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Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 8 Part 4




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



(They…… Filthy…… and yet…… good……)

It felt good to have them down her throat and their slimy juices tasted so sweet when they were falling into her stomach. Wrapping her tongue around the bugs inside of her mouth, Mikoto’s head was flashing white from the intense taste.

As they were going down further and further down her throat, Mikoto could also feel a slight pricks of pain throughout her neck. Even the uniform rubbing against her skin felt painful to her right now.

[W, wh, why!? Why, does it feel, like that!?]

Then she could feel youmas claws digging into her flesh, and her whole body jumped up from the sensation. Her eyes opened wide and a muted moan of joy leaked out of her throat that was now stuffed full of creepy youmas. Thanks to the aphrodisiac mixing with her blood and circulating around her system, her whole body right now felt like one huge erogenous zone.

Right now her boobs were as sensitive as he clitoris, and even the slightest touch of her uniform’s fabric was enough to cause explosion of colorful sparks in front of her eyes.

[Fuahii! Ahh, aaahhh!?]

The youmas continued their descent down her throat. Every time their teeth or claws stab her insides, a hot eruption of pleasure rocks her entire body. It felt as though the youmas claws were sending electric shocks through her body.

Resonating with the pleasure brewing inside of her breasts, her belly was also becoming more sensitive. It also felt as if something inside of her womb began to crack or break, like an egg or cocoon.

(T… They will be born soon! They are getting born, getting born, getting born!!!)

As Mikoto’s cervix was starting to widen and open, a fresh gush of love juices spilled out of her onto the ground. The inside of her womb grew so hot that even her clitoris and nipples felt that, feeling so much pleasure that it was actually changed into pain.


Takeru smashed her own crotch against Mikoto’s making dirty and sloppy noises. She was urging the babies inside of her sister to come out of her into the world. And soon enough something began to emerge from inside of Mikoto alright. Something that was definitely a youma.

It was a youma unlike anything else, looking like a huge beetle.

Just as the beetle youma was getting out of Mikoto’s pussy, there was a foamed love juice forming around it and its wiggling tentacles. It looked gross and grotesque.

[Naaah, aaahhh, aaahhh!!]

Overcome with ecstasy, Takeru moaned like mad as she swung her waist in an intense way. Her love juices that were spilling out of her fell right on top of Mikoto’s genitals, coating them in a wet and slimy way.

[Kuh…… Aah, uuuhhh…… Nguuh!?]

Takeru’s own flesh was so nice and warm, so soft, just like a puffy marshmallow. Her skin was elastic to the touch and the slightest pressure applied to it was enough to send ripples across her skin. Additionally, her love juices made her skin glow in a healthy and lewd manner.

And what’s more ––––.

[Nmuaah!? Eaaagh!?]

Her own pussy lips were gaping and quivering. It looks as though Takeru’s own babies started to come out of her, lured outside by the sweet fragrance of Mikoto’s love juices. Like that, they were trying to reach towards Mikoto’s entrance to get to that sweet nectar.

(Uhh, ugh, nnh!? Aaagh!? N, no way…… No way……!?!?!?!)

As the youmas popped out of Takeru’s pussy and were trying to reach Mikoto. She could feel a wave of pleasure sweeping over her just like a wave of electric shocks. Soon, Takeru’s babies spread her entrance wide open and poked their little heads inside.


Takeru’s babies clawed their way inside of Mikoto’s genitals while scraping her insides with their fangs and claws. Every time Mikoto’s insides were scraped by them like that, she could feel a new wave of pleasure raising inside of her.

[Fuh, nnh, auuuggghhh!? Kuh…… aaahhh!?]

With those waves of pleasure travelling towards Mikoto’s womb, her swollen belly shook and swayed violently. Could it be that the rest of the youmas inside of her belly realized that their way out was clogged up and they began to rampage because of that?

[Kiii, kyuuuh!? Hyyigyiiiiii!!!!!!]

Both of sister’s pussies gaping open, the thick youmas were travelling in between them. The intense sensation jerked tears out of their eyes, rocked their bodies as the shocks travelled across their spines and made their bellies shook violently.

[Fuaah, aaaahhhh!?]

[Uuugh, they are, being boooorn~~!!]

