Last Embryo Volume 1 Chapter 8 Part 4



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

「*Siiiiiigh* Listen here, Miss Sharol. I know that the customs of our world might be a tad different than the ones in Little Garden, but that is exactly what common sense is for, you know? And just for your information, Aya is a kind of a double victim in this situation, but that’s due to the upbringing she received. You see, you might call her your typical rich lady with sheltered upbringing, but in her case that would be an understatement, because Aya was really sheltered. And when I say sheltered, I mean like , really, reeeeeeeeally sheltered, so much so that before she enrolled into the same middle school as Bro Homura and I, she wasn’t even allowed to talk to  or play with the kids of her own age!」

「Oh, w-wow, that sounds… really messed up. Please continue!」

「Well, I don’t know if you can picture what I’m trying to paint here properly, but anyway. If it was just about that keeping her from coming into contact with the other kids who might have “tainted” her with their “plebeian” attitudes we could have just leave it at that, because you know, that is just how the rich folks do with their superiority complex and all that other high-society crap, but in Aya’s case those shenanigans have been taken to an impossibly ridiculous degree, because not only was she kept away from her peers practically since birth, but when she finally began her education, she was sent to an elite, private Girls Dormitory where she was surrounded by girls much older than her, spanning from 13 to 18 years old, which resulted in… uhm, that’s why…. Ugh, how can I say I properly…?! Look, as you’ve pointed it out yourself, Aya is a stunning beauty, especially considering how young she is. Oh, she wasn’t teased or bullied or anything, but she still felt like she was being ostracized from the rest of the girls in the Dormitory… so she ended up running back home after a week.」

Suzuka paused and took a deep breath. What she was saying was certainly true: Ayato was not bullied by other girls. If something like that ended up happening, then it was more than certain that the person who chose to pick on her would end up regretting every life decision which pointed her to do so, because Kudou Ayato was a kind of girl who was more than capable of standing up for herself, and if someone approached her with an open malice, she had so much backbone that she would return that malice to the sender three-fold, making her enemies feel like they have received Divine Punishment for trying to harm her. However, the biggest problem here was the fact that the girls From the Dormitory she was sent to didn’t have any ill intentions towards her. Actually, it was quite the opposite, since Ayato was welcomed quite warmly into their ranks.

The problem was exactly that.

Blonde hair reminiscent of the threads of gold; big, round eyes that looked like a mixture of various blue and green gemstones; fair and silky smooth skin that resulted from the her Asian and European blood thanks to her mother who, aside from being a world-class beauty herself was also the manager of Everything Company’s Beauty & Wellness department on her own, and a posture that overflowed with elegance no matter what she did, and reminded everyone who looked at her of the allure of the unsheathed sword, both breathtakingly eye-catching and ready to strike at you the moment you got too close to her. Since Ayato was encompassing all those features in one package, there was no one who would be openly jealous or hostile towards her. It would be more accurate to say that people around her tend to look at her with admiration and innocent envy rather than anything else.

「Look, what I am trying to get at is this: you know that girls always tend to form their own little cliques, right? The ones they tend to stick to and not let anyone else into them once they have formed up, because it makes them feel like their collective Girl Power has risen while the ones of those not in any group dwindle down rapidly? You could probably still talk with them about mundane things like weather, sweets you have eaten recently, how cleaning your room is such a drag or how your underwear always ends up scattered all over the place, but the problems begin when a more… specialized girl talk starts getting involved, the one that only the closest of besties within the cliques tend to talk about.」

Even though she was speaking in a somewhat roundabout way, the other have finally caught onto what the point of Suzuka’s lecture was.

Although Ayato didn’t have any problems with mercilessly crushing those who were hostile to her, she was at a complete loss as to what to do with the ones who were simply envious of her good looks and stylish figure. They had no way of knowing about this, but by being overly kind towards her, the girls around her have taken the worst possible approach to acting around her. As a result, Ayato left the dormitories after a week, as if she was trying to run away from it.

「If you asked me, I’d say those other girls were definitely at fault here! But then came those douchebag 2nd and 3rd year middle school guys who treated any freshman who was even remotely cute as a potential plaything! My God just remembering them with their high-and-mighty attitudes is making me want to break something even now!」

For just a brief moment Suzuka’s voice sounded so cold that it could freeze anything around her, and she clenched her fists in an attempt to suppress the emotions that started welling up inside of her. If it was enough to make even a gentle-hearted girl like her look like she was about to murder someone in cold blood, then that matter must have been a rally huge deal for her.

Finally understanding the full extent of Ayato’s situation, Sharol apologized to her by bowing as low as she could with her cat ears dropped towards the ground as well.

「I am truly, truly sorry! I didn’t know you were hiding such a powerful trauma deep inside your heart! I just wanted to get along with you better, and tried to get closer to you through skinship, like everyone else in my family does!」

「N-No, please, don’t get so worked up over this! This world is different from the one we came from, so it should be natural that there would be cultural differences between them!」

「Oh come on Aya, if you keep acting in such a way she won’t get what you’re trying to say, you know? You have to either say what you truly think out loud, or forcefully drive the idea into the other party’s head so that they will never ever forget it!」

「Oh no, everything but that! You might have thought nothing about it, but that kick of your was at a level where a Beastmen like myself was almost killed by blunt force trauma to the head, Suzuka!」

Sharol remarked while massaging her neck, to which Suzuka only scoffed at her with 「Serves you right! You reap what you sow!」

Looking at that bizarre spectacle from the side, Kuro Usagi tilted her head and rabbit ears to the side, not knowing how to comment on what just transpired.

(Kudou Ayato… I wonder if you really are “her”, but… she was not someone who would be shaken to the core by such a small prank, was she?)

The Female 『Queen’s Knight』 who died and got reincarnated into the outer world three years ago. After seeing her excellent horsemanship and the fighting spirit coupled with that dual spear-wielding stance she displayed when the Minotaur attacked Kuro Usagi started to wonder if Ayato really might be her, but after witnessing Ayato behaving in such an overly maidenly way, she started to question her own judgement in that matter. But even if my some miraculous twist of fate she turned out to be that person after all, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because she supposedly got all of her memories from the previous life erased at the time of her reincarnation.

(I guess there’s no sense in thinking about it now. I don’t want Miss Ayato to worry more than she already is.)

Shaking her head in order to clear her mind, Kuro Usagi decided not to pursue that matter any further for now. Since the three of them reconciled and stopped arguing, the four girls decided to enjoy the bathhouse together.



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