Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 6 Part 2

「Uwah! That stinks! and it’s really nasty! Please, stop doing that, why don’t you?」

While using a blatant expression like that, the boy did not do anything else against Kyouko, who blushed with shame, and then he continued to insert the foreign object further into her insides.

「Kahaah!! Ooohhh!! Ooohh! Ohhhoooh!!!」

It was not the first time that a foreign object was inserted into Kyouko’s anus. When she was young, she had that hole fully developed and trained by the youmas as an erogenous zone. Even the act of excreting was able to give her some extent of pleasure, just about enough to make it feel extra lewd. Perhaps the obscene hole remembered the pleasure of having foreign objects inserted inside of it, for it was actively stretching with each weave and began to welcome the new thing entering it with enthusiasm. It would seem that right about now Kyouko’s own body

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