Both Takeru and Sui cried out simultaneously, Sui straddling Mikoto’s face and Takeru pressing herself against Mikoto’s pussy.


There are dark and wet tentacles emerging from the depths of Takeru’s asshole, groping their way around Mikoto’s butt and assaulting her asshole in turn. More and more youmas were falling into Mikoto’s mouth straight up from Sui’s wet and boiling insides.

(Uhh, ahh…… The youmas are…… The youmas…… So… so many youmas……)

They were everywhere. Inside of Mikoto’s mouth, her boobs, her womb, her pussy, her ass and her stomach. Those that failed to get inside of her began to crawl their way up towards her erect nipples, gathering around them. The ones inside of her throat continued to smear her insides with aphrodisiac, all the while continuing to travel towards her stomach.

[Eaagh, nnngh…… ooohhh, ooouuuggghhh!?]

The tentacles drilling her buthhole got their way inside of it and forcefully pried it open. They began to massage the insides of Mikoto’s ass, sending sweet shivers throughout her rectum and beyond.


Reddish and fleshy tentacles wrap themselves around Mikoto’s ankles and wrists, and her ears are coated with this and warm slime. The rest of the youmas that were hiding in the dark up until now have come out and approached the girls.

[Uoooh, aahh!? Yah, Yaaah!?]

Sui cried out as the tentacles that wrapped themselves around her lifted her up in the air and separated her from Mikoto. Takeru was also pulled off from her, with tentacles with large suction cups clinging to her nipples and clitoris.

[Ahh, ahh, aaahhh!? I’m floating!? I’m floating!?]

A bunch of hot stuff explodes inside of Mikoto and Takeru’s butts as it gets pulled back. Soon the both ends of the tentacles fall out of their asses, gushes of white and cloudy semen following shortly after them.


When the tentacles popped out of their assholes, they did so with a wet and lewd sound. What followed them were another type of youmas, those looking like small octopuses. They had no suction cups on their tentacles, but their abdomens were covered with rough barnacles all over.

[Fuaugh, aah, nnh, uuugh……!?]

Being free to do whatever they wanted, the tentacles began to push their tentacles back into Mikoto and Takeru’s asses, pistoning them in a back-and-forth motions. They opened their anuses to their very limits, irritating their skins.

(Good, good…… Even though it’s my butt, it feels so good…… My pussy… it feels good as well……!!)

With her ass being violated like that, Mikoto’s pussy was also starting to feel it. Rubbed and squeezed from behind, her love juices overflowed once more, coming out of her pussy like a miniature flood.

The tentacles came down from the ceiling, wrapping themselves around Mikoto’s body and twisting it back and forth. Another tentacles that sprung from the ground wrapped themselves around her knees, bending them and exposing her gaping pussy.

[Ueah!? Ahh!]

Then, only the left side of her body was lifted in the air, much to Mikoto’s surprise. Her swollen belly falls to the side and her boobs shift in her blazer. A bunch of smaller tentacles grab her pussy’s petals and spreads them open, causing traces of thick and intense-smelling love juices to spill onto the floor. Smelling the stench of a woman’s horny fluids, the youmas around Mikoto begin to shiver in excitement.

Next, thin and white tentacles begin to crawl their way towards Mikoto’s pussy, extending their tips inside of her as if scouting the area ahead. At the same time the octopus-like youmas at Mikoto’s back continue to massage her but without taking a break, pleasuring her tirelessly.

(Aaahhh!? Aaaggghhh!? So hot…… I’m melting! I’m actually… going to… melt from… this…..!!)

Being bent around like that while being continuously pleasured by the snake-like tentacle and octopus-like youma was too much for Mikoto, as she felt her mind wouldn’t be able to actually endure all of those sensations. Her body shivers and her waist twitches wildly in response. She opens her mouth and hot moans and breaths escape from it over and over again,


Small slug-like youmas continue to enter her mouth, utilizing that opportunity.

[Eaaaooohhh…… eeeaaaooohhh……!? Aaaggghhh!?]

Suddenly, there was a sharp sensation running through Mikoto’s chest. One of the youmas crawling around her breasts climbed its way up and tried to insert itself inside of her nipple. This caused a terrible sensation to resonate throughout her boobs.




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