Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 2 Part 1




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Chapter 2: Sound Eating Stone


The next day ––––.

[So you amplified the purification spell with the Lightning element to clear all of the ghosts at once?]

The first thing Mikoto and Sui did after going back to the inn in the morning was to report to Shiratori Takeru. At first she had her doubts whether or not assign this job to them, since Mikoto was bad with ghosts and Sui was just an apprentice, but ultimately she gave in to their pleas.

They were currently renting a single room in a small seaside inn “Oiso”.

And even though Mikoto was trembling in fear during the whole duration of the job, she was now sticking out her chest with pride, boasting non-stop about their deeds last night.

[It was actually Sui’s idea to place the talismans in the key points of the building as to lure the ghosts out in the open, and then thanks to my lightning we managed to get rid of them all at once…… Hm? What’s wrong, Takeru? Do you have a headache or something?]

[As if. Ghosts are not youmas, they are far more delicate spiritual beings! What would you do if you failed to exorcise them properly and only angered them? Or if you ended up dying in a really stupid way?]

Takeru scratched her head while her eyes were gleaming with cold light from behind her glasses. She was glaring at both Mikoto and Sui, looking visibly displeased.

[B, but…… I thought if Mikoto-chan was with me, then……]

[It’s hard for me to believe that Mikoto, the first Ghost-hater in our Brigade, was the one who did all of the work during this job. I would be more willing to believe that she was crying and lamenting all the time while clinging to your back, isn’t that right, Sui?]

While saying that, Takeru pointed her finger at Mikoto as the red-headed girl’s cheeks blushed furiously. Mikoto wanted to open her mouth and say something back at her little sister, but one glare from Takeru made her stop that. She wasn’t able to talk back to her.

Because Mikoto and Takeru were twin sisters, they knew each other well, their strong points as well as their weaknesses. They were usually pretty laid back with one another, but right now Takeru’s glare was so sharp that you could cut things with it. If Mikoto tried to talk back to her it would only backfire for her, earning even worse scolding for herself.

And thinking about it calmly, it was exactly as Takeru said. Sui was still but an apprentice, so it was Mikoto’s duty to protect her. But yesterday she was just cowering behind Sui’s back, unable to do anything. If some ghosts really wanted to attack them, there would be nothing that they could do about them.

Worst case scenario, Mikoto could even run away, leaving Sui behind by herself.

(That’s right…… It wasn’t just me, Sui’s life was also in my hands there.)

So even if Mikoto wanted to talk back to angry Takeru, she was unable to do that. She could only hang her head in shame.

[…… I’m sorry.]

And she did just that.

But sensing this tense atmosphere, Sui,

(W, what should I do, what should I do, what should I do……!?)

Sui was feeling rather uncomfortable for the moment. Takeru has a strong sense of justice and responsibility, so if someone did something bad she was going to be utterly merciless with them, whether it was her own twin sister or a complete outsider. For Sui, such a heavy atmosphere was utterly unbearable.

[Umm, I was also the one who did bad, so……]

Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore.

[I was the one who came up with method, thinking it would really let us get the job done quicker. Really, I swear! So please, don’t be mad with Mikoto-chan, Takeru-chan!]

[It’s okay, Sui. You don’t really have to try to cover for this stupid older sister of mine!]

Seeing that Sui was on the verge of tears, Takeru smiled brightly at her, and when she went back to focus her attention on Mikoto her stare has become ice-cold again.

[Please remind me, who was it that said we should wrap this job up as soon as possible so that we can play to our hearts’ content? That this beach looked simply gorgeous?]

[You’ve seen it as well, Takeru!? It’s simply wonderful, isn’t it!?]

Mikoto’s face suddenly lit up as she leaped closer to Takeru and took her hands in her own, shaking them vigorously. Sui, who was worried that Mikoto seemed to be so severely depressed, had a rather hard time with keeping up with that sudden change of hers.

[Beach with pure white sand! Surrounded with palm trees! Huge rocks on the horizon! The crystal-clear sea water! This doesn’t even look like Japan in here! No wonder someone wants to build a hotel in here!]

[There is no hotel in here yet, so the beach is pretty much deserted. Oh well, I guess it cannot really be helped.]

Sui continued to feel at a loss, seeing just how fast the sisters were to made up. Also, for some reason or another, both of them started to take off their clothes right in front of dumbfounded Sui.


The milky-white breasts of both girls bounce vigorously, as if competing which pair had the more beautiful and rounded shape. The image was then completed with slim waists, tight buttocks and thick thighs, making both Mikoto and Takeru look like some foreign goddesses.

[W, w, w, why are you changing your clothes in here like that!?]

[Why here? Because there are no beach houses on the shore and no changing rooms either.]

Both Mikoto and Takeru changed into their respective swimsuits in the blink of an eye. Mikoto chose a white bikini with cute pink borders. The cups of her top were triangular in shape but were so small that they were able to only contain about half of her breasts inside of them, making other half spill out. Her smooth skin was all shiny with sweat.

[You should change into your swimsuit as well, Sui. There is a typhoon coming this way soon, so today is the only chance we might get to fool around.]

Takeru’s swimsuit was even bolder than her older sister, even though her body wasn’t as spectacular as hers. The top was basically two stripes of clothing, thing enough to only cover her nipples and bare minimum of breasts. Her bottom looked almost like a couple of strings tied together, hiding only the most crucial parts of her body. While she was wearing her uniform she was surrounded with a cool and composed aura, almost like that of a boy’s, but right about now she was giving the feeling of a mature and experienced woman. Even Sui, who was also a girl, found herself being totally captivated by Takeru’s aura, making her cheeks blush intensely.

(T, that’s the twins for you…… They are definitely twins alright……)

Sui remembered that before coming here the two of them were constantly nagging her if she brought her swimsuit with her. Truth to be told, the moment Shiratori sisters heard they were going on an island that was used as a tourist resort, they had this idea in their heads about having some fun on the beach all by themselves. Thanks to their different looks and personalities it was easy to forget that they were sisters, but their thinking processes must have been the same.

[What are you doing, Sui?]


[You did bring one, right? Your swimsuit? Then hurry it up and change into it already!]

When they packed sun oil bottles and beach towels into their bags, they watched Sui with astonishment, waiting for her to get ready as well.

[B, but…… I need to change here……!?]

Sui shriek in panic while her face became bright-red with embarrassment. Unlike Mikoto and Takeru, who had bodies like take straight out of manga or paintings and confidence to expose them accordingly, Sui had little to no confidence in herself.

Sui looks down on her body…… Her silhouette was not as slim as that of Shiratori sisters, and she was plumper than them. Her skin was as fair and spotless as theirs, but her upper arms were flabbier, her hips were wide, her butt soft and tender, and her thighs were rather thick.

In Sui’s eyes she had a whole lot to worry about, but in reality her figure was on par with that of Mikoto and Takeru’s. Her limbs were slender and she had just the right amount of body fat. As for her breasts, they were even larger than those of Mikoto and better shaped than Takeru’s. She was always thinking that her butt was way too big, but it was peach-shaped just like that of a model’s, because of which she was always the target for perverts and gropers on crowded trains.

Her black hair were silky-smooth and glossy, her dark eyes were seductive and watery, and her lips were like two flower petals. Combining that with her gentle personality, she was even more popular than Shiratori sisters combined. Half of that popularity was coming from her body, but still……

(Uh, ugh, maybe I should really go on a diet……?)




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