Last Embryo Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 2



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

The school that all three of them were attending, Hoei Private Academy, was a large escalator-type school affiliated with Hoei Private University. It consisted of the trinity of a middle school, high school and a university, each of them having their own separate buildings and sports fields. It was the most prestigious educational complex in the neighborhood, and the one heavily involved with Everything Company, which provided Homura’s research with support through it.

The inhabitants of the Canaria Family Home orphanage were only required to take the middle school examination test, and after passing they didn’t have to pay any further tuition fees. Even if they somehow failed, they were still able to take the normal middle and high school admission exams. Those were all the conditions Homura was able to negotiate with the company in exchange for giving them a part of the license to the nanomachine research his father was working on. That is how the Industry-Academic Link was born, referring to the cooperation between Everything Company and the students who assisted them in their industry-related research. The Private Hoei University, being one of the leading affiliated schools in Japan, capitalized on this partnership starting as early as the first year of middle school, raising their student’s capabilities and increasing their value in the eyes of the world by having them engage in this industry-academic cooperation as much as possible. Homura, as someone who already had enough qualifications to be accepted into the Hoei University’s research center, and Suzuka, a long-running student council president have already contributed to the improvement to improve both the company and the student’s lives on campus by introducing a variety of ideas for the industry-academic cooperation, like the introduction of stock-farming, for example, and the creation of the Dietary Education Department was one of them, and despite its name, it was not unrelated to the nanomachines research Homura was conducting.

「If the animals did end up escaping from their pens it would be pretty problematic for the people at school. What were you breeding right now and how many of them?」

「Let me see… there were 10 chickens and 5 piglets. If raised properly, the meat obtained from them is expected to be processed into first rate hams, sausages, bacon and the like. Their pens have also been reinforced recently, but I do not think that the improvements accounted for the occurrence of a typhoon as strong as the one we are dealing with right now, so in the worst-case scenario they might have ended up getting blown away by the stormy winds. You think it would be possible for me to go check up on them real quick?」

「You probably made up your mind already, so what can I say except okay? Just make sure you come back as soon as possible; you hear me? In the meantime, I will show Ayato to her room.」

「Got it!」

Suzuka shouted, dashing out into a full-blown sprint right where she stood, the sound of her footsteps vanishing into thin air as soon as she turned around the corner at the and of the corridor.

「….. Such diligence. You could have at least walked to the entrance like a normal girl, you know?」

Under normal circumstances, letting a girl go out alone in such a brutal weather could be considered a criminal offense, but since this is Suzuka we are talking about here, then there was no need for Homura to be concerned. From all the kids in the orphanage, she could be called the most special of them all.

Having nothing else to do, Homura stood up from the sofa and went to the kitchen to get Ayato and show her to her room, just like he told Suzuka before she darted off.

「Lady Ayato, it’s about time for me to guide you to your room.」

「Ah, okay, let’s go then, sorry to keep you waiting. It’s that vacant room over there, right?」

「Right. It might be a bit inconvenient for you at first since its last resident was a boy, so I apologize for it in advance, but… oh, looks like I got mail.」

Hearing the sound of his ringtone, Homura looked at his phone. Normally, looking at your phone while talking to someone would be extremely impolite, but this time he was justified, because the mail arrived not on his regular phone, but the separate one he was using only for the purposes of contact with the laboratory staff. Since it was the beginning of Golden Week most of them should be on holiday, but maybe it meant that something urgent requiring his attention had come up, quite possibly related to this abnormal storm outside.

But he didn’t recognize the address of the sender. Whatever the message was, it came form someone he wasn’t acquainted with.

Queen[email protected]? The hell is this, some kinda spam or something?

Perplexed, he tilted his head to the side.

Whatever the message sent by that person was, it cannot be anything but suspicious, he concluded. As stated above, aside from Ayato and Tokuteru, the only people who should have access to this phone’s mail address should be the members of the laboratory he’s been working with. Maybe it really was a malicious message meant to allow whoever the sender was to extract all of his private information? If he was to catch something as basic as a trojan because of sheer curiosity, he would die of embarrassment on the spot. He shook his head and closed the phone.

「Was it anything important, senpai?」

「No, it was just some spam. Now, if you please come with me, and I will finally show you to your new quarters.」

Without even reading the mail, Homura guided Ayato to her room. As they were making their way down the corridor, the windows were still shaking like they were about to shatter into pieces under the wind’s merciless assault, which could very well happen, since the window frames were already pretty advanced in age, just like the orphanage itself, If there ever came a time where they would be hit by an earthquake, the building would most likely not hold out, so maybe it was high time for them to start thinking about a general makeover. With such thoughts in his mind, Homura quickened his pace.

Arriving at the room in question, Homura took out the key and briefly filled Ayato on who the room’s previous owner was.

「Technically speaking this room still has an owner, but you can feel free to use it however you see fit since he left and it doesn’t look like he is planning to come back anytime soon.」

「What do you mean by that?」

「Exactly what I said. To begin with, that guy didn’t stay in this room much. The last time he did was 5 years ago, and after that he never came back… good grief, I wonder where has he gone off to and what is he up to right now?」

Speaking of the room’s previous owner with ambiguous words and a bitter smile, Homura turned the key and slowly opened the door.

The Canaria Family Home orphanage had two people serving as its cornerstone: a woman and a young boy. One of those two was Canaria, a mysterious woman of unknown nationality. With her unknown funds and the connections she obtained God knows where, she gathered more than 10 investors who gave her the money she needed to establish this orphanage and make sure that every child that would live in it received a proper education, and she did all of that by herself. But, as amazing and mysterious as she was, she succumbed to an illness and died five years ago. With that as an excuse, many of the investors used that moment as an opportunity to stop funding the orphanage and leave.

And then there was the other cornerstone, a certain boy who disappeared without a trace in the middle of a Golden Week. Where is currently is or what he was up to was entirely unknown, as he hasn’t been heard from since and there was no attempts at contact from his side whatsoever. Usually people say that spring is the season of encounters, but for Homura and Suzuka it was the exact opposite. For them, this transitory period between the late spring and early summer was the season of parting with those important to them.



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