Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 5 Part 5

She was then quickly grabbed up front, behind her back, handed to her side and lifted up. And once her coat was taken away from her, the only thing that was covering her small body was the inner layer of her clothes, and that was also quickly removed from her body.

「Ooohhh!! Look! Her boobs are so flat right now! Those big boobs look so miserable that I can’t stop laughing!」

Some of the men laughed together, and others just looked at her with staggered expressions. Just as the man said, her well-shaped bust had turned into a tragic state. A flat plain was spreading out in front of the researchers to see.

「There is no constriction in her hips and her behind is also flat. It’s a perfect baby figure. Hahaha… This is bad, this one is way too much fun! If I’m in front of such a little girl, I, I…… Ekhem! Yes, study! We need to investigate this creature further……」

「You idiot! and you still consider yourself to be a proud member of the Youma Research Institute? With that attitude?」

The men would then talk selfishly amongst themselves. The girl’s flushed face turned bright pink due to the irresponsible evaluation of her body that they were doing.

「D-Don’t! Don’t look at me! Please, don’t look at me! N-Noo! No! Please!!!」

She let out a lisp voice that she could not believe that it was her own. The way she shook her head reluctantly, coupled with her current appearance, was truly childlike. Innocence remained in her expression, and the exposed nipples were also close to white in color rather than being healthy pink. Her skin was also transparent white and fresh. She swung his legs while being lifted up, but even that was an act like a child who just could not help herself to throw a temper tantrum, and it ended up pleasing to the eyes of men. Her genitals, which could be seen by shaking her legs, were slightly immature and unlikely to be able to welcome a man anytime soon. However, the secretion of love juice continued just like that, and the pink secret part was slightly wet and glittering.

「But I must say, the body of the half-youma is a really interesting thing to behold…… It’s the worst thing to think about, but I can understand a little of the feelings of the youmas who managed to capture and violate you…… Because you just look the part that makes others want to bully you, you know?」

Hearing something like that being said to her, Kyouko could not help it but to remember the painful memories of her past. And once they started to flood her heart, it did not stop.

(T-This is the same situation as back then…… Why did I even become a youma Exorcist to begin with? The youmas…… wasn’t it so that I could kill all the youmas?)

The image of the Nine-Tailed Fox came to her mind. For Kyoko, he was her real father and the most hated youma of them all. A powerful murderous intent then rose up inside of her. She could never die in a place like this. Not before she would have her revenge!

However, her newly found resolution did not improve her situation at all. On the contrary, it was steadily deteriorating. A shrinking body and an enlarged penis. A painfully erect meat stick hit her lower abdomen many times. Occasionally, an amused staff flicked the tip of her flesh with their fingers, and,

「Okkyuuh!? Hyaah!?」


A small ejaculation would cause Kyouko to let out a really sloppy voice. Her flying semen stuck to her cheeks and the feeling of her own fluids defiling her was extremely unpleasant. The smell of sticky semen reached her nose and almost made her choke.

「Ooohh! Look! She’s ejaculating her stinky semen! But watch out so that you won’t let out more of it! You might actually die!」

While laughing, the men have stimulated her meat stick one after another. People were flicking it with their fingers, stroking its glans, and rubbing it all over —— the content varied, but all of these stimuli could prove fatal to Kyouko as she was right now.

「Kuooohhh!!! ooohh! Hood! C-Cumming! It’s cumming out! Nuooohhh!!! Haaah! Kuuh!!!」

Thanks to all of that hard stimulation, Kyouko’s urethra was opening up and closing in a steady rhythm. She could feel something like hot magma accumulating in her lower abdomen and trying to blow up towards the outlet at the end of her flesh. If she would lose her mind even for a moment here, she felt like the ejaculation that would occur would be her very last one.

(A-At this rate I…… I……!!)

The fear of death approached her as it was becoming more and more real by the second. Even so, her body was delighted, and she desperately shook her hips back and forth while being held by the men. She voluntarily acted like she was pushing her meat towards the men’s palms. Tears were coming out of her eyes one by one when she realzied just how pitiful her behavior really was right now.

It was so painful. She just wanted it all to finally stop. She wanted someone to save her.

「Oh, if it’s salvation that you seek, then I can give it to you, no problem. But, you know, that way might actually hurt your pride greatly, Kyouko-san. That’s why I won’t do anything unless you ask me to do it. What do you think? Do you want me to help you?」

Maki’s breath blew on her soft ear. That alone made her body tremble sweetly.

「If you ask me to help you, I will gladly do so with all of my power and knowledge, Kyouko-san. But if you don’t like it, it can’t be helped. I will ask you to be a noble sacrifice to destroy all of the youmas of this world.」

Those words sounded so inviting and so sweet. For Kyouko, it was a sweet talk that almost broke her spirit into tiny little pieces. However, it was Maki who was saying that, so it was probably something really harrowing, and there was no way for Kyouko to be sure if he was actually telling the truth here. Bowing to him now was synonymous with bowing to a youma. Bowing her head down to the most hated thing in the entire world was not something that Kyouko would allow herself to do, no matter what..

(…… But thenbut what else can I do?)

Her meat stick was getting close to its limit. It was in a state where it would not be strange for it to ejaculate at any time now. And even if she would somehow endure it all, the only thing that awaited her afterwards would be death. Kyouko’s body was in a place where she could no longer return to how she used to be.

(I, I……)

Her clitoris was now the side of a grown man’s arm. The juices that were sticking to her glans were smeared all over her stem.

「Guhyeeh!? Ooohh!! D-Don’t! Stop! Stop it! I’m telling you……!!」

「For you to be able to feel it so much…… Don’t try to put up with it, Kyouko-san. You have friends like the Shiratori sisters, after all. So don’t waste your precious life on being stubborn. Just ask the Director for help and be done with it.」

Her merciless treatment and the scolding of the staff members made her conscious of it even more. Especially that ‘Shiratori sisters’ part that stung her heart very much. She was sure that they were being violated in some other room by now. How frightened must they be? Being violated and played with by filthy youmas like that?

(T-That’s right… I can’t die here. I just can’t die. That’s why I can’t help it. It cannot be helped…… After all, how else am I supposed to save those two?)

There was only her…… Only Kyouko could save the Shiratori sisters.

And so Kokonoe Kyouko turned her gaze towards the boy while repeating that simple explanation in her mind. She would never yield to youmas. She would do whatever it takes if it meant getting the world rid of them for good. And that is why ——

「P-Please, I beg of you…… I, I, I…… I don’t want to die……」

Combined with the appearance of a child, it looked like a real little girl bowing her head and pleading to her parents. She wallowed in despair as her tears continued to flow from her eyes.

「It’s okay, Kyouko-san. Everything is going to be just fine. You can leave everything to me.」

That’s right, the sight of Maki stroking her head with his mouth all smiling made him look more reliable than anyone else in here in Kyouko’s eyes.


「T-This is……? Are you absolutely sure that this is the thing that is going to save me?」

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