Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 5 Part 1

CHAPTER 5: Experiments, Experiments, and Even More Experiments……

「…… But I must say, this is really bad. I thought you were a little bit stronger than that, because you said you were a half-youma and all that.」

「So, it was always about the fox from the very beginning, huh?」

Kyouko heard someone talking. Whose voice was it? Besides, what exactly……?I

Kyoko Kokonoe opened her heavy eyelids. The inside of the room was still red and black, and it seemed that the barrier had not been lifted. A man’s legs were also visible in her field of vision. Wondering whose feet they were, she shifted her gaze from the man’s toes to his torso and head……


Seeing that it was none other than Maki, Kyouko used the opportunity that he seemed to be distracted by something and jumped him without a moment’s delay.


Did he just assume that there was no way a human who had been violated to the point of fainting would be able to move? Alas, she was able to pull him down with ease. Holding the boy’s neck with his left elbow, she cursed the other surprised staff members with her intimidating gaze.

「I…… It’s all in my blood…… I’m a half-youma after all…… So I am far stronger than you…… Haah…… Far stronger than some ordinary human……」

However, her breathing was still rough, and she could only be seen as being strong when her opponents were frightened of her. Perhaps for that reason, Maki had a relaxed smile on his lips even though he was being held down. That expression made her remember something eerie for a moment out there.

「Hmm, I see, I see —— Well, this was certainly a valuable lesson. Apparently, you are completely different from Takeru-san, even if you’re in the same state of Seizure of the Defiled. So, does that also mean that your mental fortitude is the result of you being a half-human, half-youma? Or no…… could it be that you happen to have some sort of innate resistance to pleasure to begin with?」

「Shut the fuck up!」

Kyoko yelled at Maki who started coughing because of the slow lack of oxygen. Then the boy gently called out to her: ‘There’s no need for you to be scared. Everything is going to be alright, you will see’.

「W-Why the fuck would I be scared……!?」

Even though she was trying to act tough, those words of his somehow managed to reach the deepest recesses of her heart, making her flinch, albeit just a little bit.

「You need to learn to be more honest with your feelings, you know? After all, we are partners, aren’t we?」


「Yes, that’s right. You see, I need you in order to further my research to finally eradicate all youmas from the world, Kyouko-san…… And you want to destroy all the youmas as well. If those similar goals would not make us partners, then what would they even make us in the first place?」

Maki passionately spoke his words with pure eyes. Her heart ached at the appearance of an abnormal boy, clearly twisted beyond the point of no return by now.

「…… You’re wrong…… You’re clearly crazy. That’s why… I’m going to remove the youma that did this to you. For your sake, Maki-kun……」

She did not want to see him like this for even more than necessary here. Holding the boy down, the female Exorcist tried to retrieve the ofuda talisman from the inside of her coat. She knew that she was covered from head to toe in youmas’ bodily fluids, but fortunately they did not strip her of her possessions the moment they captured her.

However ——

「Huh!? Ahh!? W-What the……!?」

Suddenly, her lower abdomen began to heat up. A feeling similar to lust and desire swelled up, and her right arm inserted into her coat’s inner pocket stopped in its tracks. Sweat started to pour out all over Kyouko’s forehead.

「…… It looks like it finally kicked into action. Thank goodness. No, you see, I was actually a little worried out there for a second. I was starting to think that this particular experiment might have ended up in failure.」

While Kyoko’s left elbow was still holding Maki’s neck in a tight lock, the boy said something utterly incomprehensible.

「An…… An experiment……!? Kuah, ahh! H-Hey! T-There’s something inside of my pussy……!?」

It was something that was akin to a poison.

There was something stuck deep inside of her pussy, sticking to her cavity walls and stirring her delicate flesh. The stimulation that sucked her sensitive part from the inside made Kyouko’s knees lose their strength. Her uterine wall trembled, and the cloudy fluid still remaining inside of her honey pot spurted out from her pussy all at once. A tremor of pleasure attacked her horny hole.

「Actually, it is a little surprise that I had planted in those semen shots that I shot inside of you earlier, Kyouko-san. I had some youmas planted in it. It’s a new kind of youma I created, and it activates after being inside a woman’s womb for a certain amount of time. I tried programming it like this, but I was not sure if it would work out at all. I’m glad to see that this experiment was also a resounding success. Alright, here we go.」

While explaining happily, Maki pushed Kyoko’s body away. Unable to resist the stimulation inside of her womb, she ended up rolling clumsily onto the floor. She fell on her back on the floor and jerked her hips frantically.

「But even so, it’s really rude for you to claim that I am possessed by a youma. You of all people should know that there are things that can be said in the open, and that there are things that are better left unsaid, Kyouko-san…… Or could it be that it is because you are a half-youma? Is that why humanity’s common sense is such a difficult concept for you to grasp? Yes, that’s a good hypothesis, if I do say so myself. Say, does that mean that the youmas’ common sense adheres better to you, Kyouko-san?」

Maki stood up and asked Kyouko a question while wiping the dust off of his clothes. The content of that question was of course humiliating for the female Exorcist. She had no way of understanding the mind of a youma, nor did she want to do so.

「I…… I am…… a h-human…… a normal…… person……」

「…… Oh? But didn’t you say so yourself? That you are a half-youma?」

Hearing Maki’s mocking tone of voice, the other staff members laughed as if they had heard a great joke.

「Can you really say that a woman who gets her pussy so wet like this after having it violated by youmas can be considered a normal human being?」

While saying something like that, one of the staff members pressed his toe against her horny hole. Then, once he lodged it firmly inside of her, he started to squeeze it while moving his toe about. The best leather shoe sunk into Kyouko’s flesh hole with ease. Her pussy would also make a loud and wet noise as it expanded suddenly.

「Kaah! Ahh! N-Noo! Don’t! Kahhah! Kaaah! Haaah! 」

Even though it was the lower half of her body that was being violated, she felt like she was going to choke at any moment right now. Her pupils dilated and her tongue straightened out.

This was not the way in which you should treat a fellow human being. It was not an over exaggeration to say that right now Kyouko was treated even worse than a livestock, and a tremendous feeling of both humiliation and anger started to well up inside of her. But that did not mean that she should just give up and stop resisting altogether.

(I-I cannot allow myself to be swept away by something like this……! Q-Quick! The talisman! I need to use the talisman, and……!)

Unlike earlier, her body was not restrained this time around. She could move freely if she wanted to. So she tried to somehow pull out the ofuda talisman from the inside of her coat once more.


「Nhyah!? Nuh!? Auah!? Nhaah!? Ahyaah!? Stop it! Stop… iiittt……!!」

However, as if sensing her movement and intentions, the youmas inside of her womb pressed hard against her cervix. A large amount of horny juices splashed out of her at that moment, as the youmas crawled their way through her pussy as if to block her movements. Her flesh was hot and burning up, as if about to burst in flames at a moment’s notice. Recalling the memory of her own humiliation, her body’s resistance to pleasure has become abnormally low.

Inside and outside of her womb, inside and outside. Two stimuli jumped through Kyouko’s body. She raised her voice with anger as if trying to resist that way, but was mixed with joy by the pleasure that was implemented upon her at this very moment.

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