Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 6 Part 6




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



She was no longer able to stand it.

If some of those men didn’t do here right here right now, she felt that she might go crazy from all the heat her genitals were feeling right now.

[P, put it in…… I beg of you, screw me…… Make a mess out of meeeeee!]

Mikoto screams, pushing her hot crotch forward, causing the bubbles of her love juices to spill around. The rest of her perverted liquids drip down her spread-open legs and falls to the ground.

[See? Was it really that hard to be honest with yourself? But bravo, good girl.]

Smiling in a cruel way, the men approach Mikoto and undo the rope that was binding her up until now. They left only the rope that was binding Mikoto’s wrists, and lead her towards Takeru and Sui so that she could join them.

[Uuh!? Aah!? S-Sis, aaagh!?]

[Mi…… Mikoto…-chan…… Aah!? Ah, aaaggghhh!?]


As soon as they saw Mikoto, both girls directed their fingers towards her genitals and slid their fingers inside of it. While doing that, Takeru and Sui also reached out towards Mikoto’s boobs, groping them with their love juice-stained fingers.

[Haah!? Ugh, nnh……!?]

As soon as she was touched by them, Mikoto could feel that there was a sense of pleasure surging throughout her body. Although they only inserted their fingers inside of her and didn’t do anything else, Mikoto’s insides were already trembling and squeezing hard around them. Mikoto could feel their juices flow inside of her and mixing with her own secretions.

There was also this warm softness spreading throughout her boobs.

She could also feel their hot breaths brushing against her cheeks.

(W, why…… why!? Aah, why is this even…… !?)

It felt as though both Sui and Takeru were so close, Mikoto could feel the sensations they were feeling, share them with them. With Takeru it would be understandable because they were twins, but with Sui?

However, soon it all lost any kind of meaning to Mikoto.

[Uuuh, aaaah…… Nnnh, hnnngh……!?]

In order to comfort herself and to quench the fires that were burning deep inside of her, Mikoto slowly started to move her own fingers, now coated in thick love juices. She didn’t even realize when the rope around her wrists was cut loose.

[Nnnh, aaah…… S-Sui…… S-so good, Sis…… More, please stir me up some mooore~!]

[Right there…… Nnngh!? N, no, not there, deeper, aagh, go deeper…… Aaauuuggghhh!?]

The two of them got even closer to Mikoto, rubbing their breasts together. It felt insanely good.

As the waves of pleasure throughout Mikoto’s body intensified, so did the movements of her own fingers. Even Mikoto’s asshole was starting to become sensitive because of the caress that both Takeru and Sui were doing to her. As Mikoto’s ass gaped with a wet and obscene sound, she could easily imagine that there was in fact a flesh rod piercing her butt mercilessly, going in and out of it as it pleased.

(If I, do this then, it should feel good…… right……?)

Driven by lust that was slowly overtaking her, Mikoto inserted another fingers inside of Takeru and Sui’s pussies. As she dug her way forward inside of them, she could hear wet and sticky sounds of their love juices being stirred and mixed together.

[Haah, uuugh!?]

Mikoto’s cheeks blushed furiously while the other girls hugged her tight, letting out hot and ragged moans out of their mouths. Both their pussies seemed to tighten around Mikoto’s fingers like crazy, as if they were trying to suck her in even deeper. Their faces were no longer a reflection of sanity and reason, but rather a mixture of both madness and animalistic lust for pleasure.

[Uoooh!? S-So tight! You’re squeezing me so tight!]

The men that were pushing themselves inside of Takeru and Sui’s butts squealed in pleasure and then they picked up on their movements.



They were furiously ravaging the girls’ assholes as Mikoto continuously stirred their pussies with her fingers.

[Yah! Oooooohhhhhh!? I’m floating! I’m floating from the pleasure!]

[M, my, buuutt! My pushshy, my buuutttttt!!! They feel shooo good!!!]

As the storm of intense pleasure ravaged their bodies, Takeru and Sui were unable to keep their voices contained anymore.

The sweet scent of the mixture of their sweat and love juices was completely filling the room.

As Mikoto continued to stir them up inside, countless droplets of love juices fell onto the ground from inside of them.

[Hehe, that’s some nice expressions you are making right there. It looks like you are about to come soon.]

Said one of the men who was currently violating Takeru and Sui while grinning in a nasty way. Right next to her, Sui was crying tears of joy while her ass was getting pierced mercilessly.

[Aaah, aaahhh!! My butt! My buuutt! Good, it feels so good!!]

So lewd.

(W, wait……! I…… Not yet……!)

As their assholes were being mercilessly penetrated, both Takeru and Sui were spilling so much juices around and squeezing so much on Mikoto’s fingers that it was starting to hurt. Seeing and feeling all that has made Mikoto even hotter than ever before.

And even if Takeru and Sui stuck their fingers inside of Mikoto’s pussy all the wat to the root of their base, they were still unable to reach the exact spot where the big bad youma was currently being nourished. All that they could do was to repeatedly caress Mikoto’s G-Spot, brushing over it over and over again,

[Nauh, uuugnh!?]

Mikoto’s clitoris being roughly stimulated again, she let out an uncontrollable roar, overcome with all of the violent pleasure. But even though she moaned like that, there was no rest for her from the sensations that were rocking the inside of her womb right now.

Something long and thick was starting to stir up her insides, provoking Mikoto into moving her own hands and fingers in even faster and fiercer motions. Collecting the love nectar from both of their holes, Mikoto was then strongly rubbing it into their insides.

[Neaaah!? Pussy, pussy, my…… My pussy is burning hoooot……!!!]

As Takeru’s pussy started to gape strongly, she screamed those obscene words and her body was shaken by strong shivers. Sui was also moaning wildly, her black eyes wet with tears of joy. Hot and ragged breath was constantly escaping from her mouth.

Takeru and Sui’s sphincters were being stretched out to their very limit, if not for the youmas aphrodisiac, they would surely be in a world of unimaginable pain right about now.

Somehow, Mikoto could also feel the sensations of having her anus penetrated in such a vulgar manner. Her face twisted in sinful pleasure and tears started to fill her tormented eyes.

But still, it was not enough.

Obeying the desire to seek and give even more pleasure, to fall into the depths of carnal desires, Mikoto’s fingers bend and crook, trying to find the spots that will feel good for both Sui and Takeru.

[Hyah, uuh!? Mi, Mikoto… -chan, nyaaagh, aaagh!?]

Starting to feel even more pleasure, Sui cried out in agony while frantically clinging to Takeru’s neck. Takeru also started to squirm around in ecstasy, thrashing her head about and sticking out her chest.


Sh then gets closer to Mikoto, encompassing her arms around her neck and bringing her lips forth, reaching out towards her sister and entwining her own tongue with hers.

The sisters’ breasts squash together, their erect and enlarged nipples rubbing against one another furiously. Their tongues greedily cling to one another, as if they were trying to steal as much pleasure as they could for themselves.

[Heaah, uh, uuh, nnh…… Aah!!]

Seeing Takeru act like that, there were tears flowing from Mikoto’s eyes, but those were not tears of sadness or regret. They were the ones of animalistic lust that overtook her.

She could feel Takeru’s tongue and lips as clearly right now as she was when Takeru was kissing with Sui. And with each consecutive kiss, their intensity and pleasure she was deriving from them were only growing stronger.

Mikoto had no idea what kind of a spell it was, but it was clearly blurring out the lines in between her own senses and that of her twin sister and her dear friend.

Still, her fingers would not stop to pleasure Takeru and Sui, not even for a moment.

This sensation, combined with the way in which their buttholes were being stretched by the pair ot thick dicks ravaging them, was sending waves of pleasure throughout Sui and Takeru’s bodies, unlike which they never felt before.




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