Last Embryo Volume 2 Chapter 8 Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「Damn it! As your father, those were the only means that I didn’t want to resort to. But I guess I can no longer afford to keep all of my cards close to my chest, huh? I’m sorry about that, but I’ll be leaving the rest to you, my reliable backup partner!」

「YES! I will most definitely help you now!」

In that moment, just when he was about to release his arrow, a strike to the blind spot on his flank has been delivered at blinding speed.


That one strike was enough to make Arjuna spit blood while he was sent flying while bouncing off the ground many times.

The girl who attacked him and sent him flying at the speed bordering the third cosmic velocity, with her crimson hair fluttering in the wind like a magnificent flag, was none other than Kuro Usagi of the 『No Name』 Community.

「A 『Moon Rabbit』?! How is that possible?! I thought there were no survivors among the 「Nobility of Little Garden」?!」

「YES! As you can see, you were thoroughly wrong in that assumption! It it a pleasure to meet you I person, Lord Arjuna. Excuse my rudeness, but from this point onward, this Kuro Usagi here shall be your opponent!」

Preparing the replica of Indra’s Vajra, Kuro Usagi has assumed a battle stance.

When he saw just how enormous her Spirit Rank was, Arjuna has become truly bewildered, even more so when he realized that this girl, which was probably the last living descendant of the original 『Moon Rabbit』 from the Buddhist mythology has been bestowed with the Gift of 『Judge Master』, one of the most powerful Gift across the entirety of Little Garden. But even without that, Arjuna knew that something about this Moon Rabbit’s Spirit Rank was deeply unusual. The lightning which she emitted from her body easily rivaled that of his Gandiva, and the raw physical strength easily surpassed that of Arjuna himself at least several times.

「I see. So you’re the one father has passed his Spirit Rank onto!」

He wasn’t sure exactly what circumstances might have led his father into making such a decision, but it remained a fact that Kuro Usagi’s Spirit Rank was abnormally high even if the usual standard for the Moon Rabbits when they were still around would be taken into account. If he was in his adult form then he might have fought against her easily, but in this current youthful body Arjuna would be no match for her, and if he tried, he would be utterly crushed in an instant, so his guess that Indra has given his Spirit Rank to this girl was most likely correct.

While raising her rabbit ears with a sharp *Usaa!!!* sound, Kuro Usagi pointed her spear towards Arjuna.

「You seemed to have guessed the difference in our abilities, so I would be extremely grateful if you just surrendered without any needless struggling. To make matters a little easier for you, allow me to disclose that due to a set of special circumstances Kuro Usagi is acting as a substitute for both Lord Indra and Lord Chandra (TL Note: a lunar deity and also one of the nine planets (Navagraha) in Hinduism. Other names include Indu, Atrisuta, Sachihna, Tārādhipa and Nishakara. Chandra is described as a young and beautiful man, two-armed and carrying a club and a lotus. In Hindu mythology, he is the father of Budha.), so if you have something you wish to say to Lord Indra, please be sure to relay it to me first.」

「Thank you for your consideration, but I believe that it won’t be necessary. All of my doubts have been clear and I believe there is nothing more I would have to talk to my father about.」

Arjuna laid down his bow, indicating that he was not willing to fight them any more. The only things he wanted to achieve with this battle was to get his father to understand his reasons for participating in the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority and, if possible, gain his official permission to do so. But, just as he expected it from the start, getting his approval will not be so easy. But even without receiving his father’s blessing as a Chief God, it would still be fine for him as long as he would be able to chase after his long-cherished desire as a warrior without anyone interfereing. Because Arjuna had an enemy – an old-times nemesis from way back in the mythological era – whom he had to fight again no matter what, this time while they were both standing on equal ground.

「Is that so? If you have no intention to fight anymore, then I guess that’s fine. I am also participating in the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority as one of the judges, so engaging in needless conflicts with the Players is not something I desire as well.」

「Thank you for understanding, Lady Kuro Usagi. You have my undying gratitude.」

「However, Lord Arjuna, in exchange for turning a blind eye on this transgression of yours, may I offer you some friendly advice?」

Arjuna tilted his head, unsure how he should respond to that. Nevertheless, Kuro Usagi delivered her advice while feeling just a little bit awkward.

「All that I wanted to say is… that I believe it would do you good to sever the ties with bad friends who can have nothing but negative influence over you.」

「Fufufu, I will be sure to remember that advice.」

Smiling bitterly, Arjuna faced the special tear in the sky and jumped inside of it. When he passed through it, it reflected the image of Little Garden for a brief moment before switching back to the sky above the Mediterranean Sea. You might have though that this gateway was connected to that one place in particular, but in reality, it was not connected to a single place, but rather the world of entrance in general, so since Arjuna entered it from Little Garden, that was where he was taken after passing through the gateway again. If there would be any exception to that rule, it would have to be Homura and his friends, or in other words, normal Players in general.

Turning around with her skirt flapping to the sides, Kuro Usagi rushed towards Tokuteru.

「L-Lord Indra, how are you holding up?! Are your injuries alright?!? Do you need a healer?!」

「Yeah, I’m… ugh… I’m fine. Sorry for making you worry about me, Kuro Usagi. Heh, some Chief God I am, making a Judge fight just so that I could save my own hide… oh, and also, please, just call me Tokuteru Mikado while we’re in front of the others, okay?」

「Ah, Y-YES! Anyway, I am so glad that you are safe, Lord Tokuteru!」

Kuro Usagi immediately corrected herself, and after Tokuteru finished stopping the bleeding from his side she helped him back on his feet and allowed hi to lean on her shoulder.

「I believe that this Labyrinth is getting too dangerous for you to stay here, Lord Tokuteru. If it’s alright with you, then this Kuro Usagi will make sure that you will leave this place unharmed.」

「That would be very much appreciated, but… are you sure about that? What about helping Homura and his group?」

「Since Kuro Usagi is a Judge Master, it means that I cannot participate in the Games. Even if I wanted to, the limit of my ability to intervene would be stopping personal squabbles like the one you just had with your son, Lord Tokuteru. And besides…」

Shaking her head, she looked back at the Giant Spirit Train. Her prized rabbit ears, which she too great prised in, allowed her to hear everything that was happening across all of Little Garden, making her even more excellent as the Judge of the Gift Games since she was able to instantly detect any kind of foul play with them. After they twitched a few times, she laughed in relief.

「I’m sure that they will be fine. After all. Homura has his ever-so reliable Big Brother looking after them now!」

(That being said, this Big Brother is also the biggest problem child out of them all, but oh well…)

Leaving such a thought behind her, Tokuteru and Kuro Usagi evacuated them selves from the Labyrinth.

When Homura hit Asterios with the truth bomb, the horns on his head crumbled away, as did his 『Proto Keraunos』, falling into pieces at his side after losing all of the power that resided inside of it.

As for Asterios himself, he has fallen onto his knees, assaulted by a mixture of pain and shock that were both too big for him to handle.

「G I I I I I ….. G U U U U U U …… G H A A A A A A A….. G E E E E E Y A A A A A A A……!!!!」



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