Last Embryo Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Not letting go of the momentum she gained because of her successful surprise attack, Ayato released 3 more arrows towards the target. All of them were the messangers of certain death moving at a trajectory that could not be avoided as they approached the decapitated corpse. The thing is, anyone who called himself a true warrior would tell you that shooting arrows at a corpse of an opponent who was already dead was an act similar or even worse to desecrating the body of the enemy after besting him in a fair duel. With her head literally knocked from her shoulders in an instant and all signs of life gone from their body, she was most definitely dead, so there was no reason to go and mutilate her remains any more than it was already done. Ayato knew that as well, but for some inexplicable reason her entire body was being plagued by a feeling of extreme discomfort, because instead of falling to the ground, the body of the girl whom she had decapitated with her first arrow stiffened up and stayed in the air. That was most definitely not normal, and was going against any normal lwas of the world, and was also a testament to the fact that the new enemy that made her appearance was not just your regular villain, but a being of immense power.

「*Tch!* So, the cat’s out of the bag, huh?」

The decapitated head spoke, and in the next moment, the lifeless corpse began to move once again. It moved to catch it severed head as it was still drawing a splendid blood-soaked arc in the air and caught it with just one hand and promptly proceeded to attach it back to its body, healing the decapitation wound instantly as if the attack that killed it never happened in the first place.

With her eyes wide open from the sensation of forcefully restoring all of her bodily functions into a proper working order, the girl grabbed the hem of her coat which protected her from the rain and the stormy winds up until now and removed it with one overly theatrical motion, revealing the seven shining jewels that she’s been hiding under it. Those were the things responsible for the manipulation of rainwater and wind she was carrying out before Ayato headshot her, but now she had them deploy all around her, knocking down the three additional arrows Ayato send her way, even though they were travelling at the speed which could rival that of sound.

(So my attack didn’t kill her after all.)

Confirming that her hunch was correct, Ayato put away her bow for the time being. If she was able to defend herself from the shot that she didn’t even saw coming, then it was exteremely likely that once she was aware of her presence on the battlefield then none of her long distance attacks would reach her anymore because of the protection from those strange jewels. Also, now that the enemies knew what she was capable of, they will probably stop being so negligent and start taking this fight more seriously.

(A Tiger Deity with snow-white fur and someone with a body that won’t die even when it is killed (TL Note: Ah, the legacy of Emiya Shirou lives on…) by cutting off its head from the rest of the body. And those jewels…. I see, this must be that one Chinease individual that Scathach-sensei was talking about.)

With a bit of deduction, Ayato managed to see right through the enemy’s origins. The world might be a vast place filled with all manner of myths and legends, but there was only one legend that matched the description of her current opponent perfectly. On the other hand, if that girl really was who Ayato thought she was, then in terms of raw strength she should be equal to a Demon Lord at the very least. But if her memory about her was right, then she should be one of the Demon Lords who was supposed to have been sealed a long tie ago. It that turned out to be true, then she couldn’t be blamed for taking the initiative for jumping in on some action after being out of commission for so long, so Ayato continued to survey her with ever-vigilant eyes.

However, contrary to Ayato’s expectations, the girl didn’t do anything violent in particular, instead following the Giant Spirit Train with her eyes while revealing a small, barely visible smile before turning back towards a frantic voice which resounded behind her.

「You are late! What took you so long, Shen Gongbao?! (TL Note: major character featured within the famed classic Chinese novel Investiture of the Gods)」

「That’s something that couldn’t be helped even if I wanted to! I went to the appointed location, the Underwood as per the request, but when I got there the place has already been destroyed and deserted, so I just made my way here after…. Wait, who is that little guy or your back?」

She looked at Asterios with a rather rude, cut curious expression, to which he responded with a surprised face of his own.

「I could ask you th very same thing. You are… Shen Gongbao? From the Chinease Investiture of the Gods?」

「That should be pretty obvious, sine I am the one and only Shen Gongbao to ever exist, unless you heard of somebody else going by that exact same name, in which case I would have very much liked to meet that impostor!」

The girl who introduced herself as the one and only Shen Gongbao answered in a very proud tone. She was a relatibely young girl with a lively face peeking out from beneath her shortly cut hair, which looked like a pretty bad case of bed-head that she couldn’t be bothered to fix, but that only added to her specific charm. However, as nice as she appeared to the eyes, Asterios still had his doubts about her. He was well aware that he himself has been summoned to this Gift game as a kind of gimmick to make the lives of the Players that much more difficult, but nobody told him that the members of the Chinease mythology will be taking part in this preliminary Gift Game as well, so he didn’t have any specific information about any of the mythos from that part of the world, but if there was one thing that he did know, if only because it was the common knowledge spread so widely that it would be shameful not to know it,  it was that Shen Gongbao was supposed to a middle-aged hermit who lived most of his life in the mountains, not some young, overly enthusiastic-looking lass.

Although she has maintained her cheeky attitude, she sighed and looked at Asterios with a little softer gaze, because she could understand where his confusion was coming from, since that wasn’t the first time she had to deal with people having their heads so full of what was deemed to be the “official” version of history, so now was the time for her to correct it once more.

Scratching her head with a slight irritation, Shen Gongbao pointed her finger towards Byakko and said:

「It would seem that you are misunderstanding something just like the rest of the people whom I had to explain it to, boy. I will have you know that I never was, am not and never will be some gross bearded old man you imagined me to be! If you want that, then go ask this Byakko here, since that’s exactly how his human form looks like! Now listen, and listen well, because I’m not going to repeat myself too many times because I hate doing that! I! Am! Shen Gongbao! The one! And only! Got It?! Complain all you want about how it does not match what the legends say, but it won’t change the fact that I have always been a girl, and that old man Zhou (TL Note: Shangzhou or Xin, Emperor of Shang, the last king of the Shang dynasty of ancient China) and all oh his closest aides couldn’t have seen me as anything other than a girl even if they wanted to!」

「Now hold on just a minute! Calling my human form an old man is technically not wrong, but adding “gross” to your description is going a little bit too far, don’t you think?! And besides, if you want to blame something, then blame your own lack of dignity! That was the number one reason why you were being misunderstood in the first place!」

「I know, I know, so shut that ever-yapping trap of yours already will you?! *Tsk!*」

Shen Gongbao turned her face away from Byakko with a big pout and a sharp click of her tongue. She was certainly one hell of an odd individual, but at least with that sketchy introduction of hers Asterios’ doubts have been cleared. Well, mostly, at least.



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