Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 4 Part 8

But Kyouko did not even have time to listen to the boy’s proud words.

(I-Its going to fill me up? Am I going to be violated by it!? Ah, no, not that……!! Anything but that! Anything but that kind of filthy feeling……!!)

But even so, there was this one feeling that would never change in her heart. Fear and aversion of being violated once more. Everything else could change, but that was something that would always remain true and unchanged.

Such thoughts, which could be called instincts, concentrated the scattered power inside of Kyouko’s body. Before she even realized it, her spiritual energy built up. Her restrained body began to change. Hair rustling and becoming harder, then splitting into nine equal parts. In the end, it managed to produce splendid nine tails. And then ——


「…… Ooohhh……!!!」

The trigger of the gun that Maki was holding onto was abruptly pulled.

「Guuh!! Guhyiiihhh!!! Nnnhhh!! Nnnhhh!! Gyiiihhh!?」

What was shot from the muzzle toward the inside of Kyouko’s pussy was something like a mass of heat. A vibrating barrel seemed to shake her whole honey pot. The thing that was shot mercilessly inside of her broke through her virgin membrane barrier. The pain that ran through her body was the pain of a maiden being deflowered anew,

「Ohhh!! Ooohhh!!! Aaahhh! I-It’s hitting! It’s hitting mmeee!!! It’s hitting me so deep inside……!!」

It was a melting pleasure.

The fired mass of heat hit the interior of her cavity. A lump that hit her cavity’s walls and would burst even further inside. She could see the slippery heat liquid spreading inside of her with her imagination. The impact turned into ecstasy and trembled across her pussy, and then even her womb. And then it slipped throughout her lower abdomen and the rest of her body. The jar of honey contracted and tightened around the gun. The filth that would spread inside of her pussy would entwined around it.

「…… Alright. It looks like your barrier is weak against physical attacks such as gunfire. But I was most certainly surprised here. It’s the first time I have seen someone get hit by a shot like that. Well, I have never seen a woman naked until today, as well. But be that as it may……」

Delighted to see Kyouko cum like that, the boy happily pulled the trigger again.

「Ohhh….. Ooohhh…… C-Cumming……!!」

Just like that, Kyouko would climax once again. A mass of heat hit her flesh walls and burst, spreading inside her womb. It was like liquid being poured inside of her with a hose. The hot liquid that spread inside permeated her fleshy mucosa. It felt so comfortable that she could not imagine being violated by something like that. For a moment, her consciousness flew away, and the demonic energy that was about to accumulate inside of her was scattered in all directions.

「Goodness gracious. Concentrate, woman! I’ll be there soon enough, so just hang in there!」

The power to support her neck and head was lost by the climax that Kyouko had gone through just now. Then the arm of the man who violated her mouth violently grabbed the hair of the female Exorcist and forced her to shake her head back and forth.

「Ngooh! Ngooh! Gooh!!」

A man’s pubic hair-covered lower abdomen hit the tip of her nose. Her throat was pierced many times, and something lukewarm gushed out from his tip and fell into Kyouko’s stomach.

(I-It hurts so much…… I-I can’t breathe properly……)

「H-Here it comes! I’m cumming! I’m going to ejaculate!」

In an instant, the man’s cock swelled up to the point of bursting. The meat tip inside of her oral cavity was opening and closing fast.


And just like that, the man shot all of his accumulated desire straight down Kyouko’s throat.

「Nguuh!? Nnnhhh!? Ooohhh! Kuhyiiih!!! Ooohhh!! Gehon! Gehon!」

Thick fluids started to spread inside of Kyouko’s mouth. The hot liquid mercilessly leaps through the mouth and down her throat. Bitterness and smell dissolved her last remains of reason. Her vision flickered. Kyouko’s body trembled violently, as if she had had a seizure just now.

「Ibueh!? Nnnhh!!」

With the juice entwined in the back of her throat, she felt like she was about to lose consciousness again. With a bang, her love juice scattered around. The surrounding men were boiling at their climaxes, just by being able to witness what happened just now.

「Ooohhh!! This result is so much different from the one that the youmas were able to give! Only a complete pervert would be able to cum as much as this so easily!」

「No, no, no! This is more of a half-demon thing rather than a seizuring person, wouldn’t you agree?」

「Hmm, I see, I see. That’s certainly true. After all, this woman is not human. She must be no different from a fox—- That is, a wild beast.」

「Hey, hey! Now! That’s rude to Kokonoe-san! Especially now that she finally started to show willingness to cooperate!」

The men started to say some completely random things. As for Kyouko who was still suffering immensely, they did not seem to care in the slightest.

(Y-You little…… S-Saying whatever… the hell that you…… want! I-I…… I am still human! As you… are……!! And……!!)

Trying to refute with the remaining sense of reason, trying to open her mouth while it was still filled with the men’s dicks. However, the man who was currently violating Kyouko’s mouth left her before she could even move.


「Gehon! Oehhe!? Gehon! Gehon!」

With her mouth being set free, Kyouko coughed violently to expel what had been poured into her. However, a new man’s meat stick was thrust in her mouth right after the previous one pulled himself out. The new penis was already painfully swollen as it pierced her throat,

「You might not believe it, but I was actually holding myself back for the sake of an experiment like this. Now then, please take it all in.」


The man’s ejaculation started immediately. His penis was slightly smaller than the previous man’s, but his ejaculation volume was almost double the amount. It flowed to the back of her throat and flooded her esophagus at once. Moreover, since the man pulled out his cock during ejaculation, she also received it all over her face.

