Last Embryo Volume 2 Epilogue Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Nevertheless, Tokuteru accepted Izayoi’s proposal with a bright smile on his face.

「Sounds good to me. It should also be a good morale-boosting move, since all of the other employees were very eager to get to know you once they’ve started hearing the rumors. Also, the way we do things is that you only get paid for each job that you complete, so the more you do = the more you earn, and if you slack off you earn jack shit.」

「I see. So that is why Pritt is filthy rich and you are a borderline beggar?」

Having his nerve touched, Tokuteru quickly turned his gaze away and started whistling in a carefree manner while Pritt puffed out her ample chest with pride, happy that someone finally praised her resourcefulness.

When a company is being run by the members of the 『Twelve Devas』 like those two, it was a given that there will be outrageous jobs aplenty. Also…

There was still quite a bit of time until the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority’s opening ceremony, so knowing that he will most likely not be bored to death until then, a wry smile floated onto Izayoi’s face.

A few days later, when they were all in the middle of returning from Crete back to Japan.

As they were sitting on the private plane sent by the Everything Company to pick them up, Homura suddenly remembered the words that Queen Halloween and Scathach said to him before.

When the battle ends you will understand full well what will your greatest reward be.

Since they were so nuanced and suspiciously non-specific, of course he made sure to remember them, even though he heard a lot of things throughout those last few days. Some of them were useful, some of them straight-up outrageous, but that single sentence regarding the reward he would receive after he secures his victory in the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority was what stood out to him the most.

Once the Game was all wrapped up all three of them were quite concerned about what was going o happen to them now and exactly what kind of trouble they should be expecting to befall them, but as they continued to make the full use of the remaining days of their Golden Week on the island in the Mediterranean Sea with its sun and the atmosphere that was filled with the aroma of a rapidly approaching summer, all thoughts about that left their minds and they simply focused on having the time of their lives, just as the kids their age should be doing.

Or maybe, the freedom to do absolutely whatever the hell the wanted on this island, which was normally crowded with tourists but was now empty due to this whole viral outbreak situation, was the reward for their efforts in and out of itself, or at least that is what Homura has concluded. Generally speaking, his impression about the Golden week as a holiday was not a positive one, because each and every year some kind of trouble were happening right around that time, this year, however, might be the first time in his life where he could genuinely say tha he was having fun, spending the short time they were allowed to stay there on playing around on the beach with the two girls from the same generation and age group as himself. An event like that has never happened in his life before, so that was a new and fresh experience for him.

Due to the time of the year the water in the sea was somewhat cold, thankfully it was to a bearable degree that made it possible to swim in it without any major issues. It was also probably a good thing that Asterios was with them, because if he was not there, Homura might have been in quite big trouble due to not knowing where his should look. After all, we must not forget that he was a boy who just hit his puberty phase, and the well established member of the 『Indoor Faction』 when it came to spending his free time, so spending time outside with two attractive girls – especially Ayato, considering how well developed she was in certain areas, no doubt thanks to the German part of her genes ­– proved to be more of a high hurdle than he initially expected.

That is how they have spent their time there until it was time to go back home, and now with fond memories in their hearts they proceeded to play various games even as they were sitting on the plane. Seeing as he was a person from the BC era who never travelled by plane before, Asterios proved to be quite a handful when the plane initially took off into the skies (TL Note: but he had no problems riding through the air on Byakko’s back? Kinda sus if you ask me), but much to everyone’s relief he calmed down when they goy high enough so that he could burn the image of the Mediterranean Sea into his mind before they went above the clouds where they could no longer see it, but just to be sure that he won’t start acting up again they tought him everything he needed to know about modern games that could be played for entertainment, and he used that knowledge immediately when they played poker, blackjack and various simple board games in order to pass the time quickly.

However, sometime later…

「Manager of the Department of Development? From Everything Company?」

Homura has been summoned to the inner onboard suite reserved solely for the VIP’s.

「Yes. I’m sorry about this being so sudden, but it looks like her really wants to meet you and talk about something, senpai.」

Having no reason to refuse if all this guy anted to do was to just talk, Homura stood up and made his way to the VIP lounge. Besides, if the person who wished to speak with him was indeed Everything Company’s Manager of the Department of Development, then meeting him at least once might prove to be unexpectedly beneficial for him. If he really picked tis guy’s interest like Ayato said he did, then it would stand to reason that he would want to meet face to face, or rather, Homura found it a bit strange that such a meeting wasn’t proposed to him earlier, given the nature and the subject of the research he was performing for the company.

Opening the door, he half-jokingly expected to see Queen Halloween inside, elegantly sipping the tea that Scathach poured for her. But alas, it looked like this time there would be no such amusing development. Instead, he found the other curious duo there: the Chief of the Hoei University’s 3rd Laboratory Division, also known as the 3rd Research Center, Carla Grimnir, and the person who was supposed to be her older brother, Edward Grimnir.

「…Ah, you must be Saigo Homura, I presume?」

He was a man who was dripping with arrogance, sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed as if he owned the place. Contrary to his unpleasant attitude, Chief Carla greeted him with a playful smile.

「My oh my, looks like you’ve got yourself quite a nice tan, didn’t you, Homura? Spending you precious Golden Week on an exotic island while having both the student council president and Milady strapped to your arms, you must have been living the dream that most young men your age can only fantasize about. Honestly, I am quite worried about what might have transpired on that island, both as your superior and an adult.」

「Then you will be pleased to know that there are absolutely no reasons for you to feel concerned, because nothing that you apparently imagined happened… by the way, is this person the Manager of the Department of Development?」

「Yes. As you have correctly guessed, this is my brother, Edward Grimnir. He has a somewhat difficult personality, but nevertheless I hope you can get along with him.」

Homura switched his gaze from Chief Carla to Mr. Manager of the Department of Development.

Chestnut-colored hair, glasses and a sharp gaze, just like the one his sister possessed. That is the kind of person that Edward Grimnir was. Chief Carla, who was sitting next to him. Had blonde, curly hair while his were mostly straight, so they didn’t look like siblings at all. Maybe it was because they were not related by blood? That must have been the case, because with her blonde hair and blue eyes she must have had a 100% Germanic roots. As an added bonus, she had a gentle smile, seductive figure with smooth curves, and seemed to be a sociable, picture-perfect beauty. When compared to her, her brother was dressed all stylishly, but somehow he was giving off the impression that this appearance of his was not his real one.



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