Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 5 Part 2

Every time the man’s toes would be inserted into her and removed like a piston movement, flashing ecstasy would attack her body. She reflexively extended her arm, which was trying to retrieve the ofuda talisman, and thrusted her hand into her floor. Her fingers sunk into the floor as if it was some sort of supple internal organs. She had a similar creepy feeling as if she was sticking her hand through a rotting pile of garbage.

「Ah, please don’t damage the floor too much, if you would. Also, Yamashita-san. Your method is a little too rough for my liking. Kyouko-san is after all our dear collaborator and partner here.」

「Huh…..? Ah, I’m…… I’m sorry……」

At Maki’s misleading words, the staff member who had been tormenting Kyouko with his foot (his name was apparently Yamashita) suddenly became weary and lowered his head while thrusting his legs back. He then completely removed it from anywhere near Kyouko.

「Oh, oooh, ooohhhh……! Ooohh, ooohhh……!!」

Caught in the pleasure of the leather shoe, Kyouko’s insides were still overly sensitive. At the same time, more and more of her own lewd juices overflowed from her. What followed was some caterpillar-like looking youma that emerged from inside of her. There were about ten to twenty of them in total. Even though she said that much has leaked out, she didn’t feel like there’s been any less youmas inside of her womb.

How many of those youmas were actually inserted inside of her? She felt a wave of fear creeping its way all over her body when that realization hit her. At the same time, frustration at the loss of a source of pleasure was born somewhere inside of her. They were only inserted for a short time, and even though she should have felt nothing but humiliation for something like that, such as being violated by someone else’s feet, her body already remembered that it was good and felt unsatisfactory now. Her body screamed that normal stimulation would no longer be enough for her to feel satisfied.

(D-Don’t! Don’t even think about it! Just don’t….. think about it, and everything…… will be…… will be……)

She would tell that to herself over and over again, that her body had betrayed her heart and started sticking its hips out toward the men, and that it was not her fault. Her waist swayed as if inviting the males to partake in her. Her pussy felt so unbearably hot. Little by little, her instincts started to burn away at her.

Whether it was going to be someone’s feet or a youma, she wanted them to poke her deep inside. Her heart, which was dominated by overwhelming lust, writhed and went crazy.

But the men would do nothing to her. All they were doing was staring at Kyouko, who was rolling on the floor and dancing lewdly. There was no expression on their faces, and their gazes were cold as if they were directing it at an experimental animal.

(Huh? What? Why, what’s happening?)

Along with the embarrassment of being seen acting so sloppy and foolishly, the question arose inside of her as to why they would not do anything to her. She looked at Maki like an abandoned puppy. Then the boy smiled broadly,

「It should be about time now, huh?」

And just as he was saying that……

「It should be about time? Time for what, exactly? What are you…… Ugh……!?」

That’s when the sudden change happened.

The lewd bug-like youmas, which until now were just crawling around the inside of Kyouko’s pussy, suddenly stopped moving and suddenly began to swell up at a rapid pace.

「H-Huh!? What!? M-My stomach…… O-Ooohhh!!! Ooohhh……~~!!」

Dozens, if not hundreds of small youmas could be felt clogging up her insides, and her stomach would feel like it was about to explode and she was suddenly in a world of excruciating pain. The plump youmas ate into her fleshy walls, pressing on her uterus, the intestinal tract, and anything they could possibly press against.


「Aaahh!! I-I’m peeing! I’m peeing again! I can’t stop myself from peeing!! Nuoooaah!? Oooh!! Aaahh!! Ahh! Ahh!」

Just like that, Kyouko once again lost control over her bladder and wetted herself. The pleasure of urinating was mixed with the pain inside of her pussy, that resembled constipation to some extent. Naturally, her lower abdomen was feeling quite full, and she ended up tightening her bulging flesh walls without even realizing that fact.

She could feel the small bug-like youmas ramapging inside of her, while on their way out of her warm and sticky insides. And when she finally felt as though the pressure on her pussy was too much and that she would be unable to withstand it anymore,

「It’s coming! Nnnhhh! It’s coming out! It’s coming out! Nhaah!!」


The youmas were ejected outside of her vagina while making a loud and vulgar sound. The youmas overflowing from the tattered and obscene hole were plump like ping-pong balls. Her love juice that was entwined with their slime stretched in a lascivious thread between her gaping privates and the youmas that were expelled from her.

「Ooohh!! M-More! There’s more coming out! Nghyiih! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!」

From the side, this scene looked as though Kyouko was laying eggs. While expanding her cavity, the sensation of things being discharged from her insides gave Kyouko a pleasure similar to that of expelling excrements. The feeling of oppression that blocked her cavity disappeared, and her body was enveloped in a refreshing feeling of liberation. Her comfort made her feel even hotter. She was hot all over as if only her honeypot had become a different creature.

Her sense of reason was paralyzed, and she began to breathe in a fatigued and ragged way at the same time. More, she wanted more…… Her instincts mysteriously tempted her to release all of the stuff that might have been accumulated inside of her. But,

「Ah, you can’t do that, letting them all out. That’s not going to be much of an experiment, you know?」

Maki said that with a troubled look on his face. He silently instructed the staff members with his eyes. At the instruction of the young boy, the staff members raised their heads, picked up the youmas that had fallen out of Kyouko’s body and pushed them back inside.

「Nuoooah!? C-Can’t breathe! It hurts! N-No, stop it! Stop it, please! I said stop it!」

Her wet and dirty pussy was once again clogged full of youmas. The youmas that were about to be discharged were pushed back inside of her, and her cervix opened its mouth. During that time, the youmas inside of her pussy continued to swell, and her lower abdomen swelled out into a round shape. The sense of liberation she felt earlier disappeared like a lie or a bad dream. A foreign object was buried deeo inside of her womb, and it caused her to feel as though she was about to suffocate. The pain was so great that she unintentionally let out a pleading cry.


But the men did not stop. While remaining completely expressionless, they engaged in the work of inserting the spilled youmas back inside of Kyouko, not saying a word or even exchanging grimaces with one another. One, two, three……how many youmas were re-inserted into her like that? It hurt so much that her lower abdomen would spasm because of it. Eventually, her honey pot became so full that no matter how hard she tried, there was nothing that she could do to stop whatever it was that was happening to her.

「Ooohhh!!! Aaahhh!!! Nooooo!! M-My stomach……!! My stomach is……!! It’s expanding so much!!!」

Kyouko’s consciousness became really clouded. The pain and the pleasure she felt even though she shouldn’t have liked it made her feel like she would pass out if she let her guard down even just a little bit.

「Oh! That’s amazing! Just look at your stomach! It’s twitching so much! Now that’s certainly an interesting reaction!」

Maki approached Kyouko and put his hand on Kyoko’s stomach and praised her. Then he started to speak more to himself rather than to anyone else in particular: “I wonder if it would grow even more if we were to give it a little push like that?” and then he mercilessly squeezed Kyouko’s bloated stomach.

「Nuooohhh!! Ooohh!! Oohh!! Aaahh!!!」

Screaming like a wild beast, Kyouko stretched out the tips of her toes and fingers. Her whole body bounced about like a spring.

(Uwaaahhh! Dying! I’m dying! I’m going to die! At this rate…… I’m really going to…… die……!!)

「Oh my, could it be that you think that you are about to die from the pain? No need to worry about that. True, if you were a normal human being, you would have died long ago. But look, you are still alive, Kyouko-san. In other words…… This means that your youma side managed to outmatch your human side. So you don’t have to worry about such a thing as dying anytime soon. Besides…… it is about time.」

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