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Inyouchuu Shoku~ Exorcisms of the Lewd Island ~ Chapter 8 Part 7




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



On the contrary, she wanted them to violate here so much that she could hardly even wait.

[Inshide…… Your dicksh, put them…… Inshide……! I want them shoooo bad……!]

Devoid of shame and reason, Mikoto began to shake her own waist in an inviting manner, spilling her own secretions all over the place and covering the tentacles with it.


The tentacles of the octopuses finally got tired and fell out of Mikoto’s butt, only for other to take their place immediately. And since Mikoto’s ass still remember theit thickness, it didn’t closed on the new ones right away, spilling thick threads of ass juices on the ground.

(Uuuh, aaah…… My butt…… They are going to fuck my butt as well……!!)

Having been pounded so much and moisturized with the aphrodisiac, Mikoto’s asshole was no longer a discharge hole. It was another pussy to be used as nothing more but a sex object.

[Put it innnn…… Put it inside of meeeeee……! Your dicks……! Put them inside of me and fuck me siiiiilllllyyy……!!!]

Mikoto cried out in desperation, shaking her hips and begging the tentacles to make a complete mess out of her.

There, straight out of the shadows, another sea anemones begun to emerge.

[Nuooh….. Puoh!?]


Mikoto’s arms came to a halt after she felt another tentacles touching her. The excitement of being violated by her own children was too much for her to bear, and her breast milk squirted out of her nipples as a result of that, her boobs rubbing against tentacle dicks that were as stiff as rocks.

Another tentacles dived under Mikoto’s crotch, rubbing themselves against her thighs. Then there were the one which pointed their tooth-equipped tips towards her pussy.

[Eoooh!? Ehhh, eeeooohhh!? Nyoough!?]

The hard tentacle dick pressed themselves against her wet and sloppy entrance, trying to get inside of it. This caused Mikoto to feel another huge wave of pleasure and her love juices followed suit, about ready to overflow again.

(Stick it in! Jam it inside! Hurry! Hurry! Huuuurry! Do it! Just stick it in and fuck me!)

It came as a surprise to Mikoto just how sensitive her pussy was after all she’s been through so far. Her love juices flowed, her hips swayed and shook in impatience, but the dicks still wouldn’t insert themselves into her.

They would only go as far as the entrance, but no further.


They were stirring Mikoto’s lips restlessly, foaming them and making her love juices to become more cloudy.

[Yah, uuh…… *Lick*, *smack*, *Slurp*…… Puah!?]

For a moment out there she thought that maybe she was too filthy, that even the tentacles wouldn’t want to touch her anymore. She thought that while still jerking the tentacles off and having a cock in her mouth. She was working extra hard with her mouth to please the tentacles as much as possible. She was wrapping her tongue alongside the whole girth of the tentacle, twisting her neck for different angles and even using her cheeks, going as far as accepting the hot mass deep down the back of her throat.

[Nnh, eeh, ohh, ooohhh!!]

The feeling of having the tentacle scraping against her throat was making her want to scream as her head was starting to become blank yet again.

(W, why……!? Even though it’s my throat……. It’s my throat, and yet……!)

Right about now her whole throat was as sensitive as her pussy thanks to the unhealthy amounts of aphrodisiac she managed to swallow.

Not only that. Her gums, tongue, teeth, the insides of her cheeks…… Every little nook and cranny of Mikoto’s mouth was a sensitive pussy in its own right.


It was as if Mikoto was trying to make up for the unpenetrated pussy with the intensity of the oral sex she was giving to the tentacles. Each time the tentacle goes down her throat, she could feel her whole body go numb instantly and her mind becoming a blank page for just split of a second.

All of Mikoto’s mouth right now was trying to savor the exquisite taste of the tentacle dick. This act in itself was feeling her with whole lots of pleasure.


Even more big youmas were approaching from the back of the cave.

[Nnh, eaaagh!?]

Then something really big clung to Mikoto’s back.

A giant insect, a bee, about the size of a regular human.

