately, but even Takeru had her pride that she wanted to maintain at all cost. But Maki only laughed at her stubbornness,

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