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Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 5 Part 1




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


CHAPTER 5: Seizures


A little bit earlier.

[Take care of Sui, Mikoto!]

After bringing the cave’s ceiling down and rolling forward, Takeru shouted like that towards Mikoto while getting ready to face the angry mob. Alone her options were severely limited, but someone had to go and help poor Sui, who was basically powerless after being raped by the youmas. Not to mention the fact that she needed help as soon as possible.

(Please, Mikoto! Go and help Sui while I keep on drawing their attention towards myself!)

Even if she didn’t said those words out loud, she was sure that her intentions managed to reach Mikoto.

–––– The collapse of the rocks raise a lot of dirt in the air, and Takeru used that occasion to rush forward, pushing the me aside.

[Oi, this one is getting away as well!]

[Where is she!? I can’t see shit!]

The resulting commotion managed to confuse the men to a great extent. It would be easy for Takeru to dispose of them right now with her ofudas, but Takeru opted for running away instead. They may have been controlled, but they were still people. Takeru wanted to refrain from hurting them if she could help it.

[There she is! She ran this way!]

Takeru managed to break through the mob and ran alongside the cliffside path.

On her right side there was a forest. On her left side there was the sea.

She could only try to escape towards the forest.


Looking down the cliff, Takeru could see that some of the men were waiting out there, looking up towards her.

Were they thinking that she would try to commit suicide if she came to a conclusion that she wouldn’t be able to escape?

[Blow the violent gust! Wind Dancer!]

Chanting the spell in a hurry, Takeru managed to gather up the sea breeze at one point and create a violent storm on a small scale. The bodies of the men that were trying to catch up to her got thrown off balance and fell to the ground.

[What the hell……!?]

While the men were too confused to be able to react in any way, Takeru used that moment to get past them through the opening in their formation and made a run for it.

–––– Nevertheless, she wouldn’t even hope to be able to cross the sea. Such a feat would consume way too much of her spiritual power. She then used her summoned winds to lift herself up in the air, and then started to go lower and lower, until eventually she managed to land at the bottom on the cliff on some flat rocks.

[…… Haah… Haah… Haah……]

After concentrating to her very limit, it was actually hard for Takeru to stand up. In times like these she was jealous of Mikoto, who had so much spiritual power that it was almost unreal.

(If only she was making a good use of it…… Guess it cannot be helped……)

While breathing heavily like that, a switch was flipped inside of Takeru’s mind. She drew a mental map of the area and pondered where she should go to next.

The inn was a no-go. Even if the innkeeper was at their side, it was too close to town, it was too risky. The abandoned school building was her next possible candidate because of the topographical reasons, but it was too close to the youma’s nest. Plus, since the ghosts were there, Mikoto would probably be unable to get near that place again.

[…… This leaves the mansion of the Island’s Elder.]

A sharp smile bloomed on Takeru’s lips. Her eyes shone in cold light.

The mansion was located on the eastern cape of the island, so it was a perfect stronghold from strategic point of view. Also, if they take the Island’s Elder as a hostage, and he seemed to be beloved by all of the islanders, this shall give them some leverage and a chance to fight back.

[They will regret that they ever tried to put their dirty hands on the Exorcist.]

Takeru stood there for a moment, basking in the energy her cold anger was giving her, and then she tried to cast the spell again to get back on top of the cliff.


A hot lightning ran through her spine. Her whole body was covered in goosebumps, her mind began to spin and her consciousness swayed heavily.

(N, no way…… Not at… a time like this……)

Takeru fell on her knees, feeling her crotch tightening and her breasts swelling inside of her bra, generating an overwhelmingly sweet feeling.

It was the curse of the youmas that was carved deeply into her body.

Last year, during the investigation at the school where they met Sui, Takeru arrived there before the rest of the group on her own. She was then captured and raped repeatedly, her body played around and molded by the youmas in lots of different lewd ways. Fortunately, she was saved by Mikoto and Yamato before her body and spirit broke completely, but ever since then she was suffering severe backlashes ever so often.

[S…… Shit……!]

Takeru bit on her lips to prevent them from trembling in pleasure, but it was to no avail. Her whole body was burning up right now like a pillar of fire, aflame to the very core of her body. Takeru frantically began to search her pocket, trying to find a talisman that would allow her to quench the desire that was currently eating away at her. The hot and wet ecstasy was slowly spreading around her whole body. Because of her trembling body and ragged breath, she was unable to concentrate on the spell properly.

It was the first time for the seizures to be this strong. Usually they were much more manageable, being nothing more but an irritating sensation that she could simply brush aside with a little bit of willpower on her side. But right now it was unbearable.

[This here is the place where all the children that committed mass suicide died thirty years ago.]


Hearing a strange voice, Takeru turned around and looked behind her. There, there was the island’s Elder standing right in front of her. Behind his back there was a large cave entrance that definitely wasn’t there just a moment ago.

There was a dense trail of miasma coming from the depths of that hole.

(An air tunnel, huh?)

During the volcanic processes, melted magma would only seal the entrances to the natural caves, not fill them completely. With years, as a result of erosion and winding processes, those entrances would break the rocks sealing them and open up again. This is basically what a wind tunnel is. And since this island is a volcanic island, there must be countless tunnels like that scattered all over the place. Maybe some of them are even the nesting grounds for youmas?

As soon as Takeru thought about that, her heart was filled with dark and stuffy despair.

That place, it was right near one of the points that was pinned on her map. If the nesting ground was in each and every single one of them, even if she was to combine her powers with Mikoto’s , they would be unable to get rid of them all.

Standing right in front of Takeru, the island’s Elder looks back with a sad look on his face.

[What a waste. And here I thought that they could all become a splendid incubators. But sadly, everyone threw themselves from here and ended up dead as a result.]


The space in between Takeru’s thighs was so hot that it was almost burning her skin.

She could fell the inside of her womb burning up, thick love honey starting to drip out of her pussy.

The memories started to play out right in front of her eyes. She could see them all too clearly: being repeatedly raped by the youmas, being impregnated with their eggs, and then giving painful birth to the new youmas. And then the process would repeat endlessly, until she would eventually collapse from exhaustion. The feeling of her womb becoming deformed as countless little youmas wiggled their way out of it. Becoming spread so much under the effects of their demonic aphrodisiac. Forcing her babies out. Having to see them crawl all over her body to reach her nipples so they could suck them for nourishment.


Her nipples were becoming so stiff that they were rubbing against the cups of her bra, causing her even more sinful pleasure that tormented her. The pleasure was so intense that she could hardly even contain herself anymore. She wanted to tear her own clothes off and quench this burning sensation by inserting her fingers inside of herself as soon as possible. Otherwise she felt she could go mad from the raising pleasure.

(No, don’t… I can’t……! Stop… remembering this……! You mustn’t do that, no……!)




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