Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 8 Part 1




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko


Chapter 8: Provocation


[Kuh…… Haa……]

Mikoto was rolling around on a hard and damp rocky ground. With her belly swollen and her limbs completely numb, even that was taking a lot of effort to do, as her own body felt like a wet rag. Additionally, the remnants of her wrinkled and crusted uniform were sticking to her body, making it even harder to move around. Even though some of her blazer’s buttons were buttoned up, her belly was impossible to fit into it anymore, same with the skirt that was hardly ever covering anything at this point. Her boobs were also left without a bra, sagging sadly without any support, shaking and jiggling about.

The youmas that were tormenting her body were removed from her. Her body was also wiped clean from the body fluids that were staining it not so long ago. Now the only thing that was dirty about her was her destroyed uniform.

(What is this place……?)

This placed looked like the inside of a cave. The cave was glowing slightly red, probably from all the glowing moss on its walls, making it resemble human’s internal organs.

She was taken from the mansion of the Island’s Elder –––– Down the flight of winding stairs, down some steep hill, with Takeru and Sui following closely behind. Mikoto had no idea how much time had passed since then.

Her mind was still feeling numb and dull from all the fatigue and exhaustion, constantly making her fall asleep or straight up lose consciousness.

The last shreds of reason that were left in her were screaming at her: “Don’t fall asleep!”

“Those are the bowels of the Island!”

“The inside of the youmas nest!”

[…… Takeru…… Sui…… Must… get up……]

Mikoto tried to shake the two girls that were right next to her, but she was unable to do anything with her current condition. She could only see that the two were sound asleep with relaxed expressions. Mikoto could tell that their slumber was deep, because not even the movements inside of their bulging bellies were able to wake them up.

Being unable to do anything, Mikoto was doing everything in her power to fight off the despair that was slowly starting to overcome her. Mikoto tried to put her hand inside of her skirt’s pocket. Something, anything! Even the slightest shred of a talisman would suffice here –––––– and,

Something hits her fingertips.

It was a familiar shape. Nostalgic even.

No way, she thought to herself. But when she fishes the object out of her pocket,

[…… Rai… kou……?]

It was the stuffed black cat toy, the key to the realm in which her exorcism sword ‘Raikou’ was being kept.

Why was it there? Did the men perhaps thought that they could leave it because Mikoto had no more energy to oppose them? Or maybe they didn’t realize what it was? Whatever the reason, it was an opportunity.

Mikoto squeezed the stuffed cat tightly with her left hand, and touched it with her right hand in such a way as if she wanted to unsheathe her sword. She closed her eyes, adjusted her breathing and tried to focus.

[…… In the name of the Shiratori, heed my words, oh the demon-slaying blade.]

Upon this revelation, all the sluggishness and laziness that were filling Mikoto’s body disappeared like it was never there in the first place. Her mind was sharp as a razor yet again and Mikoto was fully aware of her surroundings.

Ten, twenty…… No, there were many more youmas scattered all over the place.

Small, mouse-like youmas were hidden behind rock, stone pillars and piles of natural rubble all over. She couldn’t see them because of the barrier of some sort, but she could clearly feel their presence.

[Heed my call, abide by the ancient covenant!]


A hot sensation ran across her swollen belly.

With the sudden swell of her pure “ki”, the youmas inside of Mikoto’s womb started to panic and look for a way to escape.

The huge lump inside of her move about and bumped into her inner walls, stretching them to the limit. Although the pleasure was yet again trying to assault Mikoto, she grit her teeth and didn’t allow that to ruin her build-up concentration.

[My name is Mikoto…… In the name of Shiratori Mikoto, manifest yourself! Sword of Exorcisms, ‘Raikou’!!!]


With the spell chanted in powerful, clear voice, there was a huge roar of lightning echoing throughout the cave.

There were threads of lightning flying about the place, converging into Mikoto’s left hand. And when the blinding light finally subsided, a shiny red sheathe was in Mikoto’s hand.


There was a loud and dry sound similar to a glass window shattering into pieces, and in another moment a horde of youmas rushed towards Mikoto, trying to take her down. Seeing that, Mikoto quickly unsheathed Raikou and got it ready to strike.


Bearing the blade before the youmas. It emits a sharp, bright glow.

And in the next moment, that sharp light flies forward, slashing every youma that is in its path.


The youmas inside of her belly rampage violently, causing her thighs and abdomen to feel as though they were on fire.

[Kuh, uuh, nnh……]

Mikoto does her best to resist the irritating sensation that sprung inside of her stomach and resumes her stance. Focusing her “ki” into the blade, she sends forward a slash of lightning that eradicates every single youma within one meter radius.


Perhaps it was because the youmas didn’t expect their prey to counterattack, but the small ones backed away and then retreated back into the shadows while hissing loudly all along.

However, their auras didn’t disappear.

Looking closely towards the darkness, Mikoto could see that they were all stuck up to the floor, walls and ceiling, waiting for the right time to strike back. Even though Mikoto had ‘Raikou’ in her hands, the fact that they were all surrounded did not change.

[Takeru! Sui! Wake… up……!]

Mikoto cried out towards her sister and friend.

The rumble inside of her womb was starting to become unbearable and her belly was deforming so much that it was hard for her to stand up anymore.

The waves of aphrodisiac begin to boil yet again, slowly starting to overtake Mikoto. She need to act, and she needed to act fast if they wanted to get out of here.


Resonating with the swelling heat inside of her womb, the youmas inside of Mikoto’s breasts became active as well, sending violent ripples throughout her milky skin. Right now, even Mikoto’s boobs were getting slightly deformed because of them.

[Kuh…… Ngh!]

The remnants of her uniform rubbing against her skin were sending sweet waves across her whole body. Her nipples were starting to get erect once again, and every time they rubbed against the blazer’s fabric it felt as though there was a lightning coming through them.

The youmas inside of her stomach and boobs were becoming more and more active with each second, the sensations they were causing becoming more and more unbearable. Her bladder felt as though it was about to burst. She had trouble standing straight. All of the above factors were making it difficult for her to maintain her concentration.

(I must do this…… If I don’t… then who will……!?)

Mikoto had an idea. It was rather risky, but it was the only way in which she could neutralize the youmas plaguing her body right about now. She placed her finger right next to her chest, about ready to run her cleansing lightning through her own body.

[Cut to pieces, tear to shreds, purify without a trace……]

Mikoto started to recite a spell, all the while staying vigilant and paying attention to the youmas that were still surrounding her.

[Purify, flow through!]

Then she plunged the tip of her finger inside of her own chest, exactly when there was a current of lightning starting to flow through it.


There was a short burst of white lightning and a huge shock ran through Mikoto’s breasts. Her body twists in convulsions and her consciousness gets lost for a split of a second.

[Uh! Nnh…… Kuh, haah, haah, haah……]

The shock then travels towards Mikoto’s womb, the girl hoping to wipe out the youmas placed inside of there as well while she was at it. However, the effect of her action was quite the opposite, as even the youmas inside of her boobs only became more agitated as a result of that.

[Uwaah!? W, why……!? Why won’t they die!? Why won’’t they just disappear!?]

There was a pricking sensation resonating throughout Mikoto’s boobs, as if she was being poked simultaneously with thousands of small needles, and that sensation started to slowly shift towards her womb. The amount of pleasure that was now filling her breasts was hard for Mikoto to bear. Her nipples rubbed so much against the fabric of her destroyed clothes that it hurt. The threads of pleasure strike her even when she tried to take a breath to calm herself down.




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