Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 7 Part 3




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



Boiling hot milk erupts from the tips of Mikoto’s nipples, moisturizing the wiggling Tentacles.

Her urine also erupts from inside of her bladder, wetting the youmas that were crawling around her, filling the room with a strong smell of ammonium.



In response, the tentacles release all of their pent up liquids all at once all over Mikoto, staining her cute face and filling her mouth with pungent secretions. Gushes of hot semen get released against her cervix, flooding her baby chamber and filling it to the brim. Her cum-filled ass gapes strongly, releasing all the semen accumulated inside of it together with obscene sounds and sticky threads dripping all over the floor.

[Ugh, nnh, agh……!?]

Mikoto’s eyes open wide and the waves of violent climax shake her body like an electric shock.

Turned into a cum-dumpster, Mikoto could only spit out the excess semen that was flooding her throat, making it hard for her to breathe.

Her body limp and devoid of strength, Mikoto fell headfirst to the stained tatami floor, laying in the puddles of her own body fluids and youmas seed, looking just like a newborn baby that just greeted the world for the first time. Her crimson hair were wet with semen, sticking to her skin and filling her nose with pungent, hard odor. The remnants of her uniform all torn up and wrinkled, her body stained with the stink of cum, her butt was twitching slightly as her belly bounced heavily with every single breath she took. Squeezed against the floor, her boobs, bounce and shake slightly, white sticky threads continuing to squirt from the tip of her red nipples. Right now, she was literally one big mess that hardly ever resembled a human being.

[At this rate, everything should proceed just like planned. Please come to us soon, Meobachi-sama.]

It was the voice of the Island’s Elder that sounded right next to half-unconscious Mikoto. Although Mikoto couldn’t even be sure if those were his actual words, or maybe the youmas that were standing right behind him, melting into the thick darkness that was covering the room.

(I…… I must, save them…… I must……)

As Mikoto thought about that, she could feel that the rest of her uniform was being taken away from her.

The tentacles also loosed their grip over her. If she was to save both Sui and Takeru, now was her chance to act –– However.

[Uhh, kuaah!? Kuuh, uggh…… Nhh, mnhh!?]

Just as Mikoto was about to regain her sanity, he swollen belly started to move and shake more intensely than ever before. Her abdomen was filled with overwhelmingly hot sensation as if all of her insides were about to be turned inside out. Then her limbs got twisted as though there were some invisible hands holding her, and her cervix opened widely, spilling a huge portion of her love juices out of her.

Inside of her womb, something began to move, seeking its way out.

(I, I cannot lose……! Not to… Not to something like this……!)

Mikoto’s nails dug deep into the tatami floor, desperately trying to fight back the ecstasy that was raising deep inside of her,


The bugs around Mikoto’s nipples become even more restless, crawling around her and digging their sharp legs into her skin.

[Hmm? What’s wrong? You look rather restless.]

[Could it be that you want to get some more dicks and you can’t stand it anymore?]

As the bugs kept on scratching Mikoto, the men looked at her and laughed in a mocking manner.

[T, this is wrong……! S, stop it……! Haagh!? L, let me go, ngaah……!?]

She could feel the men’s arms grabbing her firmly and kneading her breasts in their hands. This would cause Mikoto even more pleasure which was making her knees all wobbly and week.

Mikoto bit on her lips in a hurry to stop her moans from leaking out uncontrollably.

[You are so cute. Out of all three, you are my favorite, you know?]

The way in which the men were groping her boobs was making Mikoto become less and less resistant.

They were lifting them up, making circles with them, pinching her nipples and pressing them right inside of her breasts. The others kept on groping her skin all over, twisting her arms even more and forcibly opening up her closed knees.

[Ugh, nnh, kuh…… Uuuhhh……!]

Mikoto was forced into a position that made her look like a newborn baby that needed to get its diaper replaced, with every single inch of her privates being exposed right about now.

[No need to feel embarrassed. It’s only a little inspection, that’s all.]

One of the man crawls in between Mikoto’s legs and opens them even wider, his eyes glaring like that of a starving beast. In one of his hands there was a strange tool, looking like a metal spoonhead attached at the end of a long and thin chopstick.

(W…… what is it!? What are you going to do to me!?)

Seeing that, fear began to build up inside of Mikoto, pushing away any remaining pleasure that was still in her.

[N, no! Stop it, don’t do it! Noooo!]

She tried to shake the men off of her, but their grip was too strong for her and she was unable to do anything. She could only watch as the metal object was getting closer and closer.

[It’s okay, it will only last a moment. It will make you feel even better, you’ll see.]

The men laughed as he put his hand on Mikoto’s pussy, spreading it wide open.

[Nnnh, hmnnh…… Agh!? It’s , it’s opening…… Ngaaah!!!]

The man’s fingers slowly spread Mikoto’s insides open. Her pussy’s walls covered in shining nectar, there was a rich and sweet aroma coming out from it, twitching and pulsating, making it look like a freshly made, bright red strawberry jam.

(They are all…… They are all looking right at me……!)

Her exposed pussy was really sensitive, as if all of her nerves got enhanced, and the stares that the men were giving her were pricking her like small needles. When Mikoto feels the breath of the man touching her insides, a tremendous electric shock runs through her and her body shakes uncontrollably.

All the while, the strange tool was coming closer and closer, soon to be buried deep within the folds of her most secret place.

[N…… No, no, no, no! Please, stop it! I don’t want to……!]


When the small tool finally reached it destination and dived inside of it, Mikoto felt a sudden jolt and she could see sparks and stars right in front of her eyes. Feeling the hardness and coldness of the metal object, it was burning her insides almost like fire.

[After all we’ve done to you, why the hell do you feel so embarrassed right about now? Look!]

The metal rod started to stir up Mikoto’s insides, going at it much slower than it was inserted inside of her. Everyone could see the drops of Mikoto’s love juices as they were slowly dripping out and sticking to the object. The smell of her fluids was a mixture of sweet and sour, bringing to mind the fragrance of citrus fruits. It was so dense and intense that Mikoto’s head was starting to spin from it.

[See just how wet and sticky your insides are? See, look just how much of it is coming out.]

Said the man while gently twisting and stirring the rod inside of Mikoto, as if trying to torment her even more by saying all those things out loud.


Mikoto’s fluids continued to flow out, dripping onto the floor where they were forming small puddles before eventually sinking into tatami floor.

[Nnh, uhh…… Kuh, ngaah…… Ughn……!?]

Every inch of her insides were being caressed by the metal object, and every inch of her was responding to this caress with the feeling of intense pleasure. The cold sensation was creating an ecstasy unlike anything else, transferring the stimulation through her hip bone all the way towards Mikoto’s spine. Although it was bad, although she didn’t want that, Mikoto could no longer fight against the indecent pleasure that was welling up inside of her all this time.

And before long, this coldness managed to reach her deepest parts, all the way to the back of her pussy.

[Uhh, nnh!]

A sharp sensation reverberates all the way throughout Mikoto’s belly. Then the metal spoon pressed against the most sensitive spot inside of her, causing Mikoto’s whole world to black out for just a moment.

Unable to hold back her voice, Mikoto screamed in pleasure like an enraged animal. Alongside that scream, her whole body twitched violently, her limbs shook in the men’s arms and her breasts bounced like two water-filled balloons.

[Ahh, aaah! It’s hitting me! It’s hitting me all the way back! The spoon is……!?]




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