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Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 6 Part 3




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Takeru was especially vulnerable currently since she was once raped by the youmas in the past, and right now their curse was ravaging her whole body causing her to suffer and making her useless in combat. Worst thing, she could never hope to be cured of this curse, she would have to live with it ’til the end of her life.


Harsh and sturdy fingers were placed on both sides of Mikoto’s nether lips, forcibly stretching them open so that everyone could see her insides. As soon as that happened, gushes of Mikoto’s love juices were present for everyone to see clearly.

[Look how sloppy and wet she’s become! Did you grow jealous of your friends over there? Because of how much they seem to love it?]

[N, no! That’s not it! Don’t look! Don’t look at iiittt!!!]

The men were staring at Mikoto’s gaping pussy with so much passion and hotness that it was actually hurting her. Her clitoris was swelling painfully because of their stares and her bladder felt as though it was about to burst.

[I see, well fear not. Soon you are going to end up just like them. We are going to make sure of that.]

Says one of the men with youma-deformed penis while whipping it out all around Mikoto’s face and laughing mockingly.

(Wh-What!? What’s that supposed to mean!?)

The tentacles covering the man’s penis looked as if they were forming some intricate curse markings all over his meat. Mikoto could also feel something moving impatiently inside of it. No way! There was a youma inside of his dick!? The man then started to stroking his dick violently while drawing closer to Mikoto’s spread open pussy ––––

[Shitsukemun-sama, Nitsukemushi-sama, please come out. The dinner is served.]

The men stroked his dick even harder, and eventually two small coin-like objects ended up falling out of his urethra.

[Haah!? Uugh!?]

Even though they were both the size of the tip of the thumb, they were actually pretty heavy.

However, sliding all over Mikoto’s wet pussy caused new waves of electric shocks to run across the girl’s spine, causing her hips and butt to bounce uncontrollably. She could feel her insides burning and being irritated at the arrival of these unwanted guests. A fresh portion of love nectar gushes out of her insides and her clitoris becomes even more erect than before.

They were youmas. They were about to insert living youmas inside of Mikoto’s most precious, most sensitive and most embarrassing place.


Screaming like a madman, Mikoto twists and turns her body in desperation, trying to get away from the approaching monsters. She was an Exorcist, she fought the youmas many times before and she knew just what could they do to a person’s body and sanity if injected into the body. They were small youmas, but even youmas like that could deprive you of your sanity and turn you into a horny animal if injected directly inside of the womb.

[Now that’s what I would call a lovely voice. With this, our gods shall awaken in no time at all.]

[Hii…… Hyiiiiii!?]

CRACK! CRACK! The small coins started to shake and rattle, and there were webs of cracks appearing all over their surfaces. Finally, the two shells broke and something came out of them, something much longer than you could have guessed from the small size of the coins. They were long, slippery and covered in pattern that resembled small eyes all over the length of their bodies. There was also one huge eyeball erecting at one end of their elongated bodies with eight pairs of legs growing alongside it.

Compared to the men’s dicks around here, these youmas were really small. However,

[Hah, ngaah!?]

Mikoto could see sparks erupting before her eyes when the youmas started to pierce through the entrance of her pussy, wanting to go further down inside of her. Her insides constricted violently around the foreign objects.

Mikoto could feel them rubbing against her red and sensitive insides, going against the current of her love honey. The two youmas, seemingly feeding on the girl’s love nectars, started to thicken and grow, right now reaching the size of Mikoto’s little finger. Their bodies right now looked like a segmented rosary with lots of small emerald beads to it.

(Uuh, aaah…… No… No way, they’re…… Naagh!!??)

It felt as though the youmas were starting to take roots inside of her pussy. Mikoto’s insides felt as though they were on fire right now, and each time the youmas’ nails scraped against her inner walls a violent sensation shook her whole body, causing her to jerk uncontrollably.

[Kuh…… Haa, ughh……]

Feeling the youmas’ every single move, Mikoto’s spine trembles and her butt wiggles like that of a bitch in heat. Her boobs bounce and smack against her face time after time, accumulating lots of pent up sexual frustration of their own. She felt she was slowly starting to go crazy from it.

[Now, my Lords, please reach the womb of this girl and grow in there, transform and assume your true forms.]

[Eh, t-trans…… Fuaaahhh!?]

Before Mikoto could actually understand the man’s words, a whole new sensation shook her nether regions.

Having reached a considerable length inside of Mikoto, the youmas bumped into her cervix, causing the girl’s body to react heavily and spew another wave of love juices. Their strong smell was sitting heavily in the air.

[Now they are going to implant themselves inside of your belly and grow there. You should be glad, girl. The adult Shitsukemushi-sama will make you feel really good, even better than you are feeling now.]

[N-No……! There’s no way that thing… feels… good!]

Mikoto shouts in denial at the man, cursing him as he looks down upon her with indecency in his eyes. There’s no way that having a youma inside of her would ever feel good! It was horrible! Painful! It was nothing but gross having to feel as they force their way deeper and deeper inside of her! So Mikoto did her best to just bit her lips and try to endure it. As long as she steels her resolve and endures it, everything is going to be fine –– she kept on saying that to herself as she tried to oppose the waves of pleasure that started to resonate from deep inside of her.

[What a stubborn brat you are, you know? Fine then, let’s see how you like this.]

While saying that and rubbing his dick against Mikoto’s bare thighs, the man turned to the side and took out a small porcelain jar from somewhere. He was then handed a pair of chopsticks which he used to take something out of the jar. It was another small youma, this one about the size of the fingernail, which was shining in the dark like a wet slug and was covered with thin, long pale hair.

[Ugh, aaahh!? No, no, stop it…… No, don’t!!!]

Seeing that Mikoto started to thrash about even harder, but a large number of hands were extended towards her, fixing her in place and making her butt unable to escape. Next, Mikoto’s pussy lips were spread apart once more, and the small youma was brought closer to her erect clitoris, so close that it was almost touching it with its ugly and slimy body.

[Don’t! No, please don’t, eeehhh!? S-Stop it, don’t come any closer… Hyaaah!?]


As the wet and cold slime wrapped itself around Mikoto’s clitoris, she felt as though she was struck by lightning. Then the youma opened its small mouth as if trying to devour Mikoto’s small bean whole.

[Kyah!? Hyiii!? Iiiiiiuuuuuuhhhhhh!?]

Even though it was so small and looked to be harmless, the inside of its mouth was filled with rows of sharp teeth. As the small teeth sink into the sensitive bean, Mikoto’s nerves were overloaded with currents of pleasure. Overcome with this sudden pleasure, Mikoto’s body twisted and jerked, she could feel her whole skin becoming flushed, beads of sweat and sour sweat cropping all over her agitated body.

(Ah!? Aaahh, no way…… Inside, so deep……!?)

From the very back of her pussy, the waves of pleasure were starting to spread all throughout Mikoto’s body. She could easily feel every single move of the youmas that were inserted inside of her first. They kept on clinging to her insides and scraping against them, their bead-like bodies only intensifying the ever increasing stimulation.

The waves originating from deep inside of her pussy spread around like ripples all over her, becoming more intense and drowning Mikoto in pleasure unlike anything she ever felt before. This feeling was mixed with the intense stimulation her clitoris was receiving, creating a unique sense of ecstasy that was attacking her consciousness relentlessly.

[How is it, hmm? Does it feel good? Answer honestly.]

[If you will be honest with us, we will do something that feels even better to you.]




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