Last Embryo Volume 3 Chapter 10 Part 5



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「Unable to answer, are we?」

「. . . . . . . . . . 」

「Hmpf, I was hoping you’re still going to bark something at me, but apparently you really have nothing to say. Fine then, I shall forgive such insolence just this once. After all, a hero should be someone who opens up a path to the future for others, not someone focused on hogging glory and achievements to his name, and if anyone tells you differently then know that they are lying. That is also why the one who should give me an answer to that question should be someone other than you.」

Parashurama flashed him a disappointed smile.

Seeing that lonely smile, Izayoi understood exactly what her karma was. She was someone who would awaken to fight for those that experienced a tragedy, condemn those responsible for it by unleashing her rage at them and then simply disappear.

However to end her condemnation, someone had to provide her with an answer. Someone who would bear the responsibility for this victim and give meaning to her life. But now, 『The Decayer of Aggression』 had branded Sakamaki Izayoi as someone who was not qualified to give her such an answer.

「Now then, I will be the one asking questions next, and it’s going to be a personal one. How come that you are in possession of this Divine Spear, boy? I thought this was supposed to be the weapon that I have entrusted my disciple with?」

「No. No, wait, fuck that, you will be answering my question first, bitch! Does the organization that hurt your host remained in the Outer World?」

Parashurama knit her brown in visible dissatisfaction at Izayoi’s forcefulness.

「I do not mind answering that, but a clear order to things has to be maintained. Therefore, you will answer my question first before I will give you an answer to yours.」

「And I told you to fuck off, the answer to my question comes first!!!」

「So petty! What did I just said about there being order to things!!! After bearing witness to that failure of a spear thrust, I, the one from whom all martial arts originated from simply cannot stay quiet and not say anything! Depending on the circumstances, it could affect my good name! In the first place, that should be something that could not be put into motion without knowing the mantra that was lost in the Indo-European world, so how in the hell do you know it?!

Parashurama puffed her chest and said proudly. But Izayoi disregarded her question and continued muttering to himself with a hand to his mouth.

「No……But, that organization shouldn’t even exist anymore!!! I mean… Canaria and I made sure that not even a trace of it remained!!!」


Parashurama and Pritt exclaimed at the same time.

「Izayoi. What do you…?」

「Hahaha….!!!! I see! Now I finally understand how it is with you!」

Parashurama laughed mirthlessly, as if a divine revelation just came upon her.

「That boy seems to have the same thing as this girl placed inside of him. I don’t know for how long, but it would seem that this girl had her internal organs tampered with and received some kind of improvements before her planned shipment when she was still alive.」


Pritt looked at Izayoi and the albino girls. There was no doubt that the researchers from the facility they were looking for were researching the Star Particle Bodies and used the black albinos as test subjects for them. She also understood that the way their lives were being used and consumed was extremely blasphemous, even by the present day’s standards. Maybe they were conducting experiments in which they fed people the flesh of those whose blood had the Star Particle Bodies in it? Anyway, one thing was certain: in order to continue their experiments, they also had to do fundraising as well. But for the same Star Particle Bodies to be present in Izayoi’s body, then it would have to mean that…

(I see. So that’s the reason why Sakamaki Izayoi is considered to be the hero of this


She did not know exactly how many people and deities were aware of this fact, but if there was someone who should know about it for sure, it was bound to be Tokuteru Mikado. After all, he was the one who delivered 『The Origins』 of the Star Particle Bodies to Everything Company, so there was no way that he, as the instigator did not know the full story behind them. Now that Parashurama managed to see through the circumstances surrounding Sakamaki Izayoi with all of her wisdom, she bared her fangs at him.

「In other words, you have more to do with this matter than I initially thought, is that it? Yes, yes, that has to be it. Heh, and here I was, thinking that the royalty and aggressors of this era who disguised themselves as those filthy libertines were not mere entrepreneurs, but the sources of money and the providers of laboratory rats instead. Kuku, ha… hahahahaha… ohhh, now I am finally sure! This world is on the brink of inviting 『Kali Yuga』 to it all by itself!!!」

Parashurama readied her bloody battle axe and assumed her combat stance once more, ready to jump at Izayoi at any moment as she continued to pierce through him with her deadly glare. But then, almost as if they waited for the perfect opportunity to stop her, a voice of a certain someone suddenly called out to her, appearing out of thin air.

「That is quite enough of you, Sixth Avatar. That guy is my prey and I won’t allow you to steal him from me even if you and I are fellow member of 『Avatara』. Now make haste and fulfill your part of the deal, just like we agreed.」


Parashurama asked, clearly confused. Now that she has gone to such extreme lengths to fight this boy, Sakamaki Izayoi, she was convinced that defeating him was her duty and that no one should hold it against her or accuse her of prey stealing even if she did end up killing him. After she put her everything and then some into this battle, she was long past the point where she could simply back down as if nothing had happened. And more importantly, she would not tolerate anyone calling what she was doing right now “stealing”. If the one who was observing them still had the guts to call it as such after witnessing their spectacle of raw power and destruction, that only served as a testament to how impertinent they were. She was just about to turn back on her heal and give that philistine who dared to interfere with their battle more than a little piece of her mind… but then, three envelopes that looked like invitation letters fell from the sky and landed in front of them, as if to communicate that they do not care about what Parashurama wanted at all.

「Invitations to Little Garden!? Just who in the hell would…!!?」

But before Izayoi could finish his sentence, the invitations opened themselves up without him or Pritt laying even a single finger on them. The only thing that Izayoi could do before the burst of the summoning light enveloped him entirely was to yell:

「Wait! I’m not done….」

talking with you yet! Those were the words that Izayoi wanted to shout, but quite ironically, the one those words have been directed towards had disappeared from his sight without even hearing them. And just like that, the battle between the Hero and 『The Hero Slayer』 that shook Rio’s slums to their very foundations had been concluded, causing the gentle silence to blanket the city once more. Now that everything had been settled, the only one to remain in the ruins of the slums of coastal Rio de Janeiro was the individual responsible for sending those invitations.

「I can’t say that this was an ideal result, but such an outcome was probably for the best. After all, having The Sixth Avatar stolen from me would be something that even I would not have suffered.」

The one who spoke those words was the youth with white hair and shining golden eyes, the one who possessed both the features that looked like they were not of this world and an aura of nobility that clearly set him apart from the rest of the common rubble scouring beneath his feet. He directed his calm yet piercing gaze towards the tranquil night sky and then laughed quietly, amused by how the situation had developed even without him intervening directly.

「Looks like the show is about to begin, huh? Regrettably, it is still too early for me to come to the stage myself. My time has not yet come, so I will be leaving the matters related to the 2nd War for the Sun’s Authority in your capable hands for a little while longer, Jin.」



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