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Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 6 Part 2




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Kuh, nn, nngh……!!!]

The men’s caress stimulated Mikoto’s nether regions, causing the roots of her thighs to go pleasantly numb from the pleasure. With each of their movement they were shifting Mikoto’s panties to the sides, until eventually they wouldn’t be in their way any longer.

(Ah!? N-No! Don’t, stop, don’t do it!)

The pleasure that was slowly building up inside of Mikoto’s genitals was turning into slight heat. Alongside the heat came gushes of love juices, about ready to overflow from inside of her into the cold air that was filling the room. There was so much of it that Mikoto couldn’t help it but to feel embarrassed about it. Seeing that reaction of hers, the men’s movements started to grow more intense and violent, groping all over her thighs and butt without stopping.

[Uhh, kuh…… naaagh!?]

One of the men placed one of his fingers near Mikoto’s anus and started to play with it, stroking and manipulating it as he saw fit. Feeling her nether lips and anus being fiercely manipulated like that, Mikoto couldn’t help it but to become bright red with ever increasing shame.

Another finger was directed towards the entrance to Mikoto’s pussy, spreading her lips apart and trying to fit its way inside. Mikoto’s insides were now almost completely exposed, her reddish flesh for everyone to see clearly.

[There, there, it feels good, doesn’t it? It’s okay to moan if you like, you know?]

The fingers tracing their way alongside Mikoto’s pussy pressed more strongly against her flesh, as if trying to give her even more pleasure than they were already giving her.

(S…… Shit, uuuooohhh!?)

Each time her pussy lips get rubbed, there were sweet currents raising up deep inside of Mikoto’s insides. She bit on her lips in an attempt to hold back her moans and hot sighs, but the pleasure was far too great for her to try to resist it.


A small and round bud right at the edge of Mikoto’s pussy started to twitch and spasm, clearly indicating that the girl was feeling every single thing that was being done to her at the current moment.

[Hmm? What’s wrong? Does it not feel good when I rub you here?]

[T, that’s not…… Such a thing, why would it feel…… Hyaah!?]

Mikoto could feel a strong sensation right where the man was touching her, her love juices gushed out even stronger as proof. Another hand pinched her clitoris in between its fingers, rubbing it strongly and violently. Mikoto’s butt shook and jerked uncontrollably as the sensation travelled alongside her spine. Combined with the sensations of having her butt and thighs stroked by other men proved too much to bear even for Mikoto.

[What a lovely voice you let out just now! So cute! It was really something!]

The faces of the men got twisted in an almost demonic-like grin.

[Kuh, uuh, aaahhh!? Naah, nhh…… !?]

Once the man’s fingers found an opening that would let them sink deeper into Mikoto’s insides, they did just that and started penetrating her pussy. As Mikoto’s body shook, trembled, jerked around and shuddered, sweet moans started to leak out from deep inside of her throat. Her nether lips felt as though they were on fire, and moistened by the love juices, Mikoto’s whole genitals felt as though they were burning up with pleasure. It was unlike anything she ever felt before.

(Ahh, aaahhh!! No, don’t, please, don’t!! If you…… keep on…… doing that…… I’ll…… I’ll…!!!)

Overcome with tremendous amounts of shame, Mikoto’s face was beet-red and felt as though her cheeks and ears were alight. However, because of the position she was currently in and the rope that was binding her, no matter how much she flailed about or tried to change her position, she was unable to do that.

[S, stop it…… Stop this right now!]

[Stop? Right now? When you are finally starting to get nice and wet? Are you out of your mind!?]

As the men laughed cruelly at Mikoto’s plight, they also started to spank her peachy butt with their hands, leaving bright-red marks all over it.

As a result of that, Mikoto’s love nectar was leaking out in so huge quantities that it started to drip down her butt and belly, laving shiny stains and trails all over her pure-white skin.

The finger that was digging inside of her got pulled out and was now collecting her thick secretions. The walls of Mikoto’s pussy were violently contracting against each other, lonely and wanting something to be stuck inside of them. Mikot’s nether regions were now so wet with her secretions that it looked as though she wet herself. Even her pulled panties were completely drenched, shining brightly in the dim light of the lamps in this place. Mikoto never would have thought that she could produce so much love honey on her own.

[What’s this? Look at you, you are so big and right now you look as though you’ve wet yourself.]

[And here you were , acting all cheeky with us, so high-and-mighty! Now then, just what kind of smell you pee have?]

Smiling in a cruel and merciless way, the men got closer to Mikoto’ their faces drawing closer and closer towards her butt. Spreading her flesh widely, they got their nose closer to the dark stain on Mikoto’s panties, sniffing all around it and inhaling its smell for a moment out there.

(No…… No……! Please, stop it! Don’t do it!)

Having been subjected to so much public shaming, Mikoto’s throat was finally starting to give in, pitiful noises about ready to escape through her mouth into the world.

What’s more, the fact that her love juices would just continue to leak out more and more of her and form a wet stain on the floor was bringing her so much torment that she thought she might break apart at any moment now.

[Hm, strange. This doesn’t smell like pee at all.]

[Told you!? Told you!? This bitch just started to feel it, that’s what happening right now!]

The man’s fingertips started to linger over the edges of Mikoto’s pussy once more.

[Ahh!? W, wait, please……!]

At that moment it felt as the time itself froze.

Mikoto’s nether lips got spread wide open, exposing the reddish insides of her for all the men out there to see.

[Fuah…… Uuuhhh… Nhhh……!!!]

Their hot nasal breaths were tickling Mikoto’s genitals, causing her to leak out hot moans. The hot stares of the men caused Mikoto to moan even more, as they were starting to get turned on bu her insides and gushes of love honey.

There was a both sweet and sour aroma hanging in the air inside of the room, resembling a marmalade jam. The man who spread Mikoto’s pussy lips aside inhaled deeply, delected with the lingering aroma a smiled in an obscene way. His eyes looked like that of a wild beast right about now.

[Hehe. It has a good smell to it. It’s so good that it makes my dick all hard.]


Then, when Mikoto tried to move her head, she saw a long and thick object drawing closer to her face. The object was rock, hard, pulsing as if it was alive, was shining in the dim lights and let out a putrid odor that was hard to stand. Was that…… Was that that man’s penis!?

[N-No! Get this thing away from me! It’s filthy!]

Even though she was trying to avoid this grotesque thing, the man’s dick just continued to smear itself all over her forehead. Moreover, this was not a normal dick. It was a grotesque abomination, one that got curse by the youmas and twisted as a result. The smaller tentacles covering it started to slowly spread around Mikoto’s face, feeling her cheeks and approaching her lips. Right now, even if she tried to escape from them, the tentacles had her in their grasp and they would not let her go so easily.

[Whoa there! I wouldn’t try anything funny if I were you right now, Missy!]

[Take a look at your friends. If you won’t be nice and obedient from now on, we shall implant Meobachi-sama’s seed inside of them instead of you.]

[Eh…… Ahh!?]

Doing as the men told her to do, Mikoto looked sideways. The wall of men opened just a bit so she could see both Takeru and Sui. They were brought on all-fours and were now facing each other. Both of them had their waists raised and were rubbing their butts against the men’s crotches.

[Haah, uuuhhh……]

[Naah, aaahhh!!!]

Being repeatedly screwed by thick and hard dicks, the two girls continued to let out cries of joy without stopping, looking at each other’s ecstasy. Their cheeks bright red, their eyes clouded by the fog of lust, love juices dripping out of their pussies and saliva dripping from their mouths.

(T, Takeru……! Sui……!)




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