Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 8 Part 3




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



[Kuh….. Ahh, uhh, nhh!?]

There was a huge tremor shaking Mikoto’s bloated stomach. Her insides felt as though they were on fire, shaking and quivering restlessly. Her love juices were overflowing from inside of her once more, mixed together with the aphrodisiac secreted by the youmas still inside of her. Her belly was bulging more and more by the seconds.

(W, what…… is this!? It’s different, from the usual!?)

Usually they would push up, but right now they were strongly moving downwards. Her nether regions from her navel downwards were becoming increasingly hotter. The area just above her pussy burned and hurt, additionally stimulated by Takeru’s hair. Her love juices continued to overflow, staining Takeru’s face and fingers and making them all sticky.

[Uuuhhh, aaahhh! M-My stomaaachchch!?]

Shouted Sui while holding onto her bulging stomach, mercilessly continuing to straddle Mikoto’s face.


Mikoto could feel her insides twist and shift, causing her to cry out in a loud voice. So if she was feeling like that, what was of poor Sui, who got attacked by the youmas much earlier and in a way more brutal way?

[Nnh, aahhh…… Aaahhh!? It’s coming out! It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coooomiiiing ooouuuttt~~~!!!]

[Yah!? Don’t! Stop it, Sui! Stop it, please, I’m begging of you!]

Right in front of Mikoto’s eyes, she could see Sui squirming and convulsing as her belly bulged and whatever it was inside of it slowly began to move downwards. Even her asshole, which she was trying to keep shut, opened wide and gaped, spilling droplets of love juices all over.

[Kuuuh, uuuhhh…… Don’t… It’s moving around… in my butt……! So many things… moving around… in my butt…… as well……!!]

As Sui’s holes loosened quite considerably, there were black and slimy things that slowly began to emerge from inside of her. As they slowly pushed their way out of Sui’s butt, Mikoto could see more and more details: small, pointed tongues, barnacle-like skin and lots of small teeth and hooks. The things were twisting violently all over, wanting to get out into the world as soon as possible.

[Nhaah!? Yaah, aaahhh!?]

Lots of hot and lewd moans escaped from Sui’s mouth, and her innocent cheeks were currently tinged in a deep shade of crimson. The feeling of having her butt spread open so much must have been way too much for her to handle than Mikoto would have thought.

[D, Don’t….. Sui, please stop…… Don’t do it……!]

Mikoto was shouting again and again, but the thick drops of love juices soon began to fall right onto her face and into her mouth, rendering her unable to scream anymore. She could only watch as the black objects gradually squeeze their way out of her friend’s butt, until eventually ––––

[Hii…… Aaahhh……!?]


Something else started to fall out of Sui’s butt as well, making obscene and wet noises. A soft mixture of excrements and love juices fell out of her in huge chunks, forcing Mikoto to turn her head away so that it wouldn’t get into her mouth.

Then the black youmas came out, reeking strongly of both feces and love juices. They looked like a small, barnacle-covered slugs.

[Puah!? Noo, nooooooo!!!]

They were roughly the size of a child’s fist, and they just kept on popping out of Sui’s butt with loud plopping sounds one after another. Sui’s butt would convulse strongly and pass some gas occasionally, and what followed would always be another portion of slug-youmas and excrements that would fall out of her.


The youmas would pop out of Sui’s insides without stopping, covering Mikoto’s face and hair in a thick trails of slime and the fluids from inside of Sui’s anus, filling her nose with a thick and heavy odor that was making it hard to breathe for her.

(Stop it, Sui! Please, stop it! I said stoooop iiiiiitttttt~~!!!)

But she could only watch her dear friend being humiliated like that right in front of her eyes. Unable to do anything about it, Mikoto’s eyes filled with tears.

[Fuaaahhh!! Fuuuuuuaaaaaahhhhhh!?]

But Sui’s face only got redder and her smile was becoming more and more blissful, more and more perverted.

Everytime she would exhale and relax her body, another huge chunks of excrements would fall out of her, leaving her breathless in pleasure and causing her belly to bulge even more than before. With each consecutive defecation, Sui’s butt was becoming clearer and clearer, filling her mind with a sweet sense of liberation.

