Last Embryo Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 2



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

With a roar of his own, Izayoi smashed his fist into the flying debris as if he wanted to smash it all into dust in the air. But that wasn’t the only thing he did to it.

That on single strike of his blew all of the debris away like a tsunami swallowing up rocks unlucky enough to be in its path. And the one who suffered the full consequences of that was none other than that Minotaur itself. Having its body pierced by the shotgun-like debris fragments and the heat they were carrying with them, it raised a pained scream from its damaged throat.

「G E E E E E E E E Y A A A A A A A A A  a a a a a a a a……..!!!」

「What’s wrong, buddy? Why’re you screaming more and more like a beast now? Its your fault that you didn’t sit on your ass in the Labyrinth like you were supposed to do, and to top it off you even escaped to the outside world while acting so out of character…. Oh, and let’s not forget making moves on my relatives! What’s up with that, eh? You have a grudge against me or something?」

The corners of Izayoi’s lips curved up into a wicked smile. With how unusually angry he was right now, it could be said that he was also acting out of character. But it’s not like he expected the Minotaur to actually answer any of his questions. It was foaming at the mouth and its eyes were filled with killing intent, meaning that its will to fight didn’t drop a single bit despite all the wounds it sustained, so he clenched his fists and prepared for battle.

In the meantime, Saigo Homura and Kudou Ayato appeared in the middle of the 3rd Research Center’s laboratory, having apparently been teleported there. Ayato was still in pain and she looked like her consciousness was still kind of hazy, but in spite of that she managed to squeeze out a voice filled with disbelief at the phenomenon she just experienced a second ago.

「Teleportation? Is that Suzuka’s….」

「Aya, are you okay?! AYA!!!」

She was just as surprised as before, but this time Ayato managed to witness the entirety of the phenomenon she was a part of with her own eyes. Ayato and Homura were the only ones present in the room, but then, Suzuka appeared right before them, materializing out of thin air.

「Suzuka… that thing you did just now… what was…?」

「Let’s save the chit-chat for later, we have to do something about that horrible wound! Homura, will the bandages be enough to stop the bleeding?!」

「No way in hell that’s going to be enough! Fetch me a clean needle and antiseptics, and grab the vase that should be under the lab manager’s desk!」

「Got it! Those are the thing you wanted?!」

The medical instruments Homura told her to get appeared before him one by one. From what he was able to observe, every time Suzuka was moving her right hand, the things she needed appeared in her left hand. Seeing that as well, Ayato’s astonishment grew even bigger.

This power…. That is not something so simple as a mere Teleportation. This is…!

「Lady Ayato, I will apply the antiseptics and close the wound with some stitches, but I’ll have to remove some of your clothes in order to do that, so please bear with it!」

With skillful movements, Homura began Ayato’s emergency treatment. Thankfully his worst prediction did not com true and the wound on her side did not reach internal organs, but it didn’t change the fact that she still lost way too much blood. I was quite probable that the heavy rain outside had something to do with it as well, amplifying the speed at which the blood was flowing out of the wound.

「It’s bad, she needs a blood transfusion! Suzuka, move us to the hospital, ASAP!!!」

「Ah… I, I’m sorry, but that might not be possible right now.」

「What?! What do you mean, not possible?!」

Homura shouted, utterly surprised.

「Why would it be difficult?! It should be a piece of cake with that Apport & Asport of yours, no? If you’re still worried about that Minotaur then rest assured, Big Bro Iza is taking care of it as we speak, so if we want to get out of here, there’s no time like the present!」

「I know! I thought the same thing at first, but as soon as I tried to set foot outside the campus grounds, I was attacked by a friggin’ thunderbolt! Attacked, as in, the lightning was aiming straight at me every goshdarn time! If it wasn’t for Big Bro Iza coming to my rescue I would have been toasted for sure!」

Homura gave her a doubtful look.  A part of him was thinking that it was a whole load of bullshit, but given what he saw and experienced throughout the last hour, he decided to believe Suzuka’s words in the end since she had no reason to lie to him. And if what she said about being attacked as soon as tried leaving the school, then leaving the school grounds might not be such a good idea after all.

「*Sigh* Then I guess we have no choice. I will use the blood-producing nanomachines. I know that it is a precious research material that Everything Company entrusted us with, but this is a matter of your life and death here, so I hope you’ll be willing to turn a blind eye to this, Lady Ayato.」

「… Alright. I leave myself in your care, Homura-senpai.」

Having received Ayato’s approval, Homura searched for and procured three capsules willed with dark liquid. All three of them were labeled 『3S Nanomachine Unit』.

Those are the only 3 Origins we have right now, but there is no cost too great as long as using them means saving Lady Ayato’s life.

He sucked the contents of one of the capsules into the syringe and injected it into Ayato’s bloodstream, hiding the other two in the pocket of his raincoat.

Phew, that should do it as long as the emergency treatment is concerned.

Homura thought while exhaling a sigh of relief. But they weren’t meant to have a well-deserved rest just yet, because the lab’s windows have been shattered by a thunderbolt that clearly was aiming for them.

「Both of you, on the ground, now!」

The fragments of broken glass have been scattered across the entire laboratory. Homura felt extremely confused, but that was to be expected. After all, Izayoi was handling the Minotaur, so how was it possible for them to be attacked like that? Hiding under the desk at the far side of the room, he looked at the sky outside the windows to confirm their current situation. There, he saw one more thing that made him widen his eyes in shock today.

A storm cloud is… taking the for of the bull?!



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