Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 2 Part 6

Saying that, Maki turned away from Takeru, causing her to whimper miserably. There was genuine contempt in his words and a genuine disgust in his eyes at the current moment. It was as if he refused to look at Takeru because she was a filthy piece of trash. This look alone was more than enough to communicate how he felt about Takeru, without him needing to even say a single word. The blood drained from Takeru’s face as he acted like he was a completely different person than before.

Like this…… Like this, there is no way that she would get the dick that she wanted so bad.

「N-No! Oh no! I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!」

And so, she desperately apologized. She threw away even the sense of reason that had stopped her until a while ago, and shed tears while lying on her back. She could only think about what she could do in order for Maki to look at her in a more favorable light.

「I…… I love you, Maki-kun! I really, really do love you! That’s why I have decided that I want you to give me the pleasure that a woman can only receive from a man violating her! That’s the only thing I can think of anymore!」

She would then repeat that confession over and over again, begging him in a truly pathetic voice. Hearing this, Maki finally let out a deep sigh.

「Yes, I really do understand that you must be in a whole lot of pain at the current moment. Even if you tell me that you love me now, it’s just something that makes me feel uncomfortable, but I don’t want to make you suffer anymore than it is necessary here. But at the same time, I have sworn to myself that I won’t do it until I get married to the person I love. So with that being said, you would still have to wait at least three months for that. Now, with that being said……」

Saying that, the boy took out a small youma that looked like a sea urchin from the pocket of his lab coat. Its burnt-out body surface bounces around energetically on the top of the palm of his hand.

At the same time, dozens of tentacles extended from the ceiling, wrapped around Takeshi’s ankles, and lifted his slender limbs upside down. Body fluids secreted from her pink-stained body flowed down her skin. Her lifted pussy was projected in front of Maki. Expressionless, he reached for her panties in front of him and slowly pulled them down.

A cloudy and sticky thread stretched between the fabric of her underwear and the red congested crack.

「Uhh, ahaa……」

Her left and right flaps were sandwiched between the tentacles, and her pussy was in full view. The fully opened petals were slowly moving and pulsing, as if they were inviting the boy to touch them and plunge himself inside of her. Her love juices overflowed from her pussy like a sluggish birth to match the mysterious meat wall’s excitement. Her clitoris above her petals were painfully erect, and it looked like a penis with its foreskin peeled off. The fiendish tentacle branched out from its main body, coiled around that bean about the size of a pinky finger. It then applied just a little bit of stimulation to it……

「Kuhyiiih! Ahh! Aaahh!! Ah! Aahh!」

A cry echoes from Takeru’s mouth.

「Uwah, so this is what a women’s secret place looks like, huh? And it’s really wet. And it’s moving so much…… Look, there’s a string of love juice still clinging to it. Hm? It smells really sweet.」

While saying that, Maki pushed the tip of the sea urchin in his hand against Takeru’s honey pot.

「Ahh! It’s here! It’s coming! Coming!! Ahaah!! Haah!!!」

Her genitalia pressed against the foreign object spurted out the love juices as if raising a voice of joy at the appearance of the long-awaited thing. Takeru herself was so slovenly that she couldn’t possibly feel any better.

She was turned upside down and her necktie hung over her face, touching her half-open mouth. The lewd liquid that accumulated in her oral cavity soaked into the fabric of her necktie.

Guchiyu, Chiyubu, Zuchiyubu……!!

「Nkuuh! P-Pussy! My pussy! It’s entering! It’s entering my pussy! Ohh! Oh! Aaahh!! Something hot and hard! It’s entering me so much!! Ahhh!!! Ahaaahhh!!!」

The sea urchin was inserted into her honey pot while winding her petals one by one. A wart got caught in her flesh wall and the resulted pleasure almost caused Takeru’s brain to melt down. She could clearly see her pussy being pushed wide by the intrusion of a foreign object as thick as her own arm. It was like she’s been pierced all over. The love juice was pushed out from her flesh hole by the pressure of the sea urchin moving about. It looked like a fountain that just erupted all at once.

「Good! Good! It feelsh shoo good!」

Heat filled Takeru’s lower abdomen. Every time the sea urchin was inserted into her pussy, her vision would flicker tremendously. The overflowing love juices flowed down and wetted her breasts. A voice of joy echoed throughout the room like a scream. What she wanted so much, for him to fill her body up, was now granted to her. And she was oh so happy about that. Her pussy’s walls tightened around the sea urchin to the point of crushing it with its sheer pressure alone.

(…… More. More! I want more! I want more, deeper inside of me! I want it in my pussy! Do it! Now! Screw me! Violate me! Pound my pussy into a soaping mess!! My pussy! Pussy! PUSSY!!!)

She shook her waist back and forth while still in the unreasonable position of being suspended in the air. The movement of her hanging body swayed back and forth, and the necktie and the meat meat string stuck to her wet cheeks.

「Nhaah! B-Boobs! My boobs, too!」

The pleasure she was experiencing was causing her insides to feel absolutely dumbfounded again. The smell and raw taste of the horny stick that would spread across her oral cavity was also making her head become a hazy mess. The pleasure of milking came to her mind once again. There was no way she could possibly endure it all. So she was falling, slowly but surely……

「Obuuh! Njiyu, nzuchiyu, nguchiyuru……!! Buhogh! Nbeeh! It’sh moving! It’sh moving around me shoo much……!! Ooohhh!! Aahh! C-Can’t breathe,,,,,,!!」

The milky liquids that were sucked out of the tentacle were entwined with her teeth and even her gums. Because she was hung upside down, the liquids leaked from her mouth and flowed to her forehead and eyes, flooding them completely. They flowed right into her nose, and a sharp pain ran through her at the same time. The pain became a pleasure to her flesh soon after, making even her inner thighs feel hot and bothered.


Maki’s hand was pulling the sea urchin in and out as if to follow up on Takeru’s wild movements.

The body of the sea urchin and its tentacles rubbed the surface of its body against Takeru’s G-spot, and its tip repeatedly kissed the mass of really sensitive nerves that was placed there. Every time she was poked there, a series of sparks would run through her brain, and Takeru naturally twisted and turned her body in response. Her mouth would repeatedly let out a squealing noise, and the toes of her feet were all stretched out.

「Ooguh! Obuh! Uuh! Moore! Mooore……!!」

「Oh my, you still want more than that? Color me surprised, really. To be so lewd of a perso…… Is it really just because you are having a seizure? Or could it be that you were that kind of person from the very beginning, Takeru-san?」

「Y-Yesh! T-That’sh right! I-I…… nchiyu, fuchiyu…… Ngeeh!! I’m a perverted bitch! A pathetic, perverted slut! I love being violated like that! Nothing makesh me happier than that! T-That is why… why……!! Nhyiih! Ahhh! Nhyaah!!」

In the middle of saying those words, strength was put into the meat string that wrapped itself around Takeru’s clitoris. Her red, congested beads was squeezed even tighter, and she felt as though she just managed to black out there for a moment. Takeru could even feel how her eyes rolled back inside of her skull. As a strange sense of lethargy enveloped her, she could see that he had actually climaxed lightly just now. After that eventually subsided, her mouth was hanging open slightly as hot sighs were escaping from it.

But still, this was not nearly enough to make all of her accumulated lust subside. Needless to say, Maki must have been aware of that fact, too. It would seem that right now he was simply giving her a time to rest, and the tentacles that had been entwined around her labia began to crawl out of there. As they carefully stroked and rubbed her petals one by one, the sea urchin submerged its tip into the honey pot, releasing some additional tentacles there and inviting even more of them from around her entrance.

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