Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 3 Part 4




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Feeling something quite like this for the first time ever made Sui wanting to die out of embarrassment. She suddenly remembers the face of Tachibana Yamato, her dear childhood friend, and her cheeks become even hotter.

(It’s tearing me, aaah, I’m…… I’m being torn apart, uuuhhh……)

While Sui’s shame and embarrassment were bringing tears into her eyes, the cold and hard semen ice-cream was forcing its way deeper and deeper inside of her. The cold sensation similar to being stung by thousands of small needles was gradually spreading around her abdomen and travelling up her spine.

[Haah, naah, uuuuh…… Puaah!?]

The cold was so intense that it was actually starting to hurt. Eventually, Sui’s hymen was torn apart and there was nothing that would stop the semen popsicle from penetrating her deepest parts without a problem, filling her insides with melted sperm.

(Y, Yamato, -chan……!)

Deep inside of her chest, there was this feeling as if she just betrayed her childhood friend. That pain was far stronger than the one of having her hymen torn apart.



As soon as the ice-cream inside of both her pussy and mouth are being twisted around, the searing pain assaulted her all at once.

(W…… Why…… Why……!? Why is this…… Ahh, aahhh!?!?)

The ice-cream penetrating Sui’s pussy caused her insides to be struck with painful sensation, like needles or tiny blades.

If it wasn’t for the aphrodisiac surging through Sui’s body, that pain would have been impossible to withstand. But right now that pain was being overwritten and changed into pleasure unlike anything Sui has ever felt before. As soon as the ice-cream pushes itself further inside of her, her love nectar reacts to that and overflows, mixing with the cold and stinking mass. As the semen mixed with saliva overflows from Sui’s mouth, her face was distorted in an expression that was a mixture of both lust and shame.

[Hehe, you want our semen so badly? You have no idea just how happy that makes us!]

The men laughed while looking down at Sui, who was quivering in shame. They twisted the ice-cream inside of her pussy again, causing even more of it to melt away. The semen that flowed out was mixed with traces of bright red.

[Hmm? What’s this? Were you perhaps a virgin?]

[You should have said so sooner. Otherwise we wouldn’t break your precious hymen with something like this.]

Sui couldn’t bear the shame of listening to their words and she just wanted to disappear. After being deprived of her precious virginity in such a way there was no way for her to look Yamato in the eyes…… It was taken away from her. Not even by an unknown man, but by a single ice-cream made out of frozen semen.


[If this is really going to be your first time, it needs to be with a proper dick. Hmm, let’s see……]


Just then, instead of the thin and sticky ice-cream, the men pressed their blackened and veiny dicks against Sui’s face and started to rub them against her cheeks.

They were thick and oozing some kind of transparent liquid, but most importantly they were pulsing like mad and were stinking. At that moment, any hope that Sui might have still had was gone.

(No! No, no, no, no! It’s dirty! No!!!)

However, she was unable to take her eyes off of them.

Her womanly instincts right now were overwriting her common sense, forcing her to ponder the question: how good is it going to be when her pussy is going to be pierced with this long and thick meat rod that was now caressing her cheeks?

That is all because of youmas influence.

The demonic creature that penetrated her body were stimulating her lust in order to obtain their greatest nourishment: human semen.

[Put some saliva on it first. It’s erotic and it will make it easier for my dick to go inside of you.]

[N…… Noo…… Eeeagh……!?]

The blackened dick pressed against Sui’s lips, forcing itself inside of her mouth and slapping against the insides oh Sui’s cheeks. Contrary to Sui’s cold pussy, her mouth felt unbearably hot right now.

(M, my tongue…… It burns…… it feels like it’s about to melt……)

The penis that penetrated Sui’s mouth was larger, harder and hotter than she initially expected, almost crushing Sui’s tongue under its weight. But soon this heaviness becomes pleasant to Sui’s palate and her nose is filled with pleasant fragrance, all caused by her aphrodisiac-dampened senses. Otherwise Sui wouldn’t be able to suppress her gag reflex.

