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Last Embryo Volume 3 Chapter 10 Part 4



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

As for Izayoi himself, he was burning up with righteous rage and a will to fight not a minute ago, but now that will of his was nowhere to be seen anymore, as he simply opened and closed his mouth repeatedly like a fish stranded on the beach’s shore as he mindlessly repeated Parashurama’s words.

「…… A Black…… Albino?」

「Indeed. And that facility hidden deep in the rainforest that you seemed to be so interested in? It was a place where she and those who were just like her were meant to be used like tools and then turned into sustenance that you people then consumed. But the consumption I am talking about is not the normal one you might be thinking of. No, it was much more than that. I am talking about them being robbed of their dignity as human beings, where they were forced to breed like animals only to be discarded like trash afterwards, trash that would then end up in the bellies of those who, how did you put it… oh yes, that’s right: live in peace because the world itself ruled it so! Compared to the fate that awaited her, it would have been better if her fellow black albinos would be killed by monsters. That way, they could at least die as humans and keep the little bit of dignity they had left. So, do you see where I am going with this, boy? Or is that mystery too hard of a puzzle for you to solve?」

Waiting for Izayoi to giver her his answer, she folded her arms on her chest and rested them on the handle of her battle axe. It was obvious that turning such a gravely serious matter into a guessing game gave her an immense amount of satisfaction.

Izayoi simply stood in place while his shocked eyes stared blankly into the distance before them. When he finally came back to his senses after the initial wave of disbelief washed off of him, he began to tremble and shake with anger that was growing with every millisecond, until he couldn’t contain it anymore and roared at 『The Hero Slayer』 with a force of a thousand erupting volcanos.

「Don’t. . . . . . Don’t fucking mess with me!!! Who would believe in such fucking bullshit!!! Just who do you take me for?!!!」

That roar, which came from the deepest recesses of his soul, shook the earth around him like a destructive earthquake, and the air around him was filled with so many vibrations that their movement could almost be observed with the naked eye. With his fists itching from the desire to be buried in her face, he looked at Parashurama as if he was seeing something that should not even exist.

「Impossible! That simply cannot be! That underground organization which made profit from processing Black Albinos into food should no longer exist! I was there, I saw it with my own eyes. Its survival is not…!!!」

「… Possible? And yet the fact that it survived its own destruction is the absolute, undeniable truth. This girl was being raised by it in this very country! Kidnapped along with her fellow albinos and then forced to breed and multiply like cattle! Hahaha. They even took the time to engrave the shipping number on her chest, you know! After seeing this, do you still plan to feign ignorance, oh hero of the present age?!!!」

She roared in anger and ripped off the clothes on her chest, wailing in place of her host. Her white skin had a serial number branded on it with red-hot iron.

What she was ridiculing was sorcery that utilized black albinos and had continued to remain even in the present age. That sorcery had slowly twisted its significance to arrive to the present age and was often used as a way for the influential people to enjoy their hobbies together. For that reason, black albinos fetched a high price. One of their kind was cheaper than a cow but pricier than a pig. In a highly civilized society, perhaps exactly because it was a highly civilized society, the brutality that was happening behind the scenes could always be covered up, so saying that they were falling deeper into the abyss was not a metaphor of any kind. And now she had bared her copious resentment against the cruel libertines of the elite, whom she perceived as this worlds royalty.

This girl, too, is someone they took from a certain town. Just how many times she was betrayed, just how many atrocities she went through… just how much despair she withstood, do you have any idea?!!!」

Right now, Parashurama was truly enraged.

She was burning with fury for this girl who was left to fend for herself by everyone. She lay bare her resentment for this tragedy of a single girl that unfolded without anyone caring about her.

「Because I can understand her!!! I can understand this pain, this despair and this fury because I’m 『The Decayer of Aggression』!!! Thus I must express my anger!!! If not me, then who would condemn this tragedy!!? If the Avatar of God does not rage for someone like her, then who in the world will respond to her tears…..?!!!」

A single tear flowed down from the Decayer’s eye as she roared in rage. The bloodstains soaking the battle axe burst into flames that enveloped the Avatar. Those flames turned into an attack filled with the scorching fury that assaulted Izayoi. He came back to his senses, grabbed the spear next to him and prepared himself to receive that blow. However, the furious Parashurama did not stop with just that. No one was allowed to stop her resentment. She did not stop even after destroying three deserted houses with the force of her charge.

She was The Decayer of all aggression and injustice of the world. The Avatar of resentment who heard the laments behind the peaceful times. She, the member of the kings of salvation, could not settle down unless she condemned the goddess that opened up the planet’s placenta and the present-day hero. The tears spilling from one of her eyes were for this girl who had seen the present-day hell. And so, Parashurama addressed the foremost hero with her eyes filled with lament and fury.

「The result of moral progress… was that not what you said, boy!!! Was this girl, this hell that she went through, that result!!? Are you saying that sacrificing this girl was needed for mankind to carry on!!?」


There was always something to fall to the wayside in the life of mankind. As long as winners and losers existed, the scales could never be perfectly balanced. Izayoi understood that, and had no objections about it, for as long as there was life, such inequality was unavoidable. That was the original sin that burdened not just mankind but every living thing in the world. Only a fool would object to that fact.

However, to put it in other way… any lives that were consumed beyond that were nothing but victims. The lives like this black albino that had simply been consumed had no fault in them. Izayoi was pushed down by the fury-filled battle axe without finding any words to return at her. Knowing that she had the upper hand now, 『The Decayer of Aggression』 continued her assault and asked him the final question.

「Boy, earlier you called me a ghost of the past. You might have been right in saying that, but in that case, let me ask you again: I ask you, a warrior of this current era, as someone who lived in the past and fought in numerous bloody conflicts and helped to lay the foundation for mankind’s prosperity because of it.」

She was directing that question not only to Izayoi himself, but also to numerous other things. To this era’s darkness which was deeper and stronger than during her own age. To this era’s sins which were heavier and more sinful than those committed during her own age. Wishing to hear his honest confession, the Sixth Avatar asked Izayoi, who in her eyes acted as the representative of the present day’s mankind.

「You, who lives in an era in which the advent of 『Kali Yuga』 is close at hand. Before you arrived here, in this age and at this very moment… just what exactly did you manage to achieve? What heroic deeds can you boast of?」

The tranquil, pale-blue moonlight illuminated the place where the three of them – Sakamaki Izayoi, Prithvi Mata and Parashurama, as well as the albino girl who was still unconscious on Pritt’s back – stood. The heavy, torrential downpour that was soaking them all to the bone just a few moments ago was nowhere to be seen, since all of the clouds have been blown away and disintegrated by the detonation of The 『Decayer of Aggression’s』 Spear of Blood, 『Brahmastra Origin』. Instead of them, an eerily enchanting starlight filled the surroundings with its pale-blue light. Under that starlight, the bloodied girl who was so eaten up by her own rage and anger that it ended up reducing her lifespan continued to laugh cynically even when she became so out of breath that it actually begun to hurt her.



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