Inyouchuu Gaiden Chapter 6 Part 3

In an instant, Kyouko’s body trembled to an abnormal degree. Her rationality was burned to a crisp, and the female Exorcist reached her orgasm effortlessly. Her flesh walls shrunk and tightened around the erect penis inside of her cavity. She could clearly see the shape of the cock through her walls, too. The piercing movement of the man’s penis shook her flesh and spread around the female Exorcist’s whole body. The jar of honey narrowed further, feeling as if an electric current was flowing through it without stopping. She tightened around it as if her insides were trying to twist it off of the man’s body.

「A-Amazing! I-I can’t! Cumming!」


Just like that, the man has quickly reached his orgasm. A bunch of cloudy liquid squeezed out from the tip of his dick, and it was shot towards the inner recesses of Kyouko’s pussy. Hot and

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