Last Embryo Volume 3 Chapter 10 Part 1



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Generally, it can be said that Parashurama, the Sixth Avatar of 『Avatara』, was a Rishi who had ascended to the levels of Divinity so high that the concept of something as insignificant as gender no longer applied to her. Some even say that she has reached a peak where she was even able to transcend the limits of life and death itself. Now that her mortal body no longer existed, turning to dust millennia ago, the only thing that was left in the world was her divine essence that physically manifested itself as an Avatar of God whenever those who would call themselves the elites of society, the modern day equivalent of the nobility of yore became too drunk with their own power and self-indulgence, inevitably leading mankind on a path towards ruination. Whenever that happened, Parashurama would appear without fail, always ready to annihilate all the aggression and injustice of that era without a trace.

「Since she was someone who bore the title of 『The Hero Slayer』, the only beings that would be capable of defeating her in a battle would be those who have obtained the status of Avatars of Gods or Demigods related to the Sun Authorities. For anyone who was beneath those two categories, it would be impossible to even lift a finger against her before being completely and utterly destroyed. That is why now that she has physically manifested herself in the current age, the only hope of defeating her before she would eradicate the entire world after deeming it to be corrupted beyond repair was for one of the representatives of the Heavenly Army to come to the Outer World to stop her before it would be too late.

She was perfectly aware of that, but the thought of having to fight one of the famous Gods of War did not faze her in the slightest. Moreover, part of her would welcome such an outcome, because deep down in her heart, she was anticipating a chance for being reunited with a certain someone, even if she did not want to openly admit it.

In the distant past, back when Parashurama was still nothing more but an ordinary human, she happened to take a certain youth as her disciple. Her intentions while doing so were not serious at all, it was something she did purely for her own amusement to how it would turn out.

That person was the only one to whom she had passed down the entirety of her martial arts knowledge out of her own free will, and someone who, for the very first time in her life which was filled with little more than anger, blood and vengeance made her feel as if she was finally at peace with herself, even if it was only for a little while. A liar of a grand caliber and masterful deceiver who made her forget about all the resentment towards the world she was nurturing in her chest with his warmth, which was as dazzling and calming as the radiance of the morning sun itself. So when she heard that her disciple went on to join 『Twelve Devas』 shortly after finishing his training under her, Parashurama could not stop herself from laughing at how cruel the irony of fate was with her, but at the same time she suspected that something like that might happen, because that disciple of her always had an overly strong sense of duty, even when she was still whipping him into shape with her training.

And yet, even though they parted ways in such an unsightly way, somewhere deep down in the deepest recesses of her heart she still harbored a very small, faint feeling of hope. Hope that one day her disciple, Surya, would one day come and end her life for good.

That is why all she could when she saw the face of the Earth’s Mother Goddess was to laugh in self-deprecation, thinking that she must have been the world’s biggest fool for thinking that fate would allow her to be so fortunate to have her wish granted.

(This surely has to be God’s way of telling me that I will never be truly free from my karma.)

Parashurama thought, finally deciding to give up on that silly hope of hers. However, just as she was about to do so, she saw something that made her doubt her own eyes due to how unbelievable it was.

「……What… is …. this…!!?」

She was absolutely sure that she threw the Spear of Blood towards Sakamaki Izayoi without mercy, with the intent to kill him. And yet, that which should not have been stopped by any weapon in this world has been stopped by a Divine Spear which shone with the light as intense as that of her 『Brahmastra Origin』. Holding that Divine Spear in his hands, Izayoi thrusted it forward while shouting out its name.

「Khhh……Stop that spear… 『Brahmastra Replica』!!!」

Using every ounce of power he had, he tried to resist the Spear of Blood by trying to push it away with a frontal attack of his own. The Spear of Blood and his weapon clashed and turned white from all the heat energy they were giving off upon impact, turning the earth all around them into lava in mere seconds.

To be honest, that attack was a complete gamble on Izayoi’s part, since he had no idea if the spear he was now desperately clutching onto would be enough to withstand the might of the weapon his opponent threw at him, but judging that both the Spear of Blood and the one in his hands were so similar to one another, he concluded that there was a tiny sliver of hope that this was going to work, and he was willing to bet all of his current chips on that small hope.

What he was now holding in his hands was one of his trump cards, a weapon entrusted to him by Kuro Usagi herself so that he could win the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority thanks to it.

The name of that Divine Spear was 『Brahmastra Replica』. It was one of the Divine Arms that acted as a symbol of devotion which was given to the Moon Rabbits along with 『Chandra Mahal』, as well as the weapon which allowed Izayoi and his friends from the 『No Name』 Community to emerge victorious in the battles against both The Black Percher and Azi-Dahaka… the legendary Divine Spear that was given to Parashurama’s disciple in exchange for his Armor of the Sun.

「Impossible! No, this simply cannot be! Boy! How is it possible that this weapon is now in your possession?!」

Dismayed, Parashurama demanded answers from Izayoi. Seeing the Divine Spear that belonged to her disciple, a weapon that was powerful enough to change the course of destiny itself, in the hands of someone like him, her eyes and mouth were all wide open with shock and disbelief, which was quite a natural reaction coming from someone who was unaware of the weapon’s circumstances after she handed it over.

Standing behind Izayoi and keeping a watchful eye on both 『The Hero Slayer』 and their surroundings, Pritt’s thoughts drifted towards Kuro Usagi, the current owner of 『Brahmastra Replica』.

(Now they have really went and done it! That stunt might be the craziest one they managed to pull to date! While it is not impossible to separate a Gift of the Divine level from yourself and pass it to someone else, but doing so will almost certainly result in the owner’s Divinity to weaken by a significant amount, but even while knowing the risk, she still chose to go through with it anyway…)

While she continued to protect the albino girl on her back, a nervous smile appeared on Pritt’s face.

The truth is that Kuro Usagi’s actual Divinity was being kept on a piece of descriptive poetry, and 『Brahmastra Replica』 was originally summoned to Little Garden after she used that piece of poetry as a catalyst, but it looks like right now she decided to lend that spear to Izayoi, which required her to keep it in the material realm in a constantly summoned state without ever calling it back. That must have been the reason why her current appearance was that of a little girl: that must have been her countermeasure against putting too much of a strain on her Divinity.

That being said, even though this weapon was a legitimate Divine Spear, it was still not something that just anyone could be making full use of simply because it has been summoned.

(Fuck……!!! I really can’t handle it after all, huh!!?)

The problem with it laid not in raising its power output to its maximum capacity, but rather with applying it into practical usage in battles against strong opponents who could not be defeated with a single, decisive blow. To put it in simpler terms, war of attrition was not something that 『Brahmastra Replica』 was good at, or even intended for.



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