Last Embryo Volume 1 Chapter 6 Part 7



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

Snapping back into reality, Ayato raised her head sharply. While she was lost in her own thoughts, the next set of water sprouts appeared right before them. She manipulated the reins instantly to avoid colliding with any of them and succeeded, but each and every of her successful evasive maneuvers was too much of a close call. More than once Ayato was sure that they were done for and sweated bullets as a result, but fortunately Suzuka was always there for her to use her Gift to make the more problematic water sprouts disappear, turning them against Shirayuki-hime.


Getting hit to the head by the water sprout of her own making, she got blown sideways into the city while still going at top speed. The audience on the shore cheered loudly when they saw her crashing into the buildings. But then…

「….. Oh my God SHE’S HEADING THIS WAY!!!!!!!」



The people screamed and shouted as they tried to flee from their seats to avoid being crushed into bloody paste by the body of an enormous white snake. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that once they sensed danger coming their way they scattered chaotically in every possible direction. When she finally stopped her momentum and was able to recover, veins could be seen popping on Shirayuki-hime’s forehead as she moaned in anger. But even though she appeared to be angry on the outside, she was perfectly calm inside.

(Grrrr, this is just peachy, out of all the Gifts that girl might have possessed she had to have Apport & Asport specifically… but I have to say, they really are little more than immature children. Who in their right mind gives a full explanation of their powers when the enemy is right there beside them?)

If what Ayazato Suzuka said was indeed true, then her Gift possessed one critical weakness, and Shirayuki-hime wasn’t dumb enough to overlook such an important piece of information. When she got rid of the paint on her face she swam back into the waterway, but this tome she dived deeper into the water.

(I didn’t want to do this, but I have no choice now. I have to use the underground waterway, even if it means taking the longer way around.)

She moved towards the entrance to the sunken waterway in the area of the city that was completely submerged in water and slipped inside. Now Ayazato Suzuka’s Gift would be useless against her, no matter how hard she’d try to hit her with it due its fatal flaw. Most likely, if she cannot properly visualize the path the objects in her hands have to travel, the accuracy of her Gift should be reduced tremendously. And luckily for her, that hypothesis turned out to be the correct one, so right now not only dis she have the ability to continue meddling with her opponents, but she also robbed them off any means of counterattack towards her, so right now, she launched another relentless attack at her three contestants while not showing them an inch of her own body.

But even when put at such an overwhelming disadvantage, the three of them weren’t soft enough to simply lose the will to fight and give up. Despite going straight towards the giant whirlpool created by Shirayuki-hime, Suzuka still climbed on top of the boat to fully confirm their situation.

「Aya, I’m going to send us to the other side, so hold on tight!」

「O-Okay! Whenever you’re ready!」

As soon as they finished talking, Suzuka jumped and used her powers to appear on the other side of the giant whirlpool. Then, she aimed her right hand at the carriage and the left at the waterway beneath her, pulling the boat to her current location along with the cascade of water droplets being thrown high into the air. She was glad that everything went well, but because she managed to observe another one of 『Apport & Asport’s』 weaknesses.

(I really should have noticed that sooner! Since Suzuka has to act as both the routes and the station for the things she wishes to move, she cannot transport herself while she is in the middle of moving other objects. Because of this drawback, she had to decide what did she want to transfer first: herself or the carriage with us.)

When compared to Teleportation which allowed its user to move, Apport & Asport was obviously more difficult to use and didn’t offer as much versatility. Now, for this particular Gift Game it was perfectly fine, but if the time ever came when she would have to use it in an emergency, it would surely become quite a setback for her.

Sorting all of this information in her head properly, Ayato tightened the grip on the reins.

「Well, I guess part of my mission is to not let such a situation to ever happen, so I guess everything will be fine as long as I’ll be able to keep them out of harm’s way.」

「What was that? I’m sorry but I couldn’t hear you properly, Aya!」

「Nothing, don’t worry about it, Suzuka. I was just talking to myself. Homura-senpai, if we allow Shirayuki-hime to continue play us like that then this is going to be a one-sided loss for us. Any ideas how to turn that hopeless situation around?!」

Ayato was shouting towards Homura while manipulating the reins, and he screamed back towards her:

「There might be no maps drawn for the underwater waterways, but I think it is safe to assume that there are no shortcuts there! If we will have luck on our side, then she’s just going to be stuck there taking the longer way around without being able to turn back, which is going to allow us to gain precious distance, but she will catch up to us sooner or later, so until then, just keep going they way you are now!」

「Alright! And by the way, senpai…」

Ayato fixed her position on top of Hyutos and looked back towards Homura for a moment.

「Now I fully understand how amazing Suzuka’s Gift is, so I assume that your own Gift still has some tricks hidden up its sleeve, hm? Am I right in thinking that?」

「Unfortunately, that is not the case. You of all people should know how weak my Gift is, remember?」

「Heh, I guess you’re right, good-for-nothing Homura-senpai.」

「Hey, that hurt more than it should have, you know?!」

「Ahahaha, if only we were on an ocean, right, Bro? Then you could have utilized your Gift to its fullest extent!」

Both Ayato and Suzuka laughed at Homura, who could only scratch his head with an awkward grin. If there was something those two loved doing more than anything else, it was teasing the hell out of him. Sighing, he grabbed the map to confirm their current whereabouts.

「We almost reached the industrial area! This is where things will start getting tricky, so be prepared for everything!」

「Will do! I have already memorized the possible route, but if anything changes just let me know, okay?!」

「The industrial area, huh? I know we’re in the middle of a Game, but you think we could maybe snatch something we could use from there?」

Speaking of borrowing, they have yet to determine what was going to be done with all the potential damage the city was going to suffer because of them and Shirayuki-hime. Since the Geass Roll didn’t mention anything about that, then it probably means that someone else is going to pay for the damage and its repairs… or at least they sincerely hoped so.

「… Yeah. I think it won’t be a problem if we just borrow it and return it later. Probably.」

「Okay, then I’ll do just that… oh, speak of the devil! We’re here already!」

Suzuka pointed towards the industrial area that they were rapidly approaching. And just like that, when the Game was entering its middle phase, the dark clouds surrounding Underwood began to grow darker and thicker, as if they had a mind of their own.



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