Last Embryo Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 11



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

 Despite being restrained by Izayoi, Demon Bull King still managed to stand up like it was nothing, simply by putting more strength into his legs, which caught him completely off guard. And also, even though he was doing his best to snap his arm in half, it showed no signs of yielding to him at all.

(This guy… his strength is on a completely different level compared to me or Kouryuu!)

Even with his full strength put into the effort, his arm still didn’t even budge an inch. Maybe it was due to some Gift he possessed, but whatever the case with him was, his superhuman strength was simply unreal.

「But you know, sine you ask so nicely, I might just indulge you and answer some of your questions. I just hope you won’t mind it if I’ll do it… like this!」


Demon Bull King’s arm creaked dangerously. Sensing the incoming danger, Izayoi immediately let go of his hand, but unfortunately he was just a second too late. Standing up while Izayoi, whose joints were strained to their maximum ability, was still holding onto him, he displayed his herculean strength to him, and made an ear-piercing roar tat echoed throughout the entire Labyrinth that was many times more powerful than Izayoi’s stomp that shattered the ground beneath him.

He threw a single punch in a straight line, and it send cracks that reached for kilometers ahead, turning the Labyrinth’s walls into piles of dust. The resulting shockwave send Izayoi flying into the nearby was and beyond it, and he stopped only after he broke through several of them.

(Ouch!!! That bastard! To think that he would be hiding such an absurd strength!)

Amidst the debris, Izayoi held his head which started hurting like all hell. In terms of just physical strength, he had to be among the TOP 3 of the opponents Izayoi ever faced. Kouryuu was still better than him as far as martial arts were concerned, but with such a wide gap in strength between the two of them, something like martial arts seemed to be a trivial thing without any real meaning.

But since he was a demon Lord, he should still have some kind of secret trump card hidden up his sleeve, and that would have to the 『Host Master』, one of the strongest abilities known in Little Garden granted only to Gods and beings of the highest ranking. If he decides to use it now, then the situation will be turned so much in his favor that it wasn’t even funny anymore.

(And yet here I am, still not done with my own preparations for the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority. Should have take care of that sooner!)

With the cards he possessed in his current hand, the chances for him to emerge victorious from this battle without having everyone and everything around them mixed up in it were pretty much next to zero. As the Demon Bull King continued to walk towards him with maximum composure, Izayoi focused his sight entirely on him and him alone. He hated to admit it, but this guy was right about one thing: he was not an enemy Izayoi could fight against while worrying about others, so he decided to finally fully concentrate on the enemy right in front of him, and resumed the battle with renewed resolve.

At the other side of the Labyrinth, Tokuteru Mikado was also forced into quite a difficult situation, being stuck in a fight against the blue-heired youth who was supposedly called Arjuna, who was firing lightning arrow after lightning arrow from his Divine Weapon towards him, making it look not like an arrow volley, but rather a battleship bombardment. Having no other choice, Tokuteru materialized his spear, Vajra, in its two-pronged form and accepted Arjuna’s challenge, but the difference in their respective powers, although by not that much, was clearly visible.

As he was running around, dodging the arrows with ragged breath, he shouted back in anger:

「Arjuna, wait a minute, explain to me what the hell is going on here! Why are you of all people involved with the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority?! I thought it was supposed to be unrelated to you?!」

「There is nothing left for us to talk about. For now, the only absolute certainty is that we are enemies on the battlefield, fighting for the opposing sides, so how about you stop running away and face me like a true warrior should, of cowardly father of mine?!」

When he showed the signs of losing his composure, he released an arrow clad in blue lightning towards Tokuteru. He barely managed to dodge it, but got caught in the blast that happened when that peculiar lightning hot the ground next to him and made it explode into a rain of charred earth shrapnels. Being blown off some distance away, he rolled on the ground and then promptly stood up, glaring angrily at his son. As the two of them exchanged glances, he could see that Arjuna’s face really did contain some traces of resemblance to his own, and the blue color of his hair was the proof of his divinity over lightning that he has inherited from his parent.

Still confused about what was his child’s role in all of what was happening right now, Tokuteru once again pointed the tip of his spear towards him and asked again:

「Arjuna, why? I know that the numbers of heroes who strayed from the path of righteousness after coming to Little Garden is as much as there are stars in the sky, but they are only those who have experienced sorrows in their lives. So why are you here siding with 『Avatara』 when you’re supposed to be sleeping peacefully in the depths of the sacred mountain after guiding your country to peace and prosperity?」

Tokuteru asked in a low voice, with the conviction that only a parent who knew that there was no way for their child to have strayed into a dark path could have, but that was only natural. Indra was one of the Chief Deities in the Indian pantheon and one of its wisest and strongest Divine Spirits, but he was also known for having the misfortune of having to significantly lower his ow Spirit rank, be it for the purpose of propaganda for the world that he helped to create, or for his fellow Divine Spirits. But even so, he had one thing that he could take absolute pride in, no matter what.

His son, the great hero Arjuna, a man belonging to the race of demigods who were known to be the strongest warriors in the hierarchy of ancient India. He was in his young-looking form most likely to participate in the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority that was getting closer with each passing day, but Tokuteru just couldn’t understand why would he want to participate in it at all.

It was a common knowledge that each of the Sun authorities possessed immensely powerful Gifts, so much so that if several of them were to be gathered in the hands of a single individual, that someone would have probably been able of altering the Akashic Records by himself/herself. But for someone like Arjuna, a thing like that should not have been necessary at all. He was a great Hero of Benefaction with untarnished reputation, and he lived his entire life while basking in the glory and prestige of that title…. Or at least that was what Tokuteru thought, until he saw that his son’s expression as he looked at him was not filled with pride, but with anguish. And then slowly, that anguished grimace turned into a self-deprecating smile.

「…Father, oh father. Indra, the greatest of the Gods of War. You might have bestowed me with life, but you are still incapable of understanding your own child’s heart and its suffering.」

「What… what did you say?」

「My life has been indeed filled with glory. I had a loving family, good friends, and more military achievements and stopped wars that I could even remember. I was indeed the strongest Kshatriya that could ever exist. To be displeased with such a fulfilling life, would be nothing short of blasphemous.」

「If that is so, then why…?」

Tokuteru still couldn’t understand why his child’s answer was filled with so much hate and boundless fury towards him.

「Let me return that question right back at you. Do you really have no idea why would I even want to participate in the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority? Can’t you think of even one reason that would be enough to make me discard all the glory and achievements of my past life, just so I could join the battle for the power of those who hold dominion over the power of the sun?」



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