Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 3 Part 3

Takeru’s face was distorted in pleasure, as if she felt the pleasure of ejaculation that her nipples were giving her. The familiar calm and collected expression was nowhere to be seen on her face right about now. There was only an expression of a horny bitch in heat.

(No……!! No, no……!!)

There was no way that Mikoto would have ever wanted to see her little sister fall to depravity like that. So she closed her eyes and tried to turn her face away, rejecting the reality that was right in front of her.

(…… Why? Why is this even happening……!?)

However, her flesh, which had been invaded by the tentacle, was deprived of its freedom of movement. She was completely paralyzed at the moment. Mikoto cursed herself for being so pathetic and useless.

「Come on now, don’t look away! Take a look, Sis! Isn’t it amazing… ? Ah? For… so much milk to be… coming out of my filthy boobs, just like that! Nnnhhh!!! It feels really good when I squeeze my boobs like that, you know? Fufu, this is also thanks to my research……!! I’m sure that you are also going to like it a whole lot, Sis! Ahaaah!! Nhaaah!!」

But even though Mikoto was clearly suffering here, her younger sister paid that fact no mind, the picture of pure ecstasy and rupture painted all over her face.

While squeezing her own breast with one hand, she peeled off the seal between her crotch with her free hand and put her hand on top of her pussy. She then spread her fleshy petals apart, opening her insides for Mikoto to see. A foreign object that had been inserted into her pink lewd meat by pushing it apart jumped into Mikino’s field of vision.

(Wha……!? What is that……!?)

Something strange was piercing Takeru’s congested honey pot.

「Nfufu, are you perhaps curious about what this is, Sis? Don’t worry, I am going to show it to you right away…… Hyinnnhhh!!」


As if to answer Mikoto’s question that arose, Takeru grabbed that foreign object and slowly began to pull it out. Her insides followed suit, dragged behind the object and her love honey would spill everywhere.

「Bufugh!? Bueagh!? Nnnm, umuugh…… Hafugh!? hafuegh!?Aghh, it’s about to come out…… Hey, Sis? Are you watching me? Are you watching properly as it is about to come out?」

Perhaps remembering the pleasure just by pulling the thing out of her insides, Takeru’s body would tremble and shiver over and over again. She would open her leg in a trance and she would just shake her hips alluringly back and forth. The foreign object that was pulled out of her honey pot turned out to be something like a huge transparent syringe.

(W-Why would you even have something like that stuck inside of you like that……!?)

「Hmm? Why are you making that face, Sis? Fufu, it’s easy to understand what that thing is and how I am going to use it, you know? I’m going to collect all of that delicious milk that my boobs just so happened to squirt out, and then I am going to flood your cute little butthole with it.」

As Takeru was explaining what she was going to do, not even once a smile disappeared from her face.

「In other words…… I’m researching how far a youma Exorcist can endure the urge to defecate. What kind of face will Mikoto make when I torment your butt like that? I’m going to go extra hard on you and squeeze all of my milk out, until my boobs go all sore…… I hope that you are looking forward to it, Sis. Because I certainly am.」

After explaining all that with a lascivious laugh, Takeru pressed the syringe’s irrigator against her nipples.


With a loud and bubbly sound, before long her milk started to flow inside of the syringe.

「Nnnhhh!! D-Do you see, Sis? Are you watching properly? Look! Just look how much delicious milk is flowing out of my boobs right now!」

Watching Takeru right now, Mikoto was getting a feeling as if she was looking at a diary cow being milked. She would grab her nipple with her thumb and forefinger, and then place her other fingers on top of her breast one by one. The mochi-like boob easily changed its shape, and milky liquid was vigorously shot from the tip of the girl’s chest.


Milky white liquid accumulated inside of the enema syringe with each squeeze, and a sweet and sour milk smell spread throughout the entire room As if masturbating, Takeru was so absorbed in milking herself that she did not seem to care at all about what was happening around her. The appearance of her moaning and whining in pleasure seemed to have forgotten the existence of her older sister for a moment out there. In fact, she was acting as if Mikoto was not even here at the current moment.

Even if Mikoto wanted to save Takeru with all of her heart, right about now she was unable to do anything. She could just watch helplessly as her younger sister was falling lower and lower into depravity. On the contrary, she could even feel that her own pussy was becoming slightly moist, witnessing Takeru milking herself in such a lewd way. The heat welling up from her lower abdomen was trying to envelop her whole body.

(Wha…… N-No! Why!?)

Mikoto really hated her own body for reacting in such a way. Without realizing it, her breath, which had become more like rough sighs, reached her own ears and made her feel self-loathing even more than before.

「So? What do you think? Hah, haah, hah…… This is all going to be poured inside of your butt in just a moment, Sis……」

The irrigator would eventually become full with the content from Takeru’s boobs. When Takeru shook while the milk was still dripping from her nipple, a chapping sound could be heard from them.

「S-Stop it! Stop…… Fuah!? Pleashe, I beg of you……!!」

「No, I cannot do that, Sis. I already told you, this is important research. Haah……The bad thing about Mikoto is that you put off all of the troublesome tasks for later, did you know that? Because of that I am always the one who has to write all of the reports and apology letters. It’s the same with this research.The sooner you finish it, the easier it will be for you. And it will help to reduce the number of people who suffer from youma attacks. So be brave! You can do it. I believe in you.」

It was completely unreasonable. It was impossible for a bowel movement endurance experiment to lead to extermination of youmas, no matter how hard you would like to think otherwise. If this was a regular Takeru, that fact would have been obvious to her from the very start……

Her eyes squinted with fascination, and her younger sister held an irrigator full of her own milk in her hand.

(Come back to your senses! Please, Takeru! I beg of you! …… How? How did this happen?)

But even if Mikoto was to ask that with her heart, she would not get any sort of meaningful answer.

「Now then, let’s start the injection procedure, shall we?」

Takeru did not care about her sister’s frightened appearance at all. The pleasure of having her way with Mikoto and the unspeakable things she would do to her made her snort roughly as she approached Mikoto’s heavy body and moved her into a prone position. Her motionless body could not even resist something as simple as that.

(It’s no use. The way I am now, I won’t be even able to resist. But I have to do something! Somehow!!)

But still, she desperately tried to untangle the youma’s restraints and concentrate her spiritual power. But before she was able to do that, Takeru started to move and rolled up her sister’s pleated skirt. Her thick and plump hips were then completely exposed. There was a faint stain on the crotch area of her woven white panties, to boot.

「See? You are getting properly wet down there, Mikoto.」

「No, I…… Please, don’t say that out loud!」

Takeru then relentlessly shifted the crotch part of her older sister’s panties, whose head was about to boil with righteous shame and embarrassment.

Her pussy that was about to be made completely visible was soaking wet. Her butt crack that went up and down according to her breathing pattern was also exposed. A pink tender flesh peeped out from between that crack in a shy way.

(No! Don’t do it! Don’t look at me! Don’t look!!)

「There’s nothing to be so embarrassed about, Sis. It’s such a beautiful pink color that I’m envious of it! It smells really good, too. It’s a big difference from my messed up pussy. So it’s really okay. And I will make sure that you are going to be even more beautiful from now on.」

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