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Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 6 Part 7




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Mikoto’s boobs felt increasingly hot, as there was a growing tingling in her erect nipples.

(M-More, more, more, more……! Please give me mooore……!!!)

As the pleasure all over her body intensified, she could feel something starting to move deep inside of her womb.

A veil of pink mist clouded her vision and waves of hotness began to travel up and down her spine.

More, just a little bit more and she would be there, reaching her grand climax! Led by her instincts overcome with lust, Mikoto was sure that both Sui and Takeru were almost there as well, so the movements of her hands increased in intensity.


Both of the girls were dripping so much love juices right about now that Mikoto’s wrists were completely covered with them. Even her arms and elbows were growing to be shiny and sticky, as her movements did not stop.

[Kuuugh! The way her ass clamps around me is something else!]

The men that violated Takeru and Sui’s butts started to moan miserably, the movements of their waists becoming more erratic, more violent and intense.

[Eaah, nnh!? Aaah, aahhh!?]

[M, my butt, my buuutt!! My pussy, my butt, they all feel so good!!]

Takeru and Sui wriggle their waists around like dogs in heat, trying to wring as much pleasure as they possibly could for themselves out of it.

(Ahh, good, so good…… I can’t believe it……!!)

Being able to feel both Takeru and Sui’s pleasure at the same time, Mikoto was right now riding upon the waves of pleasure unlike which she never even felt before.

The feeling of having her own pussy fingered so furiously like that was causing her to see bright sparks right in front of her eyes.

Influenced by the youma that was now growing inside of her body, Mikoto’s boobs were so hot that it was starting to feel unbearable.

Her erect nipples felt as though there was an electric current running through them, her skin was now overly sensitive and her youma covered clitoris felt as though it was going to fall off from all the stimulation.

[Fuah, ahh, aaahhh……!!]

Driven by the sensations that were tormenting her, Mikoto opened her mouth wide and let her tongue out. It looked as though she was desperately trying to catch the drops of falling love nectar with her tongue, so that it wouldn’t go to waste.


Then, all three girls jump up at the same time, their breasts shaking and swaying in unison.

Not realizing what she was doing, Mikoto accidentally touched Takeru’s clitoris with her hot tongue.

[Yaah, uoooaah!? Mi, Mikoto! Mikotooo~!! More, please, more…… What you did just now, I beg of you! Give me more!]

There was no need for Takeru to repeat herself.

(Just now… it felt so good…… Just now… It felt really, really good……!)

Tempted by Takeru and Sui’s erotic moaning, Mikoto thrusted her fingers even deeper inside of them, bending and twisting, looking for places that would feel good for them.


Their voices raise up as the two girls shudder and twitch uncontrollably.

(This is…… This…… More! I want more……!!!)

Now completely drunk on lust, Mikoto pierced her dear companions’ pussies with her fingers, at the same time reaching out towards their clitorises with her tongue, hell-bent on giving them the pleasure the likes of which they never experienced before in their lives.

[Yaaah, nngh!! Ahhh!! Aaaggghhh!!??]

Feeling her own pleasure slowly reaching its peak, Sui cries out in ecstasy with tears dropping out of her eyes and love nectar spilling from her pussy. She began to move her waist of her own accord, moving up and down in a rapid fashion. Takeru did the same, screaming loudly and clinging to Sui’s body, rubbing their boobs closely together to give them even bigger pleasure.

Experiencing their pleasure, Mikoto’s hips also jumped up. Even though she only had their fingers inserted inside of her pussy, she felt as though there were actually some men that were violating her privates with their obscene dicks right about now.

Maybe it was because of her own ecstasy, or maybe it was thanks to both Sui and Takeru, but Mikoto could feel that the currents flowing throughout her insides were only growing stronger. Her bouncing boobs were becoming more and more flushed by the minutes, and her nipples were so stiff that every time their rubbed against her skin it actually hurt. Feeling exactly what Takeru and Sui were going through, she could feel her own pussy gape like crazy, dripping love juices all over the place and staining the floor with it. The lust inside of her womb was only growing.

[Mi, Miiiiii, ko, toooooo!!!]

Takeru’s crazed moans were reaching the new heights of volume right now.


Mikoto could feel the electric shocks that were generated each time Takeru rubbed her nipples against Sui’s.

[Mikoto-chan! Takeru! Takeru-chaaaaaannnnnn~~!!!]

When Sui shrieked frantically like that and started to shake wildly, her love honey gushed forth and Mikoto and Takeru could feel that as well. The time has come.

[W, wait! Me too! Oh God, me toooooo!!!]

[su_accordion] [su_spoiler title=”Volume 2 Chapter 6 Part 7″ open=”no”] [/su_spoiler]

The sensations of two stirred pussies became one inside of Mikoto. Takeru was shaking her hips strongly, Sui was bouncing her boobs like crazy, all in an attempt to reach their respective orgasms as soon as possible ––––.

[Fuaaah!? Good, so good!!! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m gonna cum!!! Uuuaaahhh!!!]


At this moment it was as if something violently exploded inside all three of them.



A golden shower started to flow out of their respective crotches.

The traces of slightly golden and smelly liquid fall right on top of Mikoto’s face, filling her nostrils with a faint scent of ammonium.

There were also traces of white, thick liquids dripping from the tips of their swollen nipples. Breast milk was tracing long and shiny lines on their boobs and stomach as they went their way down.

[Puah!? Nnh, puah…… B-Boobsh…… Pushshy, they all feelsh sho good~~!!]

Mikoto, who was also at the peak of her own ecstasy, was struck with an entirely new kind of pleasure one the warm and golden body fluids rained all over her. Her mouth was also quickly filled with stinky urine, causing her to be unable to think reasonably anymore.

[Naagh…… Puah, puhaa…… Nnh, fuooouuuhhh……]

The mixture of two kinds of liquids pour all over Mikoto’s flushed face, dyeing it like milk over a colorful candy. Some of it even mixes with Mikoto’s hair. Her hands were now also completely drenched with Sui and Takeru’s love fluids and urine, forming small puddles all over the tatami floor.

(I came…… I came so much and so hard……)




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