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Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 2 Part 4




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



The sea slugs keep on crowding around Sui’s pussy. The tentacles dive inside of Sui’s swimsuit, wiggling around like crazy and pressing against her soft and springy skin.

[No, stop…… Please, hyah!?]

A sharp pain runs through Sui’s clitoris, causing her to shriek and gasp for breath. Every time her stiff bean was struck by the tentacles, hot masses of pleasure were surging throughout her body, robbing her of all strength.

Her clitoris swelled and grew under the intense stimulation, and every single stroke was making her mind go blank, and she thought she might go crazy from it at any moment.

[Kuh…… Fuh, ugh……!!!]

Frightened by the sensations that were rocking her whole body, Sui bites her lips and shakes her hips, unable to stop herself.


When her nipples get fresh air brushed against them, a sharp pain runs through her chest. Stop, please stop, she couldn’t say that, but her eyes filled with tears while trying to communicate that to the youmas.

[Ahh! Hyah!? Aaahhh!?]

There were needles being pierced through her nipples at this very moment. Except they weren’t really needles, but a long and thin tentacles piercing through Sui’s chest. And there wasn’t only one or two of them. There was a dozen of tentacles like that trying to spread Sui’s nipples open and dive straight inside of them.

[Noo, Noooooo!!!]

As the fear, despair and disgust all reached their peak, Sui began to thrash about like a little child, wanting to break free. Her boobs shook and swayed up, down and to the sides while the tentacles played with them to their hearts content.

But even though Sui was struggling, the thin tentacles were unrelenting. Drilling their way all over Sui’s nipples, they eventually managed to spread them open wide enough to start squeezing their way inside of her mammary glands.

[Hyii……!? Ugh, nnh!?]

Sui felt a vivid sensation throughout her nipples when they got violated, and a wave of pleasure surged throughout her breasts. The youmas’ tentacles enter her breasts and spread around them, causing Sui to feel weird at the same time. The strange currents would not stop to flow throughout her breasts.

[Stop it, stop…… Stop it!!!! Eeehh!?]

Sui’s hands were held back by the tentacles in firm grasp, so she was unable to stop them from assaulting her and could only fall victim to the spreading pleasure.


Feeling the tentacles touch her sensitive skin, Sui twitched and spasm all over. Her breasts distorted from the tentacles ravaging her insides, her erect nipples were full of numbing pain.

But that pain quickly began to disappear, turned into pleasure by the aphrodisiac covering the youmas’ tentacles.

[Ugh, nnh, aah, don’t, dooon’t!!!]

Provoked by the impure pleasure, Sui’s hands begin to move against her will. The pleasure seemed to rob her of every last ounce of reason she had left. With skillful movements of her slim fingers, she began to massage and knead her breasts. And while she was busy pleasuring her bust, the sea slugs surrounding her clitoris intensified their assault over there as well, causing Sui to leak out hot and embarrassing moans.

(N, no, this thing can’t be possibly……)

And even though she kept on thinking like that, her hands were not stopping and her hips kept on shaking with pleasure.

There was no way for her to stop pleasuring herself now.

Each time Sui’s hands squeezed her breasts there was this sweet sensation raising deep inside of her. And each time she rubbed against her nipples she felt a current travelling from her hips all the way towards her brain alongside her spine, feeling as though a lightning struck her.

[Fuh, haah…… Uugh!? Aah, don’t…… This is, aagh, please……!]

The white and slimy tentacles climb their way through Sui’s inner thighs and hips, trying to reach their way towards the backside of her lower body. It seems that the youmas were not satisfied with just Sui’s breasts, and were now trying to take her virginity as well.

[Don’t, don’t…… Not there, please! Anything but there, aagh!]

Upon seeing this, Sui somehow managed to muster enough strength to move one of her hands towards her crotch.

Sui could feel sparks of lust flying all over her abdomen area.

Her most precious part wasn’t like it normally was, shut and peaceful, but the place which held her innocence was now twitching and gaping, ridden with drops of thick nectar.

[Aaahh, uuuhhh, hyaah, nnh!]

A tremendous current of pleasure runs through Sui’s privates, a current strong enough to make her convulse uncontrollably. She rolls her eyes and thrashes about, wanting to scream from the pleasure. But alas, she was unable to draw her voice. The same kind of tentacles that applied the aphrodisiac to Sui’s breasts were now present between her legs, doing their work there as well, adamant on seeing their job through to the end. They also coated her clitoris in their secretions, causing Sui to thrash her head about as if she was losing her mind.

(S, so hot! M, my pussy! It feels as though it is on fire! Ngaah!?)

Sui could feel intense waves of pleasure reverberating across her virgin insides. Sui never knew how it was to be with a man, and yet her insides were producing so much love honey that it was starting to overflow from inside of her. Wet with her own secretions, her insides shine brightly in the summer sun.

[N, no…… Nooo……!!!]

Her moans became sweet rather than painful.

Sui’s eyes were getting wet with hot tears. Her lips vibrate like mad. Her cheeks were dyed deep, indecent crimson. The depths of her belly felt burning hot.

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Her insides twitched and contracted violently.

She wanted them. She wanted those thick tentacles to insert themselves inside of her and ravish her silly. At that moment thick veil of lust clouded Sui’s mind, shredding her reason and shame into oblivion.

[Light up!]

Suddenly, there was a loud roar and a lightning that shone as brightly as the sun came crushing down onto the tentacles, freeing Sui from their influence in an instant.




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