Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 3 Part 7

And like every sea, the ecstasy would start hitting Mikoto with unparalleled strength over and over again, just like waves.

「Nkuuh!! M-More! I’m cumming once more! Aaahh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Nhaah! I-I don’t want to! I don’t want to cum anymore! I don’t want to cum anymore, but I…… Ahh!? Ahh!? C-Cumming……!」


The feeling of violent climax would overcome the Exorcist girl once again. Her eyes turned all white as they rolled back inside of her skull, and her wet and tired flesh would jerk strongly over and over again.

「Oguuh!? Gehoon! Gehoogh!? Nhaah!?」

Looking slightly to the side, Mikoto could clearly see that Takeru’s face was becoming more and more of a mess with every passing moment. The milk that she couldn’t drink anymore would simply splash against her face all over, to the point where it was impossible for Mikoto to discern what kind of expression she was wearing underneath that filthy mask. Still, she was on all fours, her face pressed tightly against her older sister’s crotch, and her throat kept moving without stopping, making her look more like a horny bitch in heat rather than a human being.


「…… Ahh! Kuuh! Ah! N-Noo! N-Not again……! Nhh!」

As if to follow in the footsteps of her lewd and dirty little sister, Mikoto’s ecstasy managed to substantially loosen up her bladder, which resulted in its contents leaking out of it right in the open. The golden water that overflowed from her insides flowed with a strange amount of force to it. And ironically, it was washing away the cloudy liquids that had stained Takeru’s face and glasses. A unique, sweet scent filled the entire room.

「It…… won’t…… stop…… It…… just won’t…… stop…… Ahh! Mnnhhh!! A-Again!?」

At this point Mikoto was unable to think about anything clearly. The afterglow of her climax was also making her mind feel extra hazy, giving her an illusion that she was floating in the air, way lighter than she actually was.

(I…… I did it…… I really did it…… I really came from something like that…… E-Even though…… it was something so lewd and filthy…… and doing it should not feel good at all, I…… I……!)

It was the sense of immorality from being violated by her own younger twin sister that was having the greatest effect on Mikoto’s poor psyche. However, even though it was something wrong and something that should not feel good under any normal circumstances, there was a certain unalienable sense of ecstasy that lingered inside of her when everything was all said and done. It was really twisted, but…… Right about now Mikoto felt really happy……

A wide and bright smile appeared on her lips as she twitched like a fish washed ashore. She looked really happy now, happier than she ever was in her entire life.

「Shish…… Shish……~~」

At that exact moment, all of a sudden Takeru’s hand was placed on Mikoto’s chin, and her face gradually started to come closer and closer towards her.

「Great work……」”Inflate…”

For a short moment, the two sisters just looked at one another. But before long, Takeru grasped the tip of the youma that was still extending from Mikoto’s mouth and pulled on it violently, popping it out of her older sister’s air tract in one swift motion.



Mikoto’s esophagus, which up until now was clogged and blocked by the youma that was stuck in there and refused to move, was finally being pulled out from there. In response to that, Mikoto’s mouth curled up and a huge portion of her saliva gushed out of her mouth, staining her cheeks and chin. The surface of her body that was smeared completely with bodily secretions of the tentacles that were violating her and her own gastric juices, that mixture was giving off a very pungent odor. It was the kind of odor that caused Mikoto’s entire body to jump and jerk in shock, even though she was too tired to move on her own.

(A-Again…… I’m cumming again……!!)

Just like that, her body orgasmed one more time with a strong jerk.

「Ah! Aaahh! Aaahhhn!!!」

Because she had been stunned by a foreign object being stuffed down her throat for so long, Mikoto’s chin had completely lost all strength in it. Because of that, once the youma was gone, Mikoto’s expression was a rather nasty and grotesque one, not that she was able to do anything about it.

Enchanted by her older sister’s appearance, Takeru smiled brightly, brought her face closer to her open mouth, and finally kissed her passionately.


It was actually the second time today that the twin sisters would kiss so passionately. This time around, unlike the first time, Mikoto herself actively intertwined her tongue with that of Takeru, albeit completely unconsciously and hardly even realizing what she was doing.

「Npuuh, Chiyupah…… Nhh! Hmnnh!!」

「Nnnhhh!! Nnnhhh! Nnnhh!! Nfuuh! …… Nhaah! Nhaah! Nhaah!!!」

Just like that, the sisters were connected to one another mouth to mouth. Their bodily fluids flowing from Takeru’s mouth were not saliva, but something else entirely. It was all the filth that Mikoto herself had leaked and sprayed all over her, which was sticky and tangled on her tongue and spreading a strange smell inside of her mouth, making her sick and nauseous.

(I…… I…… I’m being forced to drink my own filth…… It’s my own poop that I expelled from my body…… It’s so filthy……! I think I’m going to be sick……!)

The very little dregs of reason that still managed to remain in her heart started to comprehend the horrid reality that was surrounding Mikoto. However, her body followed her instincts and rolled her filth on the tip of her tongue as if it was some sort of a rare delicacy, enjoying the rich scent as it flowed down her throat and fell into her stomach.


「…… Upuuh…… Ugh……! G-Gross……!!」

Even though Mikoto realized that what she was swallowing was filthy and stank pretty bad, she was actually unable to smell anything at this point. Everything inside of her head, every single sense seemed to have gone completely haywire from just how violent her repeated climaxes were right now. And there was no way that the two of them would stop kissing, judging from how they were at the current moment.

「S-Shish…… Oh, shish…… Nnnhhh!! Nnhh! Nnnhhh!! C-Cumming! I’m cumming……!!」

Just by being able to kiss Mikoto with reckless abandon like that, Takeru was able to climax over and over again just now. Her pure white skin was stained with filthy liquids and there was a strong scent of ammonia wafting around the room, her body twisted and jerking uncontrollably as if she was dancing the lewdest dance in the entire world.


Each time they would kiss, Mikoto’s asshole would discharge the air that was gathered inside of it, making a loud and obscene sound. After each shameful discharge, the cloudy liquid that remained in her intestines would also fly out and splatter all over the place. The liquids warmed up inside of her body were so hot that even steam seemed to rise from them once they fell on the ground.

「Shish…… Ohhh, shish…… Ahh…… Ahh……!!」

「…… Aaahh…… Aaahhh……」

Eventually, Mikoto and Takeru’s lips would come apart. The sisters fell to the floor while letting out tired, speechless voices and rough gasps. They could not move other than trembling with the afterglows of their respective climaxes.

(I…… I can’t do it…… I can’t anymore…… Please, save me…… Sui…… Yamato……)

All that she could do now was to simply ask her friends for help inside of her mind.


The tentacles kept on entwining themselves around her body, knees and breasts. However, Mikoto was not the only one with whom the tentacles seemed to be obsessed. Takeru was also the one who happened to be the object of their cruel movements.


Takeru’s expression was now dyed with pure joy. Her face showed someone who was deriving ultimate ecstasy from being degraded and tormented mercilessly, a face that was once again at the brink of reaching the ultimate form of pleasure.

(S-Save her…… I, I need to save her……. T-Takeru…… Even if it is just her, I…… I have to make sure that I save her……)

Her heart, which was on the verge of becoming timid, began to recover from the shock of what she’s just been through, and she was starting to see the dirty appearance of her younger sister once more. However ——


「Ahh!! B-Big……!! Sho big……!!」

As soon as the snake-like tentacles began to invade her pussy once again, Mikoto’s expression distorted with pleasure and her consciousness faded to black for good.

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