Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 2 Part 3




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Suddenly, there was something that grabbed Sui by the ankle, and began to climb its way up her inner thighs towards her crotch. Sui wanted to stand up in shock ang get away, but that something managed to hold her in place and bring her down, causing her to fall and hurt her butt in the process.


Sui could feel her whole body hair standing straight upon seeing what that something grabbing her by the ankle was.

It was similar to a sea slug, but at the same time it was different.

That aura, that smell. There’s no doubt about it –– It was a youma.

In but a single instant, there were countless youmas surrounding Sui. Barnacles clinging to rocks, stone formations sticking out of the ground, sea anemones swirling in the shallow pools of water, they all at once responded to the presence of new liquid source, discarding their camouflage, breaking their shells and releasing their tentacles all at once.

(Y, youmas!? But aren’t they supposed to be nocturnal!?)

That’s what Takeru said one time. That youmas hunt for their pray under the cover of night and that is why their extermination is done mostly during nighttime. There were some cases when they were sighted during daytime, but when affected by the sunlight their powers were considerably weaker, hence they would usually try to avoid making contact with humans and Exorcists. For Sui it was the first time to actually witness them during the day.

(Stupid! Stupid, stupid, stupid! I’m so stupid!)

Sui was yet to be nominated as a fully-fledged Exorcist. For the time being, she was nothing more but an apprentice. And now she was in serious trouble. She was unable to do anything on her own. She couldn’t fight back without the help of talismans or amulets, and without the Shiratori sisters by her side she was unsure of what to do.

The fact that she was just a powerless girl to those youmas hit Sui hard, like a sledgehammer right to the back of her head. Instantly her heart was being filled with despair.

The sea slugs and sea anemones crawl their way towards Sui, sucking in the surrounding moisture like sponges, swelling and growing in size.

[N…… No, please…… Don’t……]

Sui wanted to scream for them to stop, but no voice was released from her throat.

Due to the fact that all of her strength has left her waist, her legs were still spread about. There was still a golden string of urine coming out of her crotch and dripping onto the ground, guiding the youma towards it. A slightly sour smell was hanging in the air.

Bathing in Sui’s urine, the sea slugs shook their tentacles and swelled to a double their original size. Their backs covered in purple and green spots and they moved their flicker around, trying to locate the source of the precious liquid.

Lewdly swelling youma crawl towards Sui ever so closer, inviting themselves right in between her open legs. There were also creatures that looked like normal slimes, but instead of the domes on their back they were carrying fleshy appendixes that looked exactly like female genitalia, trying to stick to Sui’s thighs and butt.

[I, I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry! I didn’t wanted to pollute your beautiful sea with my pee!]

Shook with fear and panic, Sui began to apologize to the surrounding youmas. But they wouldn’t even listen to her pleas, since those monsters were feeding off of human negative emotions like fear and despair. The sea slugs stretch their tentacles growing out of their heads and begin feeling Sui up with them.


Having her body tickled by wet and slimy tentacles, Sui lets out a short shriek. The tentacles wrapped themselves around her arms as well, looking like huge and veiny ovaries. Acting just like human fingers, they squeeze her plump body as they approach her chest, covering every inch of her skin with their slimy secretions.

[Kuh…… Uugh!?]

Their hot liquids felt really pleasant against her skin, chilled from playing around in the sea so much. Their tentacles felt like tongues dancing against her soft skin, as they manipulated their way under the swimsuit around her breasts, touching them directly with their tips, causing sweet pleasure to spread across her breasts.


The shoulder straps of her swimsuit were torn apart and the cups around her breasts fell off, releasing Sui’s breasts from the constraints of her swimsuits, making them bonce in the warm summer sunshine.

Even though her face was still like that of a child, her breasts were already more than mature enough. Her skin was still soft and filled with youthful springiness, and even though they were so big gravity wasn’t affecting them in the slightest. Her nipples were also on the larger side, looking like acorns in the color of the fine red wine. In response to the stimulation they got even larger, protruding happily in the direction of the sky above.

[T, this is…….!]

Sui tried to cover her breasts with her hands reflexively, but she was unable to do that because of the tentacles that were holding her hands firmly in place. She was then brought to the ground and her hips were lifted into the air, completely exposing her pink pussy. A good number of sea slugs began to climb her thighs towards her pussy, and even though she tried to shake them off they were still firmly sticking to her skin.

(N, no, no, please don’t!)

Youmas warm bellies felt just like human tongues against Sui’s skin, and the way they were stuck on her felt just like suction cups. SUCK, SUCK, they continued their way all over Sui’s body, spreading the pleasure all over her.

Overcome with fear and shame, tears began to fill Suu’s eyes. At the same time the sea slugs were creeping ever so closer towards her pussy and raised their heads. A sharp current suddenly ran through Sui’s spine.

Her slit was suddenly pushed to the sides, her most precious place laid bare. A number of tentacles reached out towards Sui’s privates, dripping with liquids.

[N…… No, no…… Stop!]

The tentacle tips approached Sui’s pussy, forcing a sharp scream out of her mouth. Even though she was doing her best to try to shake them off of her, they were firmly sticking to her body, not intending to let go of her thighs and stomach.

(N, no, I don’t want it…… Please, save me…… Yamato-chan!)

The thought of her dear childhood friend almost tore Sui’s hear to shreds.

She was in the exact same situation as this once before. In her previous school she was attacked by youmas and was about to lose her innocence. But before that could happen, Yamato and his friends appeared and saved her. But ––––

There was no Tachibana Yamato on this island.

No matter how much Sui screams for help, no one was going to save her.

BOUNCE, BOUNCE, the sea slugs crawl all over Sui’s naked breasts, while the tentacles around her arms continue to smear her in their lewd liquids. Both the tentacles around Sui’s pussy and her breasts approach Sui’s precious places, sensing the weirdest sensations throughout her body.

[Uhh, uhh, nnh……!!!]

The sea slugs continue to caress the delicate and milky-white skin on her stomach. The way they were moving felt as if she was being massaged by a little baby whose small hands were all wet and sticky. Sui was aware of the fact that youmas secretions were containing a highly potent aphrodisiac. Despite her trembling with fear and shame, she could already feel her body beginning to tremble for an entirely different reason, as sweet shocks continued to resonate alongside her spine.

(It doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t feel good……!!!)

Sui closed her eyes and tried her best against the rising obscene pleasure she was feeling.

[Naah!? Ahh……!!]

Her flesh petals spread wide open, she could feel the brushes of fresh air against her delicate insides.

The youmas’ tentacles crowded around Sui’s nether mouth, cooperating in spreading them open even further and trying to break in.

As the tentacles assault her, warm summer sun shines on her pussy’s lips. Sui’s insides were very sensitive, and even the gentle sea breeze was enough to send waves of electric currents throughout her abdomen, causing her to convulse strongly. And the youmas could easily tell that their assault was working. Sensing that the time was about right, the sea slugs combine their tentacles into one huge cluster and try to enter inside of Sui.

[Don’t look! Please, don’t look!]

Sui whole body stiffened, yet she still struggled to break free of youma’s hold. However, her struggles and screams only served to draw the attention of even more youmas.

The barnacles on the rocks split their shells open, and multiple of small tentacles shot out from inside of them. They dived straight inside of Sui’s swimsuit, groping her body all over.




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