「Ueeaah!! I…… I can’t…… anymore! Please…… let me…… rest…… a little bit……!!」

But even though Kyouko pleaded to the men to let her rest, they would not grant her wish. When she thought that one cock had finished ejaculating, a new cock was inserted into her oral cavity. And the penis immediately started ejaculating, without a moment’s delay. The purpose of the men was to investigate whether half-youmas could increase their power by drinking sperm, and they were not simply asking for some oral service. That’s why they would always break her lips and invade in the state just one step before ejaculation.

The circle of insertion, ejaculation, and extraction would thus continue for longer and longer.

(Oh…… no…… I…… escape…… can’t…… fight…… back……)

The female Exorcist, feared even by the youmas as the “Malevolent Fox”, was currently drowning in the sea of cloudy male desire.

Man juice accumulated in her mouth, clogging it full. The back of her throat and esophagus were entangled in the thick juice, and even swallowing it was painful and she was choking while being in pain.

「Ugeho! Gehon! Kahohn! Nhhaaaah!!」

Naturally, when the accumulated semen would flow backwards, Kyouko would have a violent coughing fit and would try to spit the excess amount out. The semen that leaked out from both her nostrils would then fly in the air. Of course, instead of snot, it was semen that flowed out of her nose. The area around her mouth was also a muddy mess. Her hair and coat also were all seeped through with the cloudy liquids.

「C-Can’t breathe…… d-drowning, I’m drowning……!! I-I need air…… let me breathe……! Ooh! Ooohhh!! Kuuhyiinh!?」

During this time, Maki continued to pull the trigger over and over again. A stimulus similar to the climax continued to run through Kyouko’s body with each shot.


Just like her mouth, her meat pot was also reaching its limits. Cloudy liquids erupts from her nether mouth at high pressure every time the gun would shoot. Her uterus was clenched tight and it was really painful. Each time the trigger was pulled, the heat mass hit her uterine walls, causing her whole body to tremble in shock. Her body felt really comfortable with the stimulation that felt like it would fade her consciousness to black at any moment now.

(E…… Endure…… I must endure it…… I must……! I…… I…… will not lose…… to mere…… youma…… I will…… endure this…… this humiliation…… So……!!)

Kyouko desperately tried to put the brakes on the heart that was about to fall to pieces. If she were to fall here, who would help Mikoto and Takeru? Who would bring Maki and his cronies to justice? Who would kill all the youma?

(I…… I’m the last one, so…… So I……)

Filling his heart with murderous intent, she tried to forget the pleasures and the humiliation that she was being subjected to here. However, as if to laugh at her efforts,

「There is only a little bit of semen left in the tank. Come on now, how about we empty it all in one fell swoop, hmm?」

At the same time as Maki said those words ——


A series of shots were fired in rapid succession.

「I’m breaking……!! Ooohhh!! M-My stomach! My stomach is about to burst! A-And my womb is so fuul……!!」

The trembling of the barrel of the gun disturbed her pussy, and consecutively her whole body. Her cavity walls reacted on their own and tightened around the iron mass. The edges of the gun ate into her delicate flesh, and even more, her body was shocked to its very core. The cloudy liquids accumulated in the puddle that swelled up from leaking from her pussy to the extent that it seemed to explode from the inside. The pain and pleasure pushed her body further into the clutches of pleasure. Unconsciously, Kyouko thrusted her hips toward the gun. Her bound and detained limbs trembled violently.

「Ahh, ahh…… Ahhh, noooooo……!!」

Her eyes are dyed pure white. Her strength drained from her body, and her eyes turned inside of her skull. The cloudy liquids she’s been drinking so far flowed back up her esophagus.

「Igueeeh!! Ohh! Ooh! Eeehhh!! Ibueeh! Bueeh!! Buerehheee!! Bueeehhh!!!」

While Kokonoe Kyouko was spitting copious amounts of smemen from her mouth with her eyes red with rage…… It was at this moment that the Malevolent Fox’s bladder finally gave out.


Her urethra widened and released golden water that was stored inside of it. The figure of a proud Exorcist was nowhere to be seen now.

「…… Ooohh…… Ooohh……」

What was left there was her whole body bound by the tentacles, smeared with cloudy liquids, stained with vomit, and urine dripping from her crotch.

Only so much was left of the once feared Malevolent Fox. Her pink-stained skin was wet with bodily fluids, and she shone mysteriously in the dim lights of the room. Choking odor wafting from her half-open mouth, occasional moans leaking out. The smell of female in heat that could make you choke also kept on growing in intensity.


Was it because she was almost completely unconscious? The tentacles that had suspended her body in the air were loosened up. Kyouko’s body dropped to the ground, still in her posture with her arms and legs outstretched. A gurgling sound resounded next from all of the holes in her body.


The gun that had been inserted inside of her pussy fell out of it, and cloudy fluids flowed out of her gaping cavity. Mixed with the amount that was spit out from her mouth, it was as if it was falling down in a pool of semen. Her tongue, which extends from her mouth that is close to the ground, picks up the cloudy liquid without being conscious of the action itself.

「Oh my, could it be that we actually overdid it a little bit? It would be really troublesome for our research if she broke down from all this……」

Maki scratched his head as if he really thought that it would be anything but troublesome, but Kyouko couldn’t hear him as she laid motionless on the ground like a crushed frog.

(Not…… yet…… I…… I…… can…… still……)

And yet, the Exorcist woman was not dead, and she was still not broken.

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