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Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 2 Part 3

「Oh, I thought that you might say that, Takeru-san. You are turning out to be just the kind of specimen that I expected you to be. Which is why I took the liberty of allowing myself to prepare this thing.」

Saying something like that, the boy peeled off the talisman attached to the egg and slammed it on the ground, as if trying to break it to pieces. Dozens of youmas emerged from within, with dark blue snake-like tentacles undulating and trying to entangle themselves around Takeru’s body. Takeru twisted herself and tried to escape, but she couldn’t do anything in the situation where he couldn’t move quickly enough, and she was easily caught by the legs. Wet tentacles tied themselves around her ankles. They were also covered in warm and slimy mucus, like a newborn animal.

「Kuhh, Uuuhyiihhh!!」

As soon as the bumpy protrusions and messy mucous membranes touched her skin, the wet stain started to quickly spread all over Takeru’s black panties. Her uterus also contracted tightly. Her soft skin rose up, and her eyes trembled.

「This is a youma that was artificially created by me. But since I am its creator, it will listen to my orders, so everything should be alright here…… But seriously, are you really as alright as you say you are? It’s not good for your body to overdo it, you know?」

Being touched like that made Takeru remember that time when she was violated by the youmas over and over again. Just the feeling of a youma crawling up toward her secret part with its tentacles made Takeru’s expression all loose and sloppy. Stroking her sensitive skin and rubbing it through her stockings, she could feel her genitals gradually becoming more and more moist in preparation to receive a partner. Her mouth was half open, and traces of saliva dripped from the corners of her lips. Her eyes were red and moist, and tears were about to fall from them. She unconsciously shook her hips as well. It was as if she was actively looking forward to what was about to happen to her. She was so pathetic that it made her want to scream out loud. That’s why she desperately wanted to show that she could overcome this predicament with the sheer force of her will alone.

「I…… am not…… forcing myself……! Hyah!?」

The tip of the tentacles touched her panties at that exact moment. The feeling of her fleshy petals being pierced. The love juice and the mucous membrane touching each other, and it echoes with a lewd sensation all across of her body. It was only a moment, but it was a stimulus so strong that it even managed to shut down her rationality.

「It seems like you really are feeling it. There is no need to hold back, you know?. The pleasure is not going to go anywhere anytime soon, so please enjoy it to your heart’s content.」

Then Maki insisted on taking all the remaining Takeru’s clothes off, so he could confirm her reaction. Then, she still had some doubts about why he had left her necktie on, but Takeru did not have the leeway to ask him about it.


「Ah! H-Hot! N-No, don’t! Stop it! Stop! It!」

The tentacles clinging to her penties were stroking her pussy through their thin fabric. Their moves reminding her of a penis looking for the way inside of a woman’s body made her head go pure white and Takeru ended up arching her back hard. Naturally, her voice seemed to leak out without limitation. She tried to hold her mouth closed tight, but she couldn’t hold back her muffled breath. The sweat that was secreted from her body made her slender limbs glow mysteriously and seductively.

The tip of her tie sunk into her cleavage that was pressed against the floor. Just a slightly rough feeling was transmitted through her body, and her tense breasts twitched and stood up again and again.

(It’s not enough. This is not enough at all!)

While having her crotch mercilessly teased like that, Takeru twisted her upper body. Takeru could feel the euphoria that even just that act alone could cause her, being strong enough to push her on the verge of losing consciousness. But even so, the frustration that hit her chest would never go away. On the contrary, it swelled up even more and would become a falling wave and attack the girl’s limbs all at once.

「Hurts…… It hurts. My chest…… why does it feel that way……?」

All the rubbing against the floor that she was doing finally caused her bra to distort and her boobs to slide out of its confines. Her right breast, which was so tense that it seemed like it would make a waving sound, was exposed to the outside world. The exposed nipple was painfully hard and enlarged to the size of a huge acorn. Not to mention that it was twitching impatiently. From its tip, cloudy liquid spouted out from time to time.

「Wh-why? Hmnngh, my chest……!? W-what did you do to me!?」

「…… No matter how you look at it, that should be pretty obvious. Because that’s the kind of medicine that was injected into your breasts. That medicine is now causing Takeru-san’s breast to swell and expand. To put it simply, right about now your boobs are being constantly filled with air. Think of it like having a balloon put inside of your breasts and pumping it up.」

Maki took out a ballpoint pen from his breast pocket and slowly thrusted it into her chest.



At that moment, thick threads of medicine started to spurt out of her chest. A similar pleasure spread from her chest to her whole body when she would urinate, which she had been holding back on for quite a long time now. As soon as that was shot out of her breasts, her whole body relaxed. Laziness envelops her, and her breasts would ripple. Her nipples were now slim, and mouth would open and close over and over again, like a fish out of water. It seemed that the stimulus given to her for the first time caused her to reach a light orgasm just like that. However, that alone did not relieve the suffering that she was feeling. Rather, by receiving a new caress from the tentacles, her body became even more excited. Her love juices that overflowed from her honey pot also began to turn cloudy, dripping from her panties and spilling over to her thighs. The smell of a woman in heat would waft across the room and become suffocating in no time.

「Haa, haa…… Kuhh, , it hurts. M-My chest, it hurts……!!」

The pain of having her chest pressed so tightly against the floor was so great that she felt that she was about to suffocate on the spot.

「Please don’t be so mean. I don’t want to make you suffer, either. Why are you so persistent in the first place? By any chance, are you perhaps worried about your seizures getting worse? Is that it?」


A word that naturally came out of Maki’s mouth. To him, it must have been a casual word, but Takeru was frozen in place for a moment after hearing it.

Seizure of the Defiled. That was the technical term that referred to humans who have been subjected to insult and perverted training by the youmas. A term perfectly summarizing people like Takeru.

(Why? Why do you know that?)

It was not something that even a veteran Exorcist could be able to discern with their naked eye, much less an ordinary human being.

「That look on your face…… Are you perhaps asking me how I know about it? Fufufu, that’s actually easy, you know? Just take a look at this.」

While laughing, Maki took out a single ofuda talisman from another pocket of his lab coat. It was a talisman that Yoru made for her, so that she could suppress her seizures should they ever occur for her while in the field.

「Haah…… Aaah, aahhh…… G-Give it back! Give it back to me……!!」

「No. I’m sorry, Takeru-san, but this is the one thing that I absolutely cannot do for you. You see, I want to confirm with my own eyes what a seizure of the defiled looks like…… being a researcher is a difficult task, you know? But everything that I do is for the betterment of humanity, a tomorrow without youmas to infest it. So please be patient and bare with me for a little while longer.」

「H-Hold on……!?」

She couldn’t do that. With a welling up lust inside of her, she felt like she was going to go mad at any moment now.

However, at the same time as wanting him to return her talisman to her, she also thought about the following. That is,

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