Last Embryo Volume 1 Chapter 7 Part 4



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

3 years ago, Kuro Usagi and the rest of the 『No Name』 Community fought alongside a certain female knight, and also bore witness to her demise on the battlefield.

They didn’t know what became of her afterwords, aside from the occasional rumors that she was supposedly sent to the outside world to act as the representative of Queen Halloween on the other side after having her memories wiped clean.

Her current name, Kudou Ayato, was similar to the name of one of Kuro Usagi’s friends, so she had a vague idea as to what her current identity might be, but because her current age and appearance didn’t match the ones in her memories, she was convinced that Ayato was a completely different person. But now when she saw her like that, there was no doubt in her mind anymore. With that fighting stance and her immense fighting spirit, Ayato looked exactly the same as Queen Halloween’s Queen’s Knight, Faceless.

Then, as if he was responding to the pressure Ayato was emanating, the Minotaur regained its lost consciousness. No matter if it was as intelligent as a human being or had little more of it than the animal he originated from, pretty much every living being would react to the intense bloodlust and fighting spirit directed towards it. While it slowly and methodically removed the arrowheads stuck in its body, it raised a blood-curdling roar, as if it was taunting Ayato to challenge it directly.

「G E E E Y A A A A A A a a a a a a a a……!!!!!!!!!!!」

Turning its back on the members of the 『Six Scars』 and ignoring them completely it broke into a full charge towards Ayato, so she prepared herself to meet it head-on without the slightest intent of running away. But before that could happen, the storm clouds that gathered all around Underwood converged into one huge stormy mass above the industrial area and together with the deafening roar of thunder they formed a whirlpool bigger than most of the people gathered there have ever seen before that released gusts of wind so strong that they were enough to knock the leaves and branches off of the Great Tree.

Surprised at such a sudden typhoon outbreak, Kuro Usagi raised her head up into the sky.

「This… THIS IS BAD!!! Porol, I need you to inform everyone in the City of Water to go and find shelter, now!」

「Already took care of that! We also began to set up countermeasures against the flood should it ever happen!」

「You mean the breakwater?! With what we’re facing up against its pointless! Please, I need you to go and tell the group that’s setting it up that they should focus on getting away from the river as soon as possible! If they don’t do that right this instant, they are all going to die!」

Faced with Kuro Usagi’s overwhelming pressure, Porol had no way to retort to her words. Instead of clashing with one another, Ayato and the Minotaur also raised their heads upwards and looked at the thunderclouds which squirmed and writhed as if they were alive. The charging Minotaur grinded to a halt, jumped away from her and disappeared into the whirlpool behind it.

「Khh…!!!! Prepare yourselves, everyone! 『The Bull of Heaven』 is coming!!!!!」

The sky was rend asunder by the harrowing roar of the monstrous bull. Resounding throughout the entire Underwood, it made everyone who heard it cower in terror and fear. A pair of giant horns woven out of lightning emerged from beneath the storm clouds, and inch by inch they began to morph into the shape of an enormous humanoid bull many times bigger than the Minotaur. With just one of its steps, The Water City of Underwood has been ravaged by 24 lightning strikes. Out of all of them, 4 strikes attacked Ayato and Kuro Usagi specifically, as if they were targeted at them directly, reducing the buildings and structures around them to nothing but dust and rubble. Deflecting the debris that threatened to fall on their heads with her spears, Ayato looked at the monstrous bull in the sky.

「Damn it, my powers are not suited for battles against high-caliber enemies such as 『The Bull of Heaven』! Kuro Usagi, are there any powerful people who could fight this thing nearby?! Because if they are, their help would be greatly appreciated!」

「W-Well, I’m afraid that might be a bit difficult since all of the members of 『Draco Grief』, 『No-Name』 and the 『Great Seas Devastating Sage』 all went to the region where The 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority is going to be heard in order to observe it…」

Kuro Usagi shouted towards Ayato while holding down her rabbit ears to protect them from the rain and the raging winds. Realizing that at this rate thing will go south very quickly Ayato pointed towards the base of the Great Tree, suggesting that they should take shelter there for now.

「We have no choice then! We need to get to the Great Tree before more of those lightning strikes rain down on us! No matter what happens we should be safe there, since it’s under the Queen Halloween’s protection! While we’re at it, we should leave the evacuation process to Porol and Lady Shirayuki-hime!」

「No, you should head there yourself, Miss Ayato! I will help with the evacuation, and you go to Miss Suzuka’s side! Right now, she needs you more than ever!」

Moved to the very core by Kuro Usagi’s words, Ayato’s eyes widened. She let go of the spears she was holding, causing her expression to revert to the one she usually wore, and then she bowed deeply in apology.

「Alright, I will leave this place to you then. Just be careful, okay?! I would never forgive myself if something were to happen to you!」

And she dashed towards the Great Tree of Underwood without looking back. All this time, the winds were only getting stronger, and together with the lighting strikes which were growing more and more frequent, they were still posing an immeasurable threat to the city and its surroundings.

But that wasn’t the only thing they had to worry about. In addition to the 『Bull of Heaven』 generating winds and lightning, the rapidly rising levels of water were just as big of a threat to the City of Water as the beast in the sky. Its roars were deafening, but the screams of the people in the city were no less horrifying.

Screams of those drowning in the river, taken away by its currents.

Screams of those burned alive by lightning, having their flesh turned into charred corpses in a span of seconds.

And screams of those crushed by the buildings that were falling apart all around them.

Looking up at the embodiment of disaster in the sky above her, Kuro Usagi bit down on her lips with such strength that blood began to spill from them. She wanted to do something, but in her current state she was no match for the Celestial Beast like Gugalanna. As the 『Judge Master』, she could do nothing to interfere with The 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority. And to make matters worse, all of the friends she could count on were away, making sure that the other Sun authorities won’t fall into the hands of those who would surely misuse them. Out of all the powerful people capable of turning this hopeless situation around and Subjugate the Avatar of Taurus, only one name popped up in Kuro Usagi’s head.

(Izayoi… if only Izayoi was here!)

But there’s no way that would be possible. After all, he had no way of knowing that Underwood was in danger. If he knew about it, he wouldn’t have allowed such cruelty to take place. If he somehow learned of what was going on here right now, he would have rushed to their rescue, even if he was worlds apart from them.

Kuro Usagi racked her brains to see if there was any way to inform him of the current happenings, but found none. So right now, there was only one thing she could do: run away from the City of Water as it was being destroyed by the rampaging 『Bull of Heaven』.



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