Its belly was huge and orange in color, covered in horizontal black stripes. It’s transparent wings had a light metallic luster to it. Its segmented eyes were focusing on Mikoto and every time its insect jaws smashed against one another it made a nasty sound.

(W, what!? What is it!?)

The tentacles of the sea anemone backed away a little bit from Mikoto’s pussy and ass, only holding it open right now, as if making some space for the giant insect.

[Npuah, aah!? Neaagh!?]

Mikoto could feel something hard and elastic being pressed against her back.

It was most probably the stinger of the bee that grew from its torso. It was now pressing hard against Mikoto.

That stinger was long, hard and was slightly bent. It was veiny and covered in some kind of transparent slime, which made it kind of similar to a male’s genitalia. However, the sheer size and width were incomparable. Just what kind of bee or hornet was this youma modeled after?

Gently humming its wings, the bee positioned itself in such a way that its claws could reach Mikoto’s chest. Then they bite into her milky skin and pierce her erect nipples.


[Nuooh!? Ahyiii!?]

This caused a terrible electric shock to run through Mikoto’s body. The bee continued to cling to her back, sending further shock throughout her and smearing her back with its belly’s slime. There were small sparks flying in between its fangs, as well as small ones dancing around its stinger, which was slowly approaching Mikoto’s pussy.

[No, noooo, noooo, nooooo, noooo ––––––!!!]

When the stinger touched Mikoto’s nether lips, she could feel a genuine electric current running through them. Her butt jerked strongly from the shock. A small lightning struck Mikoto’s clitoris and her brain ceased to function for a brief moment from that violent pleasure.

(T, this is…… Ugh!? Ahhh, youma…… Youma’s dick is……!?)

The love juices surrounding Mikoto’s entrance boil from joy, trying to wrap themselves around the hard object that was pressing against them. When the insect youma applied a little more pressure to it stinger and pushed it forward –– SLIDE!


Another poertion of lightning struck her delicate insides, causing Mikoto’s back to arch backwards.

Her consciousness faded away for a moment and her eyes lost all focus.

Her suspended in the air body jerked uncontrollably.

[Fuah! Aah, aah, aaahhh!? Nooo, noooo!!!]

As the shocks strike Mikoto’s pussy, her delicate lips started to quiver and her love juices foamed up. With each passing second, the long and hard stinger was applying even more pressure to Mikoto’s genitals, slipping deeper and deeper inside of them.

(Ahh, no way! This youma’s…… This youma’s dick feels way too good……!)

Pleasant feelings keep on swirl around Mikoto’s pussy, and her ass feels good as well, being forced open by the electric shocks and secreting a whole lots of ass juice.

[Nhaah, ahh, aaahhh……]

As Mikoto’s eyes filled with tears and her mind was beginning to lose it, a lewd and horrifying smile crept its way on her lips.

Even the shocks were unable to faze her at this moment, that’s how far her consciousness was gone. If inserting its dick into her felt so good, then just how good would it feel to give birth to an egg this creature would lay into her? The excitement of the incoming pleasure were far greater than Mikoto’s fear of being brutally violated.

(Meo, bachi…… -sama……)

Mikoto exhaled deeply and lifted her butt reflexively, trying to make it possible for the insect’s dick to go even deeper inside of her. Her womb felt empty and lonely without anything inside of it. It was longing for that strong stimulation it felt not so long ago.

(Stick it in, stick it in, hurry…… Release it…… a whole lot…… hot stuff…… in my womb……!)

Her animalistic lust did not manifest as moans this time around, but rather the movements of her waist. As her pussy slowly swallowed the insect cock, her love juices overflowed around it, lubricating it and making it easier for it to make its way inside.

[Kuh!? Ahh, aaaggghhh!? Shhooo, shhooo thick!!]

Her pussy was coiling around the youma dick so much that it actually hurt.

It was way too thick.

It was way too stiff.

[Hegyiii…… ghi….. Kuh, aaahhh, uuuhhh……!!!]

At the same time as Mikoto’s pussy clamped around the bee’s dick, there was a myriad of colorful sparks flying in front of Mikoto’s eyes.

(Aaahh, I’m floating, I’m floating, I’m floating, I’m floating!!!)




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