Last Embryo Volume 2 Chapter 5 Part 2



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Unfortunately, since Homura had no idea at all as to what his transgression might have been this time, he had no other choice but to awkwardly stare at Ayato and the Queen, hoping that one of them will be gracious enough to offer him an explanation. However, in the end, the one to extend her helping hand to him was the butler-dressed woman.

「Listen well, young man. You have made a blunder with the amount of knocks on the door.」


「*Sigh…* Senpai, as per the internationally agreed manners guidelines, when you visit someone, you’re supposed to knock on the door 3 times if the one you’re visiting is someone you already know, and 4 times when you are visiting someone for the first time or if it is someone of higher social position than yourself. But what you did just now, that is knocking on the door twice, that is… uhm, err, well… if I were to draw an equivalent, then I would have to say that it used in public places like restrooms and the like…  a-anyway, it is not something you should do when visiting someone like the nobility or royalty!」

(OH FUCK!!!)

Homura momentarily felt that a wave of cold sweat just washed down his back. Such manners were usually ignored in Japan which had its own set of rules and customs that people had to follow, but the person in front of which he was standing right now was not Japanese, but a Goddess hailing from the mythology of Western Europe, so there’s no way in hell that she wouldn’t get offended when the place she currently inhabited was treated like a common public restroom. And to top it off, that was Homura’s second offense towards her, since he was late to the audience the last time around. She was benevolent enough to let that one slide without any consequences, but if he keeps screwing up whenever he comes to meet her, her impression of him will undoubtedly take a turn for the worse, and there’s no telling what she might do to him if that happens!

As expected, Queen’s lips became warped in an accusatory grimace as she fixed her position on the chair and announced:

「Saigo Homura. That was the second time you have shown your impoliteness towards me in a span of few measely days, but since you are my representative candidate, I am willing to show you mercy and forgive your blunder for a second time, since I am nothing if not tolerant. However, know that there will be no next time. Just to let you know, I was contemplating whether or not should I kill you right now, but I ultimately chosen to decide against it, so do be careful from now on, alright?」

She delivered her warning while casually taking a sip of her black tea. On one hand he felt like he was about to throw up from the stress, but on the other, to forgive him for his mistakes not once, but twice, she was much more generous than what people were telling him. Then again, maybe it was simply a matter of him being extremely lucky, but if that was indeed what it was, then he didn’t want to push it any further than he already did. Judging from Queen’s words, he was already balancing on the thin line between life and death, and he wanted to avoid the situation where he would cross that line without even noticing it, so he made a mental note for himself to read through and memorize the entire set of western manners, after which he bowed and took a step back, thinking that it would probably be for the better to have Ayato go first and have her take care of her business with the Queen before he could talk to her himself.

Reading the atmosphere quickly, Ayato nodded at him and took a step forward, but she hesitated on how she should begin her conversation with Queen Halloween. But since she was someone who was able to act quickly once her mind was made up, she decided on the proper greeting, she placed her hand on her chest and bowed elegantly.

「It has been a while, Queen Halloween, Scathach-sensei. 『Queen’s Knight』, Faceless, reporting her return.」

「It has been a while indeed, my Knight. According to the time your new body was subjected to, it should be around 14 years, isn’t that right, my dear Scathach?」

The woman wearing the butler outfit – the one both Ayato and the Queen called Scathach – nodded while pouring the black tea brought by the walking candlestick into another cup.

「It is exactly as you say, my Queen. Fufufu, you look well, Ayato. The title of 『Queen’s Knight』 is something that applied to you before you were reincarnated, so feel free to introduce yourself by using either your Japanese or British surname from now on.」

「Thank you for your words of wisdom, sensei. I will be sure to do as you say from this point forward. It would seem that you haven’t changed a bit since the last time we saw each other, but I see that you have assumed the duty of the Head Butler now?」

「That’s right. So, what do you say? Does my new uniform suit me?」

The Head Butler Scathach placed her hands behind her back, taking the signature butler’s pose. Ayato had to agree that it looked good on her indeed, which she confirmed with a warm if somewhat troubled smile. Since the butler’s attire was usually worn by men, she must have her outfit custom-made specially for her and it really showed, since every element of her uniform was sticking to her body so closely that it made the curves of her feminine body clearly visible even when she was just standing and not moving an inch. She and Ayato might have been the members of the same sex, but she had to admit with flushed cheeks that Scathach was incredibly attractive, almost as if she was taken straight out of a painting, or was a sculpture brought to life.

Swallowing her saliva and averting her gaze in order not to stare at her so much, Ayato tried to continue the conversation while looking for the right words to say.

「If I may be so bold, you would look great in anything you decided to wear, sensei. What about the other Queen’s servants? Have they not come here with you?」

「They did not, but they have been properly informed about both the purpose of our little trip and the news of your return, but them not being here might actually be for the better. If they have seen you in your current, shameful state, they would have undoubtedly be furious. To tell you the truth, it is exactly the same with me.」

Although she still had her gentle smile, Homura now noticed that her eyes have been literally burning with anger. Faced with those scornful eyes, Ayato could do nothing but to hang her head and bite down on her lips with a bitter expression. Meanwhile, Queen Halloween was simply sipping on her tea as she observed the exchange between the two with eyes sparkling with pure enjoyment. She must have no doubt consider the spectacle playing itself before her to be far too entertaining for its own good, but Homura had no time to watch her, because his mind was currently preoccupied with thinking about something else.

Judging by the contents of their conversation, it would seem that the relationship between Ayato and the Queen was that of a master and servant. But even more importantly, what was all that talk about “reincarnation”? He wanted someone to explain that particular bit more than anything else. He wanted to ask about that from the sidelines where he was currently standing quietly, but he didn’t want to interrupt Queen’s fun, and it would also be rude to Ayato if he were to butt in right now, so for the time being, he decided to just stay quiet and observe how the situation was going to unfold.

「I am also ashamed of how lenient I have grown during the time of my absence. I will accept any punishment Her Majesty deems appropriate for me, even if it means being stripped of my title as her Knight.」

「Of course you are, and if the Queen didn’t stood up for you, I would have done exactly that.」

Both Ayato and Homura got surprised and looked at the Queen in amazement. She just continued to sip on her tea, but the way her Head Butler phrased that last sentence made her knit her eyebrows in annoyance.

「Scathach. Do I really have to remind you that I didn’t “stood up” for her in any way?」

「Oh, you’re right, my Queen, please forgive my short-sightedness. Allow me to rephrase that then: if it wasn’t for the Queen’s merciful judgement, I would have stripped you off your rank as her Knight.」

「*Sigh* What part of it seemed merciful to you? I just thought that it would have been a huge waste. I like her bloodline quite a bit, so it would be foolish of me to just let go of her.」



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