[Ahh…… Haah…… Something truly big… came out……]

Then she could finally relax after her hard labor and Mikoto could see that her whole body was drained of power, her asshole gaping like crazy and droplets of saliva falling from the corners of her mouth, spilling all over her neck and boobs.

[Hyiiiiii…… !? Aah!? Uhh!? Uggghhh!?]

When the thick liquids from inside of Sui’s butt finally soaked through Mikoto’s uniform and reached her milky-white skin, she could immediately feel herself becoming increasingly hot. Additionally, the youmas that came out of Sui began to crawl all over her body, as if they were looking for a hole they would crawl into. They reeked of mixture of excrements and urine, a smell that almost caused Mikoto to gag.

[Yah, nnh! Aaahhh, nhyaaahhh!?]

They were all dirty. They smelled so bad. They felt so gross. But there was nothing that Mikoto could do about them.

Feeling the other youmas crawling all over Mikoto’s body, the yomas that were growing inside of her womb and boobs began to be more and more agitated. Mikoto’s skin was becoming flushed red from the sensation they were giving her and her insides felt as though they were on fire yet again.

(No, no, no…… Something like that…… I mustn’t lose to something like this……!)

Feeling ashamed of her body’s reaction, Mikoto tried to shake her body in order to get the youmas off of herself, or at least get rid of as much of them as she possibly could. There were ripples travelling all over her body and her breasts shook like a pair of wild beasts. Even though she wanted to do it in good faith, it only brought her more suffering than actual relief.

[M, me too…… It’s, it’s coming ooouuuttt……~~~!!!]

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Takeru shouted as well, feeling that her own labor was fast approaching, and she latched onto Mikoto’s legs even tighter than before. She then shifted her position, swaying her belly as she tried to bring her gaping pussy as close to Mikoto’s as she possibly could.

[Nnnhhh…… Aaahhh, nnnuuuooohhh!!!]


Takeru’s pussy opens wide and a fresh gush of love juices burst out of her like a fountain. Her cervix spread open, Mikoto could see the youmas crawling around it, fighting for the right to be the first ones to leave their mother’s womb and venture forth into the world. These youmas looked like overgrown ant, making their way forward while using their claws, fangs and hard shells an antennas to push Takeru’s delicate flesh aside to make space for their advance.

If they were going one at a time, it might have been easy for Takeru.

However, there were many more insect-like youmas crawling their way out all at once. And the way in which they were making space for themselves surely wasn’t pleasant or safe for Takeru’s health.

[Kuh, uuuaaahhh!? M, my pussy… my pussy… it hurts……!!]

The intense sensations her insides must have been feeling caused Takeru to throw her head back and scream in pain.

[Uuuh, my babies, my babies!!! They are being born, they’re being boooorn!!]

Hearing Takeru’s screams, Sui became agitated herself, pushing her own fingers inside of her pussy as if to urge her own babies to come out as soon as possible.


Sui’s fingers rolled around her insides, making wet and sloppy noises. Also, there were other noises coming from her pussy, as if there was a swarm of living being inside of it. Then, approximately six youmas fell out of her, each about the size of a thumb. With each youma falling out of her, Sui’s small body shakes and shivers strongly, and a hot moan escapes her mouth.

[Hiyaah!? Aaahh…… Npuah!? Nnh!? Eeeaaahhh!?]

While Mikoto was watching screaming Sui like in a trance, some of the youmas found their way inside of her opened mouth. She tried to close it frantically or spit them out, but it was already too late for that.

With each of their smallest move, a gooey and slimy feeling was gradually spreading around Mikoto’s tongue and mouth. The sweet taste of Sui’s love juices mixed with the aphrodisiac made her feel good, to the point that she felt it was just wrong.

[Eah, aahhh…… Aaahhh……!?]

The slugs slowly descend into Mikoto’s throat, making it hard for her to breathe. As tears gather in her eyes, Mikoto could also feel pleasure from having her throat violated in such a way.




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