Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 4 Part 1

CHAPTER 4: The Malevolent Fox Spirit, and the Violated Kyouko

「Why did you decide to become an Exorcist in the first place, Kyoko-san?」

Late at night. Kokonoe Kyouko came to the cafeteria to have a light meal because she felt strangely uncomfortable and could not fall asleep no matter what. And right now Maki was sitting right in front of her. According to what he told her, for some strange reason, he could not fall asleep, either. After a chance encounter like that, the two drank hot milk and continued their casual conversation. It was during this time that the boy asked the Exorcist woman that exact question.


Hearing that sudden question, Kyoko stopped for a moment, falling silent and just tilting her cup in her hands, thinking.

「A-Ah, umm…… I mean, well…… If you don’t want to answer that question, that is perfectly alright with me, so……」

Maki bowed his head apologetically, seeing how stiff the expression on the female Exorcist’s face had suddenly become. His crouched figure was like that of a small animal for some reason. He looked strangely cute and Kyouko couldn’t help it but to laugh at seeing him like this.

「No, it’s alright, I don’t really mind. I mean, I asked you earlier about why you are conducting your research, Maki-kun. So it’s only alright for you to ask the same.」

Kyouko knew that the boy hated youmas. Kyoko’s hatred of her enemies was just about the same. Although the direction in which her hatred was facing was fairly different, the goal of exterminating all of the youmas remained the same, still. A boy who purely pursued his dreams…… If there was ever someone to whom she could talk about that subject, that would be him.

「Honestly, the reason as to why I have chosen to become an Exorcist is just about the same as your, Maki-kun…… You see, I really hate youmas. I hate them to the extent that I want to rip and tear every last one of them to pieces with my own hands……」

What Kyouko then recalled was the memory of when she was young…… when she was captured by the youmas and mercilessly violated for the amount of time that seemed to last for eternity.

She was bound tight by the slimy and gross tentacles, her clothes were completely ripped to shreds and torn from her body, and her only source of sustenance was the youma semen that they were constantly force-feeding her. A thick and cloudy liquid was also poured all over her body, and their tentacles would penetrate every single hole of her body without rest…… After that torture lasted for a while the days and nights slowly merged into one, and her time was only filled with suffering and madness.

The way in which she was treated made her realize that for the youmas human life was well below that of a livestock. Her body was covered in filth all over, and soon she began to feel pleasure from all of the horrible things that were being done to her. It was also impossible for her to be able to keep her thoughts straight anymore. She continued to wait only for the pleasure that would be given to her day in and day out. It was the kind of humiliation and torture that not only broke Ktoyko physically, but also stripped her of all of her human dignity as well.

Just by remembering those times made Kyouko feel as though a tremendous wave of humiliation was washing over her. Then, anger suddenly erupted inside of her, and her limbs trembled strongly. Murderous intent against all of the youmas sprung up inside of her in an instant.

But at the same time it was also a memory of the pleasure that was difficult to forget.

(Why am I even……?)

She could feel that the inside of her body was growing increasingly hotter. Her body was slightly warmed up, and she was starting to sweat profusely. Her cheeks were slightly dyed in cherry hue. She felt a tingling sensation in her lower abdomen and rubbed her thighs under the table restlessly.

That was the aftermath of her captivity from all those years ago. The echoes of pleasure that were carved directly into her flesh. Even though it’s been years since she was finally freed from the youmas’ captivity, there was no way that her body would ever make a full recovery from that.

「…… So yeah, that’s more or less that. You know, because I have been defiled and I am filthy as a result. Well, anyways, it’s not really that big of a deal.」

Kyoko laughed while hiding the lewd excitement that just started to occur to her body. By speaking in her usual lighthearted tone, she was hoping to convince Maki, and herself as well, that the thing that she was going through was actually not that big of a deal, mostly because it was something that happened in the past and that she learned to get over it.

(Yeah, it’s nothing. Nothing that I should feel ashamed of, or what I should try to hide for reasons whatever. Because it really is no big deal……)

Yes, it was nothing. No big deal. And even if it was, then what of it? Kyoko smiled at herself, as if that was supposed to be some sort of protective charm that would defend her fragile heart from harm.

「That’s why, there’s no need for you to look so glum and down in the dumps, Maki-kun.」

While Kyouko was finished with the retelling of her story, she gently tapped Maki on the shoulder. He really was one heck of a pure boy, and just about now he must have been regretting ever mentioning that subject, as he forced Kyouko to remember something awful from her past.

However, for some reason the look on his face was far from remorseful. His eyes were shining brightly, like two huge gemstones. A faint smile also appeared on his lips. Right now he looked like a small child who was absolutely absorbed in whatever it was that he was doing. is like a child who is absorbed in play.

「W-Well, in that case…… How come you were rescued from your captivity, Kyouko-san? How did that happen?」

「H-How, you ask……? Well, I was saved by…… by a certain Exorcist…… Yeah……」

For some mysterious reason, Maki got up from his seat and approached her. His face was extremely close to her own at the current moment. Feeling an overwhelming pressure emanating from the boy, Kyouko somehow managed to answer his question.

The Exorcist who happened to save her was none other than Tachibana Yamato’s father, who happened to be working for the Black Cat’s Branch Office at that time. If she hadn’t been saved at that time, she would have most probably drowned in a sea of lust, gone mad from the pleasure, and become another nameless victim of the youmas. For that very reason, even Exorcists who belong to rival companies tend to look out for one another.

It was also the reason why Kyouko was feeling some kind of an affinity with Yamato in particular.

「Hmm, so that’s why you hate youmas so much, Kyouko-san. I see, I understand…… But, in that case…… How come that you have been captured by the youmas in the first place? I know that it’s been years ago and you were much less experienced than you are now, but for some reason it is hard for me to even imagine that someone like you could have been easily caught……」

Hearing him say that, Kyouko tilted her head slightly. Why was Maki so fixated on to that subject in particular? At that moment Kyouko thought that there was something strange in Maki’s general appearance at the current moment. However, it was also completely justified for him to be curious and wondering how something like that could even happen in the first place. For the youmas to continue to hold a specific human captive for several days, months or even years at times, it was something that would normally be impossible. Not to mention that……

(I highly doubt that there is even a human like that in this world. Someone who would be able to withstand that torture for months or years and emerge sane from an experience like that……)

Being violated by a youma is something of a special case, something completely different from being violated by a normal human being. Even low-ranking youmas with no intelligence to them are first class when it comes to humiliating and torturing women. Just by entangling their slimy tentacles and squeezing their bodies, every normal would quickly go mad with the pleasure that the aphrodisiac secreted from them would induce. And once a woman was under that wretched curse, there is no way that they would be able to break free from it on their own. In some cases, some women even managed to end up dead from their brains going into a sensory overload……

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