Last Embryo Volume 2 Chapter 4 Part 1



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

–Super Giant Spirit Train 『Sun Thousand』, last wagon.–

The last wagon on the Super Giant Spirit Train 『Sun Thousand』 was the one where the quarters for the conductors were located. Normally there wouldn’t be any need for a wagon like that, especially since the ride they embarked on now was just a test run, but once this test run finishes and the 『Sun Thousand』 model will be officially approved for deployment, it won’t be strange for it to embark on the very long trips, some of which might even span across the entire year or a few years, hence the need for the implementation of a space where the train’s stuff could just kick back and relax after finishing their shifts.

Besides a wagon reserved solely for them, the entire structure was also equipped with various other specialized wagons, such as special guests wagons, bedroom wagons, ballroom wagons and recreational wagons, but that was not all, just as one might have expected after looking at the unbelievable size of 『Sun Thousand』 as a whole.

The last wagon served one additional purpose, the one that only the train’s staff members and a select few others knew about, mainly that it was also acting as a storehouse for Gifts and weapons meant to be used against any would-be intruders should the need to use them ever arose. If it ever happened that assassin’s or kidnappers would make their way on board, the conductors and the warriors of the 『Six Scars』 Community would be ready to take them on. But right now, the entirety of the 『Sun Thousand’s』 last wagon was running around in an uproar due to the appearance of a new and unexpected threat on top of the 『Bull of Heaven』 rampaging outside.

Being in charge of the 『Six Scars』 Combat Division, Sharol Gundark just heard the emergency announcement dispatched by the surveillance spirit 『The Laplace Demon』, nicknamed Lapko IX for short, and now, with her personal conductor hat and her beloved trident in tow, she felt her entire face getting stiff with unexplained tension.

「An attacker other than 『The Bull of Heaven』? Just what kind of a mad fellow is that, Lapko IX?!」

「I’m afraid that I can’t perform a proper analysis because there’s still to much of a distance between us, but from the visuals alone it seems to be a tiger Spirit with three riders on top of it, and they seem to be approaching the train at tremendous speed.」

Just from hearing that, Sharol’s face momentarily became even more stern than it alre3ady was.

「Hou? So you say we have ourselves an unknown enemy, huh? I have to say, whoever those ruffians are, they sure are pretty ballsy to be assaulting the test run of the 『Sun Thousand』, the latest and the greatest masterpiece ever created by the famous 『Six Scars』 Community! Alright guys, prepare to intercept those outlaw scum!」

「Ready for interception~~!」

「Loading started~~!」

「Preparing for battle~~!」


The little Spirit colonies ran around and shouted as if they were having a lot of fun while the warriors of the 『Six Scars』 continued on with their battle preparations with tensed faces. Meanwhile, Sharol fixed her uniform and secretly asked Lapko IX a question.

「Be honest with me, how strong do they look? Will we be able to handle them by ourselves?」

「Doing so might prove to be difficult, especially with the storm that’s raging outside right now, and that tiger looks like a high-ranking Spirit or Eudemon. It might even belong to the Divine Beast-class.」

「Uhyaaaa, seriously? But then, we cannot rule out the possibility that the one who commands this beast might even be a Demon Lord!」

Sharol strengthened the grip on her trident and wiped the sweat off of her face. In the current situation where the were already having their hands full with a Celestial Beast like 『The Bull of Heaven』, being caught in a pincer attack by a Demon Lord as well would be the absolute worst of the worst possible scenarios. On the other hand, Ayazato Suzuka, the other guest who tagged along for the ride to help with the problem of bolstering the train’s defenses, had her eyes open wide as soon as she heard the words 「Demon Lord」 leave Sharol’s mouth.

「Wait a moment, miss Sharol! Did you just say 「Demon Lord」? So you even have those here in Little Garden?!」

Sharol didn’t know why, but Suzuka’s eyes were sparkling like gemstones when she inquired about that further. Ayato, who also came with her because she didn’t want to be the only one lest out back at the Great Tree smiled bitterly and cast Sharol a gaze that looked like she was apologizing for her troublesome senpai. To be asking about something as terrifying as the Demon Lords as if that was the most casual thing in the world, just how fearless was that girl?

Instead of Sharol, who was feeling so overwhelmed that she didn’t know what to say, Kuro Usagi was the one to offer Suzuka an explanation with her rabbit ears raised high.

「YES! You see, 「Demon Lord」 is not just a title given to a single individual, but rather a collective term used for describing the walking calamities, personification of natural disasters and the holders of everything that is evil and wicked here in Little Garden! Each and every one of them is a holder of exceptionally powerful Gifts, possessing the power to level entire cities and countries to the ground in the blink of an eye, and some of them are probably powerful enough to affect time itself!」

「W-Wow, talk about being amazing. But the scale of their awesomness is too big for me to form a clear picture in my mind, to be honest.」

「Well, that’s perfectly understandable for someone hailing from the outer world. Now, please don’t be scared, but to be honest, Queen Halloween, the one who summoned you here, is also counted among their ranks, so I want you to promise me that no matter what happens, you won’t act careless or disrespectful around her. Also, in case you wandered about that, if we ever had to fight against one of the Demon Lords, we would stand no chance and get obliterated in mere seconds. That is how powerful the are. The only ones who can stand up to them are those who possess Gifts as strong or even stronger than theirs. But ordinary people won’t be able to do a thing against them.」

Sharol added with a darkened expression while scratching the inner part of her cat-ears. However, she knew that it was still too early to give up, so she immediately started to formulate a plan of attack with her arms folded in front of her chest.

「For now, all we have to do is to get to the Ley Line, since it is going to be physically impossible for anything to catch up to the Spirit Train once super acceleration kicks in, so we just have to buy ourselves more time before we get there!」

「Ahh, I see, I see! So, are we going to attack the intruders with those ballistas?」

「As nice as that would be I’m afraid that’s impossible. Even if we did raise them, aiming in this stormy weather would be extremely difficult, and the bolts themselves could be shot down by the lightning strikes and the Bull himself does not have a solid body, so I hope you see where I’m going with this?」

Every wagon has several spots that can be freely opened up and closed, and they were meant for using them to get the ballistas outside to shoot down any airborne on land threat, since all of the were bestowed with a Gift of Tracking, meaning that every bolt that was shot out from them would always follow the target as long as it remained in the user’s sight, so that made them pretty similar to magic bullets. But because of this unnatural storm all of the arrows would almost surely be destroyed before reaching the target or blown off course by the wind, meaning that even if they wanted to they would be unable to utilize them to their full potential. No, this time they had to think of another way to deal with the enemy, and they had to doit fast.

Just when it would seem like none of them could come up with any good plan for taking on the enemies with their limited options, the one to offer her opinion with her rabbit ears all perked up was Kuro Usagi.



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