Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 3 Part 4

Takeru then forcefully spread Mikoto’s folds open, revealing the lightly pigmented chrysanthemum-shaped hole of hers, resembling a narrowed skin gate. Mikoto’s peach-like hips were dyed in a deep-crimson color with embarrassment. As if reacting to being exposed to someone else’s gaze, the small hole narrows tightly. Seeing that, Takeru smacked her lips in satisfaction.

That was the most hidden part of any person out there. Takeru brought her nose so close to it that it seemed as if she was closely attached to that place. At the same time, the tip of the intestinal irrigator touched the chrysanthemum hole strongly.



A cool feeling gradually assaulted Mikoto’s senses. Her pores would gradually enlarge. Her pupils would dilate, and her body, which should not be free to move at all, arched back. The sensation of the foreign body entering and dancing through her flesh hole made her feel so shocked that she almost suffocated because of it.

「You don’t have to be afraid, Sis. My breast milk is also used as a cleaning liquid. That’s why it is not dirty at all. Rather, it’s the best thing ever that could possibly enter that place. I want to please you, Sis, so that I can change your body like that. You are going to love it!」

(C-Change!? Who is going to……!?)


The moment Mikoto started to question her sister’s mysterious words, Takeru pressed the piston in a firm move.

(Nhhaah! Nnnhh!! …… Haah! I-It’s coming in! Kuuuh!! Ooohhh!! Ooaah!? Nhaagh!?)

A warm feeling spread through her lower abdomen. She could clearly see the milk flowing back up her rectum now. She felt as if her stool was flowing backward, and her behind tightened painfully in response. Her toes and fingertips trembled violently. The humiliation of having fluid poured into her draining organ made Mikoto’s entire being shudder.

[……Fufu, alright, that’s the entire bottle down. But it’s not over yet, Sis. There is still more where that came from…… Nnh, agh, kuaah!!]


After pouring all the milk in the device into her older sister’s butthole, Takeru started milking herself again. Right about now she was like an intestinal washing machine that filled up way too quickly. Takeru, immersed in the pleasure of milk and shooting it all out, relentlessly resumed her injecting behavior once she was done.

(Ah, no! Please, stop it! Take……!!!)

She unintentionally turned her gaze towards her sister. But begging for forgiveness would not make her stop doing what she was doing. Not in the least.

Her milk, which kept on being extracted and then injected inside of her ass, Mikoto’s rectum was dilated with her younger sister’s emulsion and her lower abdomen was becoming heavier and heavier. The feeling of the cold bowels and the feeling of the lukewarm milky lotion swirling inside of there combined together. They mixed in her stomach and stimulated the excitement inside of her to move. The urge to urinate would also rise inside of her.

(No, Takeru, please! Anything but that! I cannot do that! I am the older sister here! I cannot possibly wet myself right in front of her!)

There was just no way that Mikoto would go and do that. As an older sister, she had a certain amount of dignity that she absolutely needed to maintain.

However, as if laughing at such a resolve of her sister, her bowel cleansing continued unobstructed.

[Fukuh, nnhh, haah……!!! Fuuh! Fuuh! Fuuh! Please, Mikoto, you have to endure this! You are so beautiful, you know that? And I am going to make you even more beautiful in just a short while.]

Takeru squeezed out her milk every time the device would become empty. One bottle, two bottles, three bottles ———– the milky fluids disappeared inside of Mikoto’s butthole one bottle after another.

Her stomach was rumbling tremendously. She could feel her abdomen becoming tighter and tighter. As soon as the entrapment sticking to her skin gate was pulled out, the stuff that was poured into it seemed to drip out.

(N-No! Not like this! Anything but this! Please, nooo!!)

She put her strength into her chrysanthemum gate and tried to keep it shut desperately. Gradually, greasy sweat erupted all over her body, soaking it thoroughly.


Her fleshy hole would continue to pucker impatiently. Even though it was only a short time, it was as if she had been holding her bowel movements for hours, and even the slightest inhalation sent an unbearable stomach ache attacking her entire body.

[Fufufu, Sis’ butthole…… It’s trembling like this and it’s really cute.]

Takeru did not understand the suffering that Mikoto was going through right now. On the contrary, she laughed at the figure of the girl enduring the defecation urge and brought her face closer to her flesh gate. A lukewarm breath was blown at it Originally, it was nothing more than a gentle breeze. But right about now……

[Nhoooh!! Hooaagh!! N-Nooo!! C-Coming! It’s coming out……~~!!!]

Mikoto’s entire body relaxed. She was able to avoid the backflow at the last minute, but saliva flowed out from the corner of her mouth.

(I-I can’t…… The aphrodisiac! It is already starting to circulate in my body!)

The venom of the youma that seeped into her body turned even her breathing and the pain in her lower abdomen into pleasure and the feeling of bliss.

[It looks like it’s broken down a lot. It looks delicious……]

Takeru also seemed to notice the change inside of Mikoto. She grinned and gleefully kissed Mikoto’s anus as if hoping that it would hurry her excrements to come out sooner. The touch of her soft lips made Mikoto’s waist tremble.

[Hyah!? D-Don’t do that! That place is filthy! You mustn’t kiss such a filthy place!!]

[Nfuuh……!! Why do you say something like that, Sis? I told you, the milk in my boobs is a potent cleaning agent. That’s why there is no way that you are dirty there in the slightest. No, there’s nothing dirty about Sis’s body to begin with.]

Even if Mikoto would protest, it was not that Takeru seemed to care about that a whole lot. On the contrary, Mikoto saying that only provoked her to kiss her even more aggressively.


Copious amounts of saliva were secreted directly at Mikoto’s anus at that moment.

[K-Kuuh! N-Nooo! Dooon’t! Don’t do it, Takeru! I don’t want to! I don’t want to do it!!!]

Takeru would then inject even more of her filthy liquids inside of Mikoto. The pain of enduring the urge to defecate and the stimulation of the sexual pleasure from the lewd poison attacked Mikoto all at once. She scratched the floor with his fingertips.

[Hoogh!? AAAhhh!! P-Pleashe! S-Shtom tormenting me like that! I don’t want that!!!!!!]

Next, Takeru inserted her tongue into Mikoto’s anus. Unlike the intestinal irrigator that she had been using earlier, Mikoto felt her sister’s tongue so hot that her body seemed to burn. The inserted tongue was delicate, bold, and serpentine-like. It moved as if it were stirring the milk and saliva that it had drawn in itself. Every time she poked the intestinal walls with the tip of her tongue, a sweet feeling attacked Mikoto and her sphincter seemed to relax even more. It is different from being violated by an inorganic machine. It was certainly a movement that tried to make her feel good. A gentle caress melted her mind and body that tried to endure it desperately. The fluids that had accumulated in her intestines spurted out from the pressure of the foreign object’s entry, and piled up on Takeru’s face.

Her face, her hair, her cheeks, her glasses, her forehead…… There was not a single spot on Takeru’s face that would not be completely dirty.

[Sis, your juices are so delicious! You have no idea!]

Takeru would then scoop out some of those nasty fluids with her fingers and suck on them in delight. Right about now she really looked as if this was the tastiest delicacy that she could possibly eat in the entire world.

[Nfuuh, njiyu……~~!! S-Shish…… Ahh, Shish……~~!!]

As if wanting even more pleasure for herself, Takeru’s hand turned towards her pussy while she was busy kissing Mikoto’s anus and spitting saliva on it. She would then sink her fingertips into that nasty place. She traced her pussy with her thin fingers and pulled its soft flesh. And as it was easy to imagine, huge quantities of love honey would drip incessantly from that place.

Just like that, Mikoto’s younger sister would continue to masturbate with reckless abandon. Before too long, something began to spill out of her meat pot.

[I-It’s coming! It’s coming out! Something is going to fall out of my pussy……!!]

It was an act resembling fornication. A youma that looks like a small caterpillar fell out of her vagina with a loud and wet splashing sound. And because it was lodged inside of Takeru’s pussy for so long, it was smeared all over with her thick and smelly love juices.

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