Last Embryo Volume 2 Chapter 4 Part 2



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「Lady Sharol, since our enemies are most likely outlaws, then can’t you use the 「Host Master Authority」 possessed by the 『Six Scars』: 『Der Gestiefelte Kater』 (TL Note: Puss in Boots in German)?」

「Hmm… no, using that right now would not be possible. I’m afraid that I can’t go into much details since that is our Community’s trump card, but what I can tell you is that it could only be useful if we were up close and personal with the enemy, and I’m pretty sure that you realize that we cannot do that if we’re squaring off against the enemy of the Celestial Beast caliber.」

「So what are we going to do then? Wait for them to board the train and get inside one of the wagons and then assault them when they’re going to least expect it?」

When Lapko IX shared his own suggestion, everyone started pondering if that would really be the best possible course of action. Ideally they should do something that would allow them to buy as much time as possible until they would reach the Ley Line, but the giant ballista in the last wagon only had 25 bolts available to fire, and given that their opponent was not someone that could be taken down so easily, even that amount seemed like it would not be enough, even if they were to fire all 25 arrowheads in rapid succession and they all hit their marks. In that case, using the time they still had on their hands to make as much preparations as possible and waiting for the enemy to come to them seemed like a more reasonable option that would allow them to take on the initiative as soon as their opponents would board the train, not to mention the obvious thing that was the home field advantage for the 『Six Scars』.

Given their situation the inner side of the wagon was undoubtedly going to be either heavily damaged or destroyed, but there was really nothing they could do about it now except for accepting that as collateral damage. And besides, surprise attacks and guerilla tactics have been proven to work best against high ranking, unsuspecting targets since time immemorial. So if they could utilize to ascertain the victory over the those mysterious outlaws, then they should use every method available without worrying about anything else until the battle has been decided.

Sharol clapped her hands together a few times to get everyone’s attention.

「Okay, listen up everybody, we will begin our interception shortly, so activate all the traps available in the entire wagon and make sure to move your luggage somewhere where it won’t be bothering you or anyone else when the fight inevitably breaks out! And if our enemy really turns out to be the Demon Lord, then prepare yourselves because we will be cutting this last wagon away from the rest of the train before it reaches the Ley Line, all for the sake of stopping that intruder at all costs! So, once you’re done moving your things, prepare to move out as soon as…!」

「Please, wait.」

Ayato spoke quietly and raised her hand, cutting Sharol of in the middle of her motivational speech. Hearing someone she didn’t expect to speak up actually do so, Sharol raised her cat ears in surprise, and looked back at Ayato while tilting her head to the side.

「Yes? What the matter, big-boobied girlie? Do you have any other suggestions to add before we move out?」

「Yes. I… I think I might have an idea how to effectively use the ballista in our current situation, but I want to confirm something first. Right now, our biggest problem is the fact that we cannot aim it properly in the current weather conditions to make every shot count, right?」

「YES, unfortunately! But on the bright side, lacking the ability to aim the ballista in this storm is the only problem we have, so if we were able to find someone who would be able to take the accurate aim with it regardless of the weather conditions, we wouldn’t have to worry about anything!」

While speaking every word carefully, Kuro Usagi directed her cautious gaze towards Ayato. To be honest, she still had her doubts about whether or not Ayato and a certain female knight she knew in the past were one and the same person, because she lacked any kind of concrete evidence that would have confirmed or denied her suspicions, but if Kudou Ayato was indeed the reincarnation of that female knight, then she would have no trouble at all with hitting a bullseye right through the enemy’s skull even in this unforgiving weather. However, looking like she did not noticed Kuro Usagi’s stare at all, Ayato turned towards Suzuka while shaking her head a little.」

「Looks like a perfect job for you, Suzuka.」

「Who, me? But… but there’s no way that I’ll be able to aim such a big thing so precisely!」

「It’s alright, you won’t be shooting anything. Rather than that, it would be great if you could become the ballista itself.」

「Come again?」

「Say what now?」

「What the hell?」

Question marks began to pop up over the heads of everybody gathered in the wagon, but Suzuka’s reaction was especially severe. Being a very serious person no matter the situation she found herself in, she tried to imagine herself literally becoming a giant, bolts-shooting ballista furiously firing shot after shot at a Bull made out of storm cloud just as Ayato suggested… and the result of that mental workout was that her eyes opened widely and she started groaning and frowning and making weird faces and hugged her own body with her hands which were shaking in horror…. Only for it to immediately switch into a grin that looked as if she desperately tried to contain her laughter. Knowing her, Ayato thought that she probably imagined her ballista-self doing something either incredibly funny or incredibly stupid.

Smiling slightly herself, Ayato turned to face all of the Beastman around her.

「There’s no need to think about it so much, everyone, it’s just a crazy talk of a girl who came here from another world. An idea so absurd that it might just work, and therefore should be worth it to at least try it out, but I personally think that it would be more beneficial to try and go with both plans at once.」

「Ok, so we’ll leave the execution of the crazy one up to you. In the meantime, we of the 『Six Scars』 will prepare to intercept the enemy here, so only take as many people as you’ll need with you.」

「Thank you very much, Miss Sharol. Ah, Kuro Usagi, if it’s alright with you, I would like you to go with Miss Sharol and help her group. We should be fine with Suzuka and a few other people.」

「I-Is that so? But what if you run into some sort of emergency? Will you really be fine with only so many people?」

「Yes, I am pretty sure that everything will be fine as long as we will remain careful.」

Kuro Usagi’s ears dropped dejectedly despite Ayato’s reassuring smile. Looks like Ayato remained as vigilant as ever. If that’s how she’s going to be, then maybe it will really be okay to let them go with without worrying about them, she thought.

Thinking that it couldn’t be helped, Kuro Usagi nodded at Ayato and then turned around and joined the interception team in their preparations.

While the inside of the 『Sun Thousand』 was focused on developing the two strategies to handle the unexpected pincer attack that was coming their way, one of the attackers, Asterios and Byakko, were steadily getting closer to the giant Spirit Train. While riding on top of Byakko’s back, Asterios brandished his golden battle axe and awaited the opportunity to launch his attack as they kept themselves distanced from their target, but it was not because they were overly cautious.

It was because the other participant, the one who was supposed to be joining them in the attack, didn’t show up at all. Baring his pointed fangs in impatience, Asterios lashed out at the Divine Beast he was riding on.

「Hey, Byakko, why is this other guy not showing up yet?! How much longer are we supposed to wait?!」

I beg your pardon for this, but I’m afraid that this is something outside of my control. She is quite a moody and fickle girl, but when it comes to Gift games she’s also very serious and responsible, so I believe she will be joining us anytime soon.」

「This is a third time You’ve told me that, you know? Do you really think my memory is that bad because I’ve spent so much time as a giant monster?」



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