Last Embryo Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 10



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

He stopped some distance away from him, clad his weapon in lightning and aimed it at him without a word. Izayoi had his hands full barely blocking and dodging the attacks of the demon Bull King’s club, but it didn’t stop him from staring at that blue-haired individual with eyes opened widely with shock. Holding the enemy’s weapon with his hands so that he wouldn’t move, he took this opportunity and asked him:

「Arjuna? Did you just call that blue-haired twerp Arjuna?!」

「Hah! If you still have both the time and energy to be worrying about others than yourself, then are you really taking this battle seriously, Sakamaki Izayoi?!」

Demon Bull King rotated his club with a skillful movement of his hand and drove its handle deep into Izayoi’s abdomen, only to have it blocked by the back of his right hand and pushed back towards him. It was a good strategy to limit the distance when fighting with an opponent who was using long-bladed or hilted weapons, because now that they were so close to each other, Demon Bull King couldn’t attack him with either the blunt edge or the handle of his club even if he wanted to.

「You are quite skilled. Unexpectedly so.」

Demon Bull King muttered after he tried to increase the distance between them, but failed to do so, but Izayoi wasn’t so lax as to let go of an opponent was trying to run away from him. He moved closer to him, causing the Demon King Bull’s body to bend slightly backwards. In this position, his hands and back won’t be able to keep their strength for much longer, but before that happened, Izayoi made one more push and kicked the club to the side, coming with his fists at a now empty-handed enemy, causing him to continuously blink his eyes in absent-minded admiration.

「I see what you’re aiming at here! I have to say, a good old fistfight might not be so bad every once in a while!」

Without even bothering to correct the posture of his bent body he did a backflip sommersault and executed a kick that connected with Izayoi’s torso right as he was about to drive his fist into Demon Bull King’s face. He coughed up and tok a step back, having been hit square in his solar plexus. He didn’t realize it right away because of how dizzy he got, but the shock of the impact of that blow was so powerful that it almost made him lose consciousness right then and there.

Taking into account each and every attack he has received throughout his 3 years of staying in Little Garden, that attack just now was easily one of the strongest, definitely up there in his personal Top 10. Depending on the circumstances, he might have even been knocked out by it instantly. Struggling to keep himself conscious, he bit down on his lips and clenched his fists until there was blood dripping from them.

Since he was now bare-handed as well, this time it was the Demon Bull King’s turn to shorten the distance between them. However, Izayoi wasn’t the kind of person that would simply allow himself to be chased around like a rabbit besieged by a hound. Judging that a direct confrontation with his broken posture and him barely hanging onto his consciousness, he did the next best thing that came to his mind: he kicked the ground beneath him with all his strength, and launched the sharp chunks of the ground that came flying into the air straight at the Demon Bull King.

「Don’t you dare getting cocky with me, you damn brat!!!」

The shards of the ground rained down on the demon Bull King all at once, but Izayoi knew that this move was little more thana glorified smokescreen to buy himself more time to think about his next move. It would have been a different story if the enemy was just your average demon, but someone like the demon Bull King, who was considered one of the leading Chinease monsters would never be brought down by such a flashy move. Even though the shockwave from Izayoi’s stomp, which had enough force behind it to completely obliterate a small fortress caused many of the surrounding Labyrinth’s walls to collapse, it was indeed not enough to stop the Demon Bull King’s charge, since his innate toughness was so high that he could even run through an explosion without being bothered by it in the slightest. When he came close enough to Izayoi, he launched a palm strike right towards his chin… but Izayoi predicted that something like that would happen, and promptly avoided it with minimal movement by moving his head slightly to the side and then trapping the Demon Bull King’s hand in a lock under his arm. And since he possessed enough knowledge to know what was the movement limit for human joints, he actually managed to throw his opponent onto the ground.


「Ha! It would seem that my hunch turned out to be the correct one, Demon Bull King! You’ve been studying martial arts under the same master as the Saurian Demon Lord, didn’t you?!」

Making the enemy lose their balance, following with a blow to the stomach and delivering a finishing strike once their movements have been sealed, Izayoi remembered that pattern of attacks very well.

Even though he’s been pinned to the floor with little means of escape, Demon Bull King couldn’t help it but to smile at how good this kid’s defensive moves were.

「Houhou. So not only do you have sharp intuition, but you also know my fighting style? Could it be that you have studied under that bastard Kouryuu?」

「No way in hell I would do something as lame as that. At best, his fighting style has served as a nice reference for my self-study, since that guy was incredibly good when it came to hitting stuff with his fists.」

With a loud creaking sound, Izayoi twisted his joints. Regretfully he wasn’t able to stop the Giant Spirit Train from falling from the sky, but fortunately enough the sound of its impact was rather soft and quiet, so the passangers must have done something on their end to prevent a catastrophe from happening. Or maybe the Queen or one of her aides did something about it? Yeah, that seemed like a more probable option.

With his face still to the ground, Demon Bull King couldn’t stop himself from laughing with extreme enjoyment.

「So what you’re saying is that you imitated him, but that counts as being his student in my book… but I see, I get it now. So, that withered log drifting along wherever the currents take him started doing something of his own volition for once?」

「You bet your ass he does. He’s even acting as a 『Floor Master』 for the Eastern Region now. But he would probably be surprised if he saw that his brother who he thought of as missing is fooling around with some second-rate 『Demon Lord Alliance』 that might be hostile to him.」

Izayoi glared at Demon Bull King with condemning eyes.

『Demon Lord Alliance』 – a name given to a group of Demon Lords who only cared about rampaging and causing trouble across various mythologies. Ever since he came to Little Garden, Izayoi has confronted that Alliance and its lackeys countless times already, since they wanted to do nothing else than to sow complete chaos across Little Garden.

This 『Avatara』 that the girl who called herself the World King spoke of was supposedly an independent Community made by the Gods and deities of the Indian pantheon who were once the members of that Alliance.

「He’s been all nice and quiet for the last 3years, but now tha the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority began, he started acting again with it as his goal. And since I have a few things that I would very much like to ask you, then how about having a nice, long chat, just the two of us, hmm?」

Izayoi twisted the Demon Bull King’s hand in the direction hands should never be twisted, probably in an attempt to break it, and then do the same to his other hand and legs to rob him of his freedom of movement, but he merely tried to suppress his laughter, evidently not minding being manhandled like that in the slightest.

「Hahahaha… you guys really think that 『Avatara』 is a part of the 『Demon Lord Alliance』? I hate to disappoint you, but that’s long in the past. We have nothing to do with those losers anymore.」


「World King said it herself, don’t you remember? That 『Avatara』 is an independent group of Gods, and its members are no longer mere Demon Lords…」



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