[Look at that. My dick is going to be soon wrapped by your young pussy.]

Even if Sui wanted to resist, her lust intoxicated senses made her unable to fight back and break free.

[Since it is your first time, we are going to guide you through it. Tighten your lips around it. Now squeeze your cheeks as if you were trying to suck them in and curl up your tongue around my dick while I continue to grind it inside of your mouth.]

While the man started to swing his hips and ordered Sui around, she found out that she was unable to resist him. While the dick was slowly going in and out of her mouth, she sucked on it and wrapped her tongue around it, coating it with huge amounts of saliva.

(It’s filthy, I shouldn’t be doing this…… So why!? Why does it taste so delicious!?)

Sucking on a dick for the first time in her life has made Sui’s heart to pound faster. Her tongue was sliding all the way across the dick’s length, looking for places that would be the tastiest and that would feel good for the man to stimulate. As she sucked on his dick there was a lot of pre-cum oozing out of it, so it mixed with Sui’s saliva and went down her throat as she swallowed.

[Ohhh!? Were you really a virgin? You’re so good at sucking dick! You’re a natural!]

[She must have been born as a pure-blooded slut.]

As the other men laughed, they pulled out the melted ice-cream from Sui’s pussy, only to replace it immediately with another one. Once more, she was attacked by the intense cold.

[Moaah!? Nmuah, mmm, mmh…… Nnnnhm, aaaggghhh!?!?]

Sui’s body was currently being attacked by two kinds of pleasure at the same time. One was assaulting her pussy while the other one was spreading throughout her mouth. The men didn’t even tried to hold her down anymore while they were violating her, letting Sui go on all fours so that they could have easier access to her holes.

But more importantly ––––

(M, my chest…… Aaah, inside of it, something…… is moving, aaah!!)

It felt as though there was something crawling through the insides of Sui’s breasts, trying to get out. They youmas inside of her body were feeding off Sui’s lust, and some of them were about ready to be filled completely and were now looking for a way out of her body. The road led through Sui’s mammary glands.

BULGE! SWOOSH! As the skin on Sui’s breasts become agitated, she also started to feel extremely hot. Sui felt like she wanted someone to squeeze her breasts violently, to squeeze the youmas out of there and extinguish this burning inside of her chest. She also felt that if nobody would to that to her, she would soon become crazy from this hotness and pleasure.

Sui’s lust was so powerful that she thought that milk might come out of her burning chest at any moment now, as her hardened and sensitive nipples kept on rubbing against the floor.

[Nnh, uuuh…… Nchyuu, Nmuchyuu, uuuhhh!!]

While suffering the hotness in her chest, Sui was vigorously sucking on the dick that was screwing her mouth right now. Affected by the youmas’ aphrodisiac, her whole being right now was craving some freshly extracted semen.

(It’s filthy, but…… At the same time…… So delicious……)

The aphrodisiac effects started to even affect Sui’s mind as well. She was feeling the dick’s mass, hotness and taste all over her tongue right now. She was starting to enjoy the bitter taste of the oozing pre-cum and was beginning to crave it going down her throat. Her pussy was also clamping down on the ice-cream that was filling her insides right about now, and manipulated by the sinful pleasure, Sui’s hips were gradually staring to move all on their own.

[Now then, how about we check out those breasts as well? They look so lonely.]

There were another men standing at Sui’s both sides, poking her breasts with their fully erect dicks. They also started kneading her breasts and buttocks with their hands, groping her furiously and not giving her a moment to rest. As another man grabbed her boobs from the front, Sui let out a cry filled with joy.


As the cocks kept on caressing her body, Sui felt as though currents of electricity kept on running through her body. However, just as she was about to get used to it, a completely new pleasure assaulted her mind.

[You poor thing. It must be driving you crazy, isn’t it?]




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