Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 4 Part 5

The reality that dozens of men were watching the place she had to protect the most as a woman had tormented the heart of the female Exorcist more than anything else.

But even so, Kyouko did not show just how humiliated she felt on her face. It was pathetic, but her body’s reaction was well within her expected range. She cursed the men with a cold gaze instead.

「Now…… That’s one scary look if I have ever seen one. Don’t look at me like that because it makes me feel really sad…… So, next, how about we check the taste of it? To prepare for the coming era of water shortages, I’m thinking about how to secure a reliable source of drinking water. Even if the youmas disappear from the world altogether, the world won’t become a peaceful place unless we make the environment more hospitable for humanity.」

And just like that, the researcher ran his tongue over Kyouko’s labia. And it was not one man, but three of them at once.


THe men then started to move their tongues about like puppies wanting to drink some fresh milk. The love juice that sprung up was entwined with the tip of their tongues and then sucked with their lips. In the meantime, the men’s gaze remained as stone cold and indifferent as ever, more of that of a researcher than of normal men.

(A-All of a sudden!? And so rough……!?)

The men’s actions were way too abrupt for Kyouko to wrap her head around them.

「Nhyiih!? Kuh, uuh! Ufuuh! No, don’t! D-Don’t lick me down there! Stop it!!! Ooohhh!!」

Her whole body trembled as the tip of their tongues carefully licked up every nook and cranny of her privates. Her hanging body shook tremendously, and the tentacles creaked as she swung slightly from side to side. The more stimulation she would recieve, the more love juices would seep out of her. Then the movement of the men’s tongues increased in intensity.

(T-This is……!! All the humans here are under the influence of youmas…… Ugh!! N-Noo! Don’t!)

Even if Kyouko tried to think calmly about her current situation, she could not help it but to feel good from what they were doing to her. Her leaking voice sounded so sweet at the current moment.

「Hmm……. It’s more delicious than I thought it would be. But it’s also a little bit salty, isn’t it? However, it’s difficult for us to use it as a reliable source of drinking water. It’s way too sticky. Not to mention…… we would need way more than this small amount.」

「Director, if I may…… the amount is just fine. It’s just the matter of turning the faucet open some more.」

「A faucet?」

「Yes. Please have a closer look. This would surely solve the problem of all water shortages that humanity might experience in the future!」

One of the staff members smiled with confidence. Just when Kyouko wondered what he was going to do, the man’s thumb grabbed her clitoris. He would then start twisting it asif he was operating a faucet for real.

「——!? T-That place……!? Ahh!? Kuuh!? Fugue!? Ugh!?」

The stimulus given to her clitoris, which was turning out to be extra erect and swollen as a result of all that assault on her flesh that Kyouko was being subjected to, dyed her eyes pure white, and her honey pot blew out a massive tide. Her love juices fell on top of the men who were adhered to her crotch.

「T-This is amazing! For so much to be leaking out of her like that! C-Can you do this one more time? I want to see it again, just to be sure!」

「Yes, of course! Just leave it to me!」


「Stop it…… Kuh! Uwaah! Haah! …… Nnnhhh!!」

The way the man was treating her was as if she was a mere toy. He would twist her clitoris, blow air on it, and then twist it some more and blow some more air all over it. A repetition like that would continue for a while there.

The amount of torment and pleasure that Kyouko would be exposed to made her spasm and squirm strongly in place. She desperately tightens her mouth and tries to endure it, but all of those efforts end up being in vain.

(W-why…… Why is my body reacting in such a way……!?)

Born as a half-youma, Kyouko’s body was different from that of a normal human being. She hated the way in which she was reacting to the stimulation, as it was way too obscene. Rejoicing at such a figure, the men opened their mouths wide and drank the nectar that gushed out from her.

「Great, this is good. Like this, the amount should be more than enough.」

Maki laughed while drinking the juices that erupted from Kyouko’s crotch. However, the staff members shook their heads regretfully at him.

「No, I am afraid that it’s impossible to solve the water shortage problem with this alone.」

「Huh? Why? Why is that? She let out so much juices just now!」

「…… It’s because of Kokonoe-san here, I’m afraid. A normal woman wouldn’t squirt out love juice like this. It’s a job that can be done because she has a lewd body like Kokonoe-san. No one else is going to be able to do it.」

「Oh, I…… I see……」

It was a truly grotesque scene, the researchers being able to discuss topics like that right in front of the naked crotch of a captive woman. However, Kyouko did not have the luxury of pointing that out. She couldn’t even refute their words even if she wanted to.

(No, don’t remember that time…… I have to endure it! I must! Otherwise I…… I……!!)

Continuing to suppress her carnal desires that were about to leak out was extremely hard for Kyouko at the current moment. However, as if laughing at her efforts, the researcher’s tongue went into her cavity instead of attacking the flesh that was surrounding it.

「N-Noo!! Stop it! Don’t do it! Inside, don’t put that inside of me……!!」

But even though Kyouko pleaded like that, the researcher’s tongue did not stop. Instead, it crawled its way even deeper inside of her, swelling and wriggling around like a snake-like creature.

「…… UGAAAH!?」

The man screamed all of a sudden. He released his face from Kyouko’s pussy, covered his mouth with his hand and started to roll on the floor, clearly in pain. Maki and other researchers tried to see what was wrong with him seeing this unusual situation, some of the men panicking more than others. A man who suffered on the ground opened his mouth when Maki approached him, only for the group to see that his tongue was barred.

「What the hell is this? Kyoko-san!? What the hell did you do to him? Isn’t it terrible!? For someone like you to do something so cruel to an innocent human being like this……」

Maki got really angry as he got up and approached Kyouko, anger twisting his cute, boyish face. The Exorcist woman smiled as she hid the burning flame of sensuality inside of her.

「…… Y-Yeah, sorry about… that…… Ha, ha, ha, ha…… It’s just, that… you know…… You tend to do something like that…… once you have been defiled in…… the past…… a sort of…… prevention……」

「So, you have erected a protective barrier inside of your own body, is that it!?」

As expected, Maki quickly understood what was going on here. True to her words, Kyouko put up a barrier around her own crotch area. Her hymen barrier, regenerated by her own spiritual power, would drain the life force of anything that would touch it. If a human being other than herself would dare to touch her there, it would have been an experience that would result in severe injury or even death. In a sense, that barrier was the very manifestation of her determination not to be violated ever again.

「Yes, that’s right…… That’s why, you’d best give up on trying to interfere with my body anymore, and……」

She was confident that it was an absolute area that could never be forced and that it would protect her well, but……

「What are you saying!? I will not give up! Instead, it makes me even more fired up to conduct research on you! There is no one better suited than you to investigate the power of both youmas and Exorcists! A half-human, half-youma! What other specimen could I possibly ask for!?」

Far from stopping his actions now, Maki began to burn even more with a fighting spirit. Then he had his subordinates quickly procure a few youmas and some other nasty-looking creatures. Those youmas in particular looked like gnarly, dried up centipedes. Seeing their grotesque legs moving rapidly made Kyouko feel extremely nauseous for some reason.

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