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Last Embryo Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 4



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

「Oh my God, I don’t believe this… you of all people should know that you humans can grow and change! Ever since you decided to leave them behind like a deadbeat parent, the responsibility of protecting everyone else living in Canaria Family Home rested solely on the shoulders of those two, so it should be obvious as hell that he would need to change if he was to bear such a great burden on his shoulders, and that it would make him stronger as a person.」

Tokuteru chastised Izayoi with and gave him an irritated look.

They say that children will grow up and develop even without their parents around them to guide them on the right path, but he didn’t expect Izayoi, who was as much of a kid as Homura and Suzuka, to understand what that feeling was like, because for him, they were still the same 10-year-olds who he left behind him when he chose to come to Little Garden.

Finding their argument to be rather cute, Pritt proposed to them with a smile:

「If you’re having that much trouble coming into an agreement, then who not settle that matter with a bet?」

「A bet? What kind of bet? And what would we even wager?」

「The topic of the bet will be the outcome of the first Gift Game Mr. Homura, Miss Suzuka and Lady Ayato will participate in. Tokuteru thinks they are going to win, while you, Izayoi, think the exact opposite. It’s pretty entertaining to see Tokuteru entering into such a heated argument with someone, so I thought that not taking such a golden opportunity would simply be too wasteful.」

Pritt took out 10 hundred-dollar bills and showed them to Izayoi while playing with them in her fingers. It would appear that she just wanted to take this opportunity to earn some easy cash. Izayoi wanted to comment on it, but now that he reflexively accepted the challenge there was no way for him to back down from it, because that was simply not his style, so hi simply smirked back at her and took out a golden coin, one of the ones issued by Shiroyasha’s 『Thousand Eyes』 Community.

Tokuteru looked at them, and became greatly surprised. Not by the fact that his odds of winning just increased 5-fold, but because they were willing to bet such an absurd amount of money for such a small bet.

「Heyheyheyheyhey, wait just a goddamn minute, you two! I know that you really want to go through with that bet, but aren’t you betting a bit… no, way too much?!」

「Oh come on, really now? I never expected such a cowardly statement to come out of the mouth of a God of War!」

「I agree with him on that, Tokuteru. If you think yourself a real man, you have to throw the caution to the wind and make a gamble that will bleed your wallet dry!」

Forced to join the other two in a silly gamble, Tokuteru opened up his wallet, but there wasn’t that much money there to begin with. At best, he had 10% worth of what the others brought to the table.

Although he said that he believed that Homura and Co. could win a Gift Game, that was actually a bit of a stretch. They could win, that much was true, but inn order to do so they would need either Izayoi’s or Tokuteru’s aid. He wanted to turn the bet down, but if he did, then Pritt and Izayoi would no doubt ridiculed him as 『The Strongest God of War (LOL)』, and he needed to avoid such humiliation at all costs. As a God, a company president, and as a man. And that he had to spend his hard-earned money do so? Well, that is life for you. Everything to protect your dignity.

Suppressing the anxiety which begun to eat away at him, he took the contents of his wallet and presented it to them with his best, most daring smile.

「Fine, whatever. If you want me to join in on the bet, then I will. Just don’t come crying to me later when you will lose horribly, you shitty brat!」

「Oh yeah? You say that, but can you really afford to throw so much money down the drain? Because without them, how are you going to pay for that lovely lady in Kabukicho, or pay off all of your crippling debts?」

「Hey, cram it with that foolish threats of yours, and don’t you dare talking of such things to a married man, even as a joke, you hear me?! You have no idea how that might sound out of context, or what someone might have done if they interpreted that in a wrong way, so spare me from having to straighten those misunderstandings up! And as for the debts, it’s not like I was lured into going all out because I honestly believed I could snatch everything from the dealer with the right luck… ugh, Pritt, help me out here! Your money is on the line here as well, right?」

「Hm? No guys, you’ve got it all wrong. I honestly believe that Homura can win.」


Both Izayoi and Tokuteru looked at Pritt as if she was crazy. They couldn’t begin to fathom why someone as level-headed as her would pick up a side that clearly was at a disadvantage here.

Pritt, however, showed no signs of being afraid. Moreover, with a shining smile, she took out even more money and added them to the total pool they amassed.

「We can raise the stakes even higher if you want, Izayoi. Or how about adding additional conditions?」

「N-No, thanks, I do not think we will have to go that far. That being said, are you really serious about that?」

「As serious as I ever was, and I wouldn’t be doing that if I wasn’t sure of my chances of winning, right, Tokuteru? You of all people should know that the only people I am willing to bet my hopes on are those whom I see great potential in, right?」

Smiling confidently, Prith decided to join in on the bet as well. At that exact moment they have finally reached the island’s harbor, so she turned her back on the two men who looked at her with somewhat complicated expressions and went on ahead with light, vigorous steps while waving her hand at them. Izayoi then gave Tokuteru a sharp glare.

「What the hell was that about? Did the two of you bestowed some kind of dubious Gift upon Homura while I wasn’t looking?」

「No, as far as I remember we didn’t do anything like that, and such a thought never even occurred to us but now… she surprised me as well, Izayoi. Could it be that… my oh my, I wonder what is going to happen now?」

「What do you mean by that?」

「Nothing, absolutely nothing at all. Do not worry about it. Come on, let’s go, or Pritt will leave us behind.」

Taking the bag with his luggage into his hand, Tokuteru stood up and went in the same direction Pritt went a second ago with a wide grin of satisfaction on his face, the one he was making only when he was enjoying himself like he never did before. Because he knew something that Izayoi did not.

In the past so distant that barely anyone remembered it anymore, Prithvi Mata, the Divine Spirit of Agriculture and the Mother Goddess from whom every civilization took their origins, volunteered to become a patron deity of a certain pair of warriors. Both of them achieved great things during their lifetimes, magnificent enough to immortalize each of them in their own legends.

The first one eventually came to be known as the King of the Gods, while the other became a vessel for the King of the World to reside in. And now, her words seemed to be hinting at the possibility of Homura becoming the third one, but what exactly did they mean? Of that, Izayoi was yet unsure, but he knew one thing with absolute certainty: thing were going to get very interesting from now on.

(If Homura is meant to follow in our footsteps, then it would be bad if he was to lose such an important Gift Game, so maybe we will have to ensure that he will do his absolute best no matter what might become of him as a result?)

Even though Tokuteru protected Homura and the other for the last five years, he has yet to pass a proper judgement on Homura’s talent and the possibilities he had before him. As he thought that ow might be the best possible time to finally get that task of his done and evaluate his abilities properly, the three of them got off the boat and set foot on their destination ­– the solitary island of Crete.



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