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Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 3 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Now then,]

As the girls left the inn, the innkeeper smiled to himself and walked out of his office, walking to the second floor of the inn and opening the door to the room where sick Sui was resting. Sui was sleeping soundly inside of her futon, with protective charms, piles of salt and purifying ropes being placed everywhere around the room.

[Well, well, well…… This is one tasty-looking missy right here.]

Thin, dark brows. Flushed cheeks that still bore marks from where the tears flowed down. Cute little nose. Silky-smooth skin that was all shiny from the beads of sweat that were cropping all over her. The view of the outline of her body was obscured by the futon, but the area around her chest was nicely swollen as it was moving up and down.

The man started to take pictures of the room with a digital camera. He was very careful as to not accidentally break any talisman or cut the linen rope, avoiding breaking the piles of salt while he was at it. Before long, another men came into the room, which he contacted earlier when the girls left the inn.

[Oh!? That some seriously huge breasts this girl has! Ever since they came to the island I had my eyes on her.]

[Look at those sexy little mouth! I want to hurry so that she can suck on my dick!]

Speaking all of those indecent things, the men slowly approached Sui while devouring her with their eyes while getting closer and closer.

The room was slowly filled with purple mist that mixed with a salty sea breeze. Before long, Sui brows frowned, and the calm rhythm of her breathing was disturbed, becoming heavy and erratic.



My body feels so hot.

It felt as those my crotch and breasts were on fire, and my head felt as if I was walking through the clouds. My sweaty clothes were clinging to my skin, and my breasts were hurting, confined in the constraints of the bra that was too small to fit them. The atmosphere also felt suffocating, as if I was drifting through some murky sea.

[Nnh, uuh, nhh……]

While I was trying to exhale heavily, I could feel someone grabbing my arms and caressing my back. A hand was also placed on my hips, tracing all over them and going lower and lower. Another pair of hands was placed on top of my breasts, unbuttoning my shirt and removing my bra from my breasts completely.

(What…… is this……? Mikoto-chan? Takeru, -chan……?)

I slowly opened my eyes and I could see some unknown man staring right at my face. It was the innkeeper of “Oiso”, whose face lit with pleasant surprise upon seeing me awoken.

[Oh my, did I woke you up by accident? Sorry about that.]

As he said that I realized that he was not alone and that there were many more man in the room right now. I tried to get up, but the purple mist that was filling the room made my head spin and I fell right back onto the futon.

Then my body was gently lifted by the men’s strong yet sweaty hands. They were all slightly tanned from the sun and they were grinning wildly.

As they were all laughing as though they were insane, I realized that I was alone with all of them inside of this room. Suddenly I felt as though I wanted to scream loudly. However.

[Fuh, aahhh……]

Cold nightly air flowed from the window and brushed against the front of my body. The men continued to free my breasts from my bra and playing with them while they were at it, which brought the smile on their faces.

[You’re sweating so much, even the futon is drenched. Now then, let’s undress you properly.]

With smooth movements, the men took off my stockings from my legs. When my sweat-drenched panties were also took off, a cool nightly breeze brushed against my thighs.

(I…… Why… so hot, ahh!!)

While all of this was happening, I managed to remember that earlier that day I was assaulted by the youmas while trying to find a place to relieve myself on the rocky beach. However, I couldn’t remember what happened after that. I felt as though I heard Mikoto-chan’s voice at some point, but I couldn’t be sure about that.

The aphrodisiac-filled purple mist clouded Sui’s mind and eroded her sanity as it was rubbing against her whole body. Her head was spinning, her blood was boiling and the sour smell of sweat permeating the room was making her go crazy. Even though her legs were being spread widely, she couldn’t do anything about it, since her head was one big mess at the moment.

[Hehe, it’s been a while since we last had such a tasty treat.]

Her pure-white skin was shining in the darkness, illuminated by the soft light of the moon falling through the room’s window. All the men were surrounding Sui, gazing upon her like some kind of piece of art. They rolled her skirt all the way up to her navel, making her abdomen fully visible. There, behind the neatly trimmed pubic hair, there were her nether lips, all glossy and shiny in the moonlight. The men’s eyes were being attracted towards that place, as it was all glossy and crimson in color, letting out an aroma of a woman in heat.

(Ah…… They are all looking…… at me……)

Their hot gazes directed at Sui’s nipples caused her to feel all hot and bothered. Cupping her breasts in their hands, they kneaded them and swayed them around.

[What’s wrong? Does your breasts seem to hurt?]

[Fuah!? Ahh, aaahh!?]

The man’s hands shift their position towards underside of Sui’s boobs, sending pleasant sensations across her sensitive skin.

[So hot. Look, they are practically burning.]

The man digs his fingers into Sui’s breasts. When he touched her like that it felt as tough her skin was burned by fire, and there were bright red markings left on her skin in the places she’s been touched.

[Noo, ugh…… Hot, it’s so hot……!?]

Her chest was not the only place that was burning from the excessive caress.

The inside of her pussy was burning as well, as if someone inserted a piece of burning charcoal inside of her. Her back also felt as though it was on fire, supported by the man’s wide and muscular chest.

(W, what? Why, am I being…… something like that!? Ugh, uhh……!?)

Feeling the men’s passionate gazes onto her, as well as their hot breaths,

[No, stop it……! Let go of me!]

Finally, overcome with embarrassment, Sui managed to squeeze her voice out. Her thighs held by the men trembled in fear. She tried to break away from their hold but her tired limbs were of no use, and overcome with fever she couldn’t do anything but to be on the men’s mercy.

[Now, now, no need to panic so much. Just leave it all to us and please enjoy yourself.]

[Hyii!! Ah…… Ahhh!?]

One of the men grabbed Sui’s chest and squeezed it with all of his might. While he was doing that, his fingers also teased Sui’s erect nipple, rolling it around and rubbing it enthusiastically. Then he started twisting it as if he wanted to see if the milk would come out.

[Kuaah, uhh…… Ugh, nhh, haah!!]

A vivid sensation rocks Sui’s feverish insides.

But that wasn’t all.

(Nhh!? Ah… W, why is this!?)

There was this weird, sweet sensation that was gradually spreading all over her breasts. There was a sudden prick of pain inside of her nipple, its flesh gradually widened and spread open, showing something slim and long like a needle sticking out of it.

This was the first time something like that happened to her. Previously nothing of the sort would ever happen.

[Stop, it, eeehhh!? My boobs! My boobs feel weird!!!]

While Sui’s boobs continued to be rubbed all over, she herself was squirming in both pleasure and embarrassment.

Woken up by Sui’s arousal and embarrassment, the youmas inside of her body began to twist and move about.

Sui’s mammary glands felt hot as they were being pierced by the youma’s tentacles, it looking almost as if it was actually trying to violate Sui’s boobs. Accompanied by the sensation of her underwear and clothes rubbing against her skin, Sui’s secret place began to turn moist with every passing second.

[No, no, aaahhh……! Fuhaaahhh!?!?]

Another man pressed his finger against Sui’s panties, causing her whole crotch to burst in heat and splash love juices. When her panties were shifted aside, a cold night’s wind brushed against her delicate skin, causing tremendous sensations to erupt inside of Sui.

(What…… What is…… this!?)

The inside of Sui’s pussy was burning up, even though she didn’t know any man yet. Drops of her love nectar, accumulated inside of her fleshy folds started to activate, flowing out of her all at once.

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