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Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 7 Part 1




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


CHAPTER 7: Articifial Pregnency


Three days have passed. Four days have passed. –––– Eventually a whole week have passed.

But even though the tempest have long passed, no ship came to the island. One after another, a new typhoons continued to ravage the island’s shores. And since the island was always right in the middle of those typhoons, it wasn’t all that improbable that the island would become isolated from the outside world for more than a month.

[What a ridiculous idea to build a hotel in a place like this.]

Says one of the men while on his knees with his dick out. He looked to towards the ceiling with resignation, letting out a deep sigh. Even though he was not expecting a reply,

[The island elder says such is the will of Meobachi-sama, so I guess there’s no helping it.]

It came from the innkeeper of the inn, who laughed while applying lotion to Takeru’s plump butt at the time.

In the corner of the island, there was a mansion. In that mansion there was a certain room, locked away behind a closed doors. That room right now was filled with so much humidity that it was sticking to the skin like glue, and the suffocating odor of body fluids was permeating the nostrils. For days now, various men from around the island were coming and going through here, repeatedly raping Mikoto and her friends.

Since there were no ships coming to the island, it was the great time for all the men. However, for the girls it was nothing short but a living hell.

[Muah…… Nhh, puah……]

Moaned Takeru in a voice that didn’t even sound human anymore. For the past few days she was being continuously violated by the various men and right about now she was constantly losing consciousness partially out of exhaustion, and partially out of overload of pleasure.

All of her clothes were stripped away and her bare skin was completely exposed to the stuffy air inside of the room. Both her breasts and butt bore multiple red marks of fingers, which was only showing just how intense was the humiliation she was subjected to inside of here. Both semen and love juices were dripping out of her asshole and her pussy in huge amounts, resembling torrents of the waterfall. Her belly, previously flat and beautiful, was now swollen to the size of a ripe watermelon, her navel almost able to touch the dirty tatami mats.

Her back pressed against a pillar. Her hands brought together over her head and tied up to the beam under the ceiling. Positioned like that, her swollen stomach was bouncing and swaying, covered in a thick net of both red and blue veins.

Takeru was injected with the same kind of youma as Mikoto was. Taken out of a ceramic jar, the yomas were then placed right next to Takeru’s pussy and let inside of it, where they would nurture and grow, consequently bloating her stomach to this unsightly size. But even so, the flames of lust would still consume Takeru, causing her love juices to overflow from both her ass and her pussy seemingly without end.

[Uuh, kuh, nnh, hmm, nmhh……!!]

Her swollen belly felt unbearingly hot.

Right about now her belly looked as if someone placed hot coals inside of her womb. Through swaying and bouncing you could see something clearly moving inside of it, creating a truly grotesque sight. At the same time Takeru’s love juices just wouldn’t stop leaking, creating bigger and bigger puddle beneath her, looking as though she wetted herself. Shivers of pleasure were also surging throughout her spine.

Caused by this artificial pregnancy, Takeru’s boobs also swelled tremendously, secreting white threads of milk all the time. It contrasted heavily with her snow-white skin, now flushed red because of all the sensations she was feeling.

[What’s wrong? Isn’t this exactly what you wanted?]

[Ahh!! Uuuggghhh!?!?!?]

With a batch of new dicks rubbing against her skin, Sui also leaked out one hot moan after another. Right now she was overly sensitive all-over, and when a dick was being screwed inside of her forcefully, she felt it even more.

[Yah, ugh, nnh, hngh, mmh……!!]

At the same time a few dicks were being rubbed against her flushed cheeks, leaving slimy and shiny trails all over her skin. Hard and hot dicks were also being pressed against her hot belly and thighs, utilizing her every part as an object of pleasure.


Her bloated belly got stretched from the inside, bouncing and swaying heavily. Reacting to that, Sui jumped up frantically and let out a short shriek of surprise.


Sui’s every hole was leaking love juices, breast milk, tears, saliva and urine.

The womb was not the only place around Sui’s body that was being used to cultivate youmas. Grotesque worms were falling out of her anus and nipples as well. Basically every single hole that could be used by the youmas was being used, producing endless waves of slugs, worms and spiders. And poor Sui was at the center of it all.

[You shall make a fine seedbed.]

Said one of the men while laughing, pressing his erect dick against Sui’s swollen breast. Then he presses some kind of device against Sui’s breast. The device looked like a suction cup connected to a large and empty syringe-like tube.

The man presses the switch and in the next moment the device came to life, starting to move and sucking strongly.

[Fuaah!? Ahh, aaaggghhh!?!?!?]

As the cup started to suck on her breast strongly, Sui let out a scream that was more like a roar of a wild animal. As her thick, white milk was accumulating inside of the syringe, gushes of thick love juices spilled out of her pussy and a torrent of golden liquid erupts onto the tatami floor again.

[What a waste. This won’t do.]

One of the men murmured to himself while taking out his dick from inside of Sui’s pussy and pressing a large cup right against her entrance, collecting the precious fluids that Sui was expelling out of her body.

Gradually, the cup was getting filled with Sui’s urine, and the gathered liquid started to wet her plump butt. When enough liquid is collected, the syringe was finally released from Sui’s breast and put against the cup. With a press of a switch, the syringe’s contents were released to the cup as well, filling it with thick, murky milk.

[No, please…… Don’t…… Please, let me go……!]

The feeling of having her breast milk sucked out and relieving herself right in front of so many people caused Sui’s body to be filled with shameful pleasure. Looking at the contents of the cup made Sui want to crawl under a rock and hide there, but when she looked at the men and saw just how they were looking at her with lust in their eyes, she felt that her insides were becoming hot again. She felt so embarrassed that she thought she might die from it.

[No, please stop…… I beg of you, just stop it! Let me go……!]

Her cries were weak and quiet, falling on nothing but deaf ears.

[Why are you acting so embarrassed? Aren’t those your own juices? And such splendid ones at that. You should be more proud of them, lassy.]

The man laughed while grinning cruelly, groping Sui’s body and jamming himself inside of her all the way in one go, causing Sui to scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Apparently he was going to add his own semen to the mixture and Sui’s pussy was to serve him as a collector for his seed.

[Uhh, aah, ugghhh……]

Being penetrated with a thick dick again made Sui’s eyes become clouded with desire.

Her trembling lips open slightly, letting out hot breaths and erotic moans.

Her body fluids-soaked butt shook and swayed to the rhythm of the man’s thrusting, and her love juices continued to spill from inside of her pussy.

Sui may have been disgusted by semen, but the dick was a completely different story.

Originally, penis should be inserted inside of a woman’s pussy and semen should be released deep inside of her as a result of ejaculation. But since the youmas that were growing inside of her belly were demanding nutrients, she had no right to refuse them their most favorite dish of them all.

Truth to be told, Sui had long since lost her ability to think straight and her common sense thanks to being insulted and raped so many times.

[Yes, stick it in! Fuck me more with your dick! Fuck me some more!!! Aahh~~~!!!]




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