Last Embryo Volume 2 Chapter 7 Part 9



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

 Anyhow, it remained an undisputable fact that the Deity known as Scathach established her Spirit Rank and came into existence in the BC era, so by that virtue alone she should not be able to use magic that has been invented and introduced in the AD era in a culture separate from her own, although Byakko was aware that the Runestones which were the cornerstone of Runic Magic were created by a group of likeminded Divine Spirits who later divided into smaller groups located all over the world due to a falling-out of unknown origins. Each group had their own set of Runes, but eventually they all came onto an agreement that such a divide might lead to all of the magic systems in the world getting destroyed, so they all decided to gather them all back in the Norse lands.

As for the ancient Celts and their relationship with Runic Magic, it can be said that it didn’t gain much of a foothold there, because unlike in the Norse, the cultural differences between the two were too great to overcome, since Celts held letters and written word in little regard, opting instead for the word of mouth. Maybe Scathach was forced to use a large-scale Gift like 『Dun Scaith』 because that ban on letters-based magic was still in effect, even though so much time has passed?

Queen’s Knight who’s too skilled for her own good, a gimmicky Teleportation user, and to top it all of, the Queen of the Land of Shadows who’s also a close aide of Queen Halloween herself. I hate to admit it, but it looks like we’re the one who are at a disadvantage now. If the other members of Avatara appear here, we should go to them and request reinforcements…

Then suddenly, Byakko noticed that his back felt strangely light, almost as if… no one was sitting on top of him anymore.

H-Hey, Shen Gongbao?」


Where… where did the Bull Monster go?」

「Oh, him? I believe he jumped off of your back somewhere around when you grabbed me by the collar when we were still in the air. What about it?」

She told him while looking quite indifferent about what happened to their comrade. As for Byakko, he could only stare at her with his mouth partially opened from shock.

A… are you a complete and utter idiot or what?! If you knew that he has wandered off on his own then you should have said so beforehand! Don’t you know that we had orders that explicitly told us to secure him?!」

「Hm? Really? Welp, no one has really told me anything, so I just assumed that we’re all free to do whatever the hell we wanted, so…」

Oh for the love of….! Ughhh!!!! Why am I surrounded with nothing but guys who cannot do their jobs properly?! Well, don’t just stand there like everything’s fine, we have to go search for him quickly before…」

「Do not worry, there is no need for that.」



Before they could recover themselves from their panicked state, a gust of black wind appeared before the two, and a long with it, a young girl wearing polka-dotted clothing. Pest, the Black Death personified and the right hand of Jin Russel took out a letter from one of her many pockets and handed it over to them.

「You did a good job, both of you. Guiding him here must have been pretty tough, but you prevailed nicely, just as we expected, but your job ends here, so you can feel free to go back now.」

What?! Just like that?!」

「Yeah Pest, what the hell?! What about my Paopei?! You think I’m just going to leave them in the hands of that Teleportation girl like that?! Oh hell no!」

Before they could recover themselves from their panicked state, a gust of black wind appeared before the two, and a long with it, a young girl wearing polka-dotted clothing. Pest, the Black Death personified and the right hand of Jin Russel took out a letter from one of her many pockets and handed it over to them.

「I believe that is none of our concerns. And besides, didn’t you steal quite a bunch of those jewels from Taishang Laojun and Yuanshi Tianzun? (TL Note: Taishang Laojun is The Supreme Venerable Sovereign and is widely regarded as the founder of Taoism and one of the Three Pure Ones, its highest divinities; Yuanshi Tianzun is the Primeval Lord of Heaven, one of the highest deities of Taoism. He is also one of the Three Pure Ones known as the Jade Pure One. He resides in the Heaven of Jade Purity. It is believed that he came into being at the beginning of the universe as a result of the merging of pure breaths. He then created Heaven and Earth.)」

「That was that and this is this! I feel nothing for the faulty junk that I stole from those old geezers, but the attachment I feel towards the weapons I have created myself is a genuine one!」

Looking at her screaming face as if she couldn’t be bothered, Pest showed a blatant disregard for her words.

「Enough of this nonsense of yours. If you want to stay in the Labyrinth then you are free to do so, but just let me warn you that if you choose to do so, then you’re going to get rolled up in it as well.」

Rolled up in it? Rolled up in what, exactly?」

Byakko asked while trying to keep his own displeasure from showing up. If Asterios decided to unleash the full might of his 『Proto Keraunos』 then the battle would have most definitely taken a turn towards the more violent direction, but something was telling him that this was not what Pest meant at all. If anything, her words seemed to carry a more… foreboding feeling with them.

She probably understood what Byakko was thinking about, because she looked up at the sky above them and smile in an amused way all the while cladding herself in the whirlwinds made from the gusts of Black Death.

「Isn’t that obvious? In the battle with the cannibalistic monster that indiscriminately devours everyone and everything that dares to invade his Labyrinth… in the battle against the Minotaur.」

Now, before we continue on with the story, let us go back in time just a little bit.

Observing the fall of the Giant Spirit Train from inside of the Labyrinth, Sakamaki Izayoi, who was currently confronting 3 members of the 『Avatara』 clicked his tongue in annoyance.

(Is that the Sun Thousand?! Did Porol finally managed to get the approval for the departure of that crazy project of his?)

It didn’t take him too much time to piece together the chain of events that most likely led to the current situation. Most probably Porol and whoever else who was riding in that giant monstrosity of a train used it to get away from 『The Bull of Heaven』 while also drawing it as far away from the Underwood as possible, but during that it must have been somehow summoned to the Minotaur’s Labyrinth. Normally it would be a brilliant move, but right now such a manuever didn’t seem to be all that compatible with the enemy’s plans, and seemed like a desperate attempt to confine the train in a single poit rather than anything else.

Anyway, if no one stops it, the entire thing will inevitably crash down onto the Labyrinth, destroying the train and most likely injuring or killing whoever was still inside of it. Izayoi dashed forward without hesitation, only to have his path blocked off by a pair of shadows that jumped at him from the throne in the middle of the Labyrinth’s altar.

「As if I’d ever let you go anywhere near it! Arjuna, I will keep this guy company, so you go have your fun with Indra!」


Demon Bull King leapt towards Izayoi, closing the distance between them in an instant while the youth with the divine bow in hand bowed to him shortly and then proceeded to go towards Tokuteru Mikado.



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