Last Embryo Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

The cumulonimbus that gathered high above the school was writhing around as if it was a sentient, living being several kilometers wide. Figuring out that it was another supernatural occurrence didn’t take him much time, because there was no way for something as menacing as this to be the creation of the natural forces that governed this world. And the worst part about all of this? That the bull created from the convergence of the storm clouds was looking straight at the laboratory, directing all of its hostility and murderous intent towards the three of them inside.

「What the heck… now it really became 『Taurus』…!」

Typhoon Nr.24, codename 『Taurus』. The irony of how fitting that name was now made Homura grit his teeth. Faced with those new circumstances, he needed to formulate a new plan, and he had to do it fast, but all of the aces he had up his sleeve have already been expended. There was nothing else he could do.

Just when he was about to admit that there was no hope for them, Ayato’s soft voice spoke to him.

「Homura-senpai… the letter… haven’t you received it?」


「A letter… the message that should have been delivered to you, and your last chance at turning the tides of this hopeless situation…」

A letter… the thing that both Ayato and Tokuteru mentioned today. They were both asking some strange and mysterious letter was delivered to him or not.

「It should have reached you… whether you wanted it or not. With everything you’ve achieved up until now, it should have been enough for you to receive an invitation. The Queen would have never allowed someone like you to die in a place like that… she should have delivered you a written invitation…!!!」

As Ayato called out to him with everything she had left in herself, the Taurus above them kept growing bigger, ready to fall from the sky at any given moment. There was really nothing he could do about it, so he had no choice but to trust in her words. Using his brain to its fullest extent, he began to bring the pieces of the puzzle together.

A letter… a strange letter, delivered in mysterious circumstances… but what were they, exactly?! Falling from the sky? A locked room? A delivery via a calico cat? Come on you idiot, there has to be something! If it was that extraordinaire, there’s no way in hell you would have forgotten about it!

Growing more desperate by the minute, Homura searched through his memories from the last couple of days. Putting Tokuteru aside, he knew that Ayato would never told something like that as a joke, so he absolutely must have received something like that. But no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to remember anything like that. And even if he did, then who would the sender of such a mysterious and strange message even be?!

Wait a minute… the message… a letter… a mail?

「The sender of that mail was… a queen? I see! So it must have been that mail!」

A mail he received on his phone that only the members of the laboratory knew about, send by an unknown sender from an address that went something like: [email protected].

「Holy shit, you’d better be right about this!」

Taking out the second phone as fast as he could, he checked through the contents of the mailbox while the stormy Taurus began its rapid descend towards the ground, and that wasn’t a metaphor or a figure of speech. Finally finding the right message, Homura opened it by slamming the keys on the phone without even checking what exactly he was doing. And at the moment when it seemed like they were all done for… the room was filled with the light of an aurora that enveloped all three of them.

Without faltering or stopping, Taurus finally hit the ground, and when it did, the building where the 3rd Research Center was located, the very same one Homura, Ayato and Suzuka were just a second ago,,, has been destroyed without a trace.

All of a sudden, their surroundings changed drastically. The veil of darkness that covered the sky has been rend asunder by the rays of shining sunlight, and in their eyes, a dazzling new scenery was reflected like a stage before the audience when the curtains were being raised at the beginning of the play.

Their bodies were being attacked by the sudden currents of the air, but not because of the strong gusts of wind, as one might have initially suspected. It was because Saigo Homura, Kudou Ayato and Ayazato Suzuka were currently falling from the altitude of roughly 4000 meters above the ground.

「What the fu……..?!!!!!!」



The landscape below them was the one they have never seen before, with the most jaw-dropping thing being an enormous tree so large that it looked like it was piercing the canopy of clouds and was reaching higher still, all the way to the heavens where the Gods supposedly resided, followed closely by the enormous bird that made its nest on the branches nearest to the tree’s trunk, and the finishing blow being a city at the tree’s roots that looked like it was submerged under the water’s surface. Despite being overwhelmed by the pressure that accompanied their fall, both Homura and Suzuka were equally amazed and shocked, to the point where even though they didn’t plan it at all, they shouted the same sentence in perfect unison:


The confusion meters in their heads were currently going through the roof due to this unforeseen development. But for the time being, they had more pressing concerns than figuring out where they have been spirited away to. If they continue to fall the way they are falling right now, the even if they will land in the water – which was the most probable scenario, if the course of their fall was to be of any indication – the shock of the resulting impact will kill them instantly.

What they did not know, was that there was no need for them to be worried at all. Well, not all of them, at least.

Even if they were to hit the ground at the end of their fall, no harm would come to them because of the protective Gift that was applied to them the moment they have been transported here, but the only one aware of that fact was Kudou Ayato.

Ahhh… So it would seem I was fated to come back to this world after all… Good grief…

Out of the trio of our heroes, Ayato was the only one to accept everything that was happening to them with stoic expression and a nostalgic gaze.

Yes, that’s right. The place that the three of the have been summoned to… was a